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What is a CMDB

CMDB is an acronym for Configuration Management Data Base.
It is designed for the filing and consultation of the information (entities and relations) that refer to the IT department and describes the information systems of an organization. It is the central and official repository that provides a consistent view of all IT services. 
A CMDB manages information elements such as: hardware (computers, peripheral units, network systems, phone systems), software (basic, environmental, package), documents (projects, contracts, manuals, licenses), other internal and external resources.


What is CMDBuild

CMDBuild is an open source web application software that allows every user to “build” his own CMDB.

CMDBuild is intended to shape and manage the IT asset database and support management workflows according to ITIL Best Practices.
The goal of CMDBuild is to facilitate the operators in keeping IT assets under complete control. It lets you know at any time the composition, dislocation, functional relations, as well as manage the life cycle in a comprehensive manner.

CMDBuild is not only a CMDB.

CMDBuild provides what ITIL calls a CMS system (Configuration Management System), that is a complete CMDB (data and relations), processes (Service Desk workflows, changes management, asset life cycle, etc.), reports, dashboards, diversified interfaces management, authentication and profiling systems, automatic control mechanisms, interoperability mechanisms, documentation, procedures, etc.


What is CMDBuild for

With CMDBuild you can configure a complete CMS (Configuration Management System) to manage in your IT Department:

  • the items related to the organizational area (people, offices, locations, etc.) and the purchasing area (suppliers, orders, etc.), "client" (computers, peripherals, etc.) and infrastructural type (server, virtualization systems, network equipment, cabling, etc.), telephony, client and server software,
  • the Service Desk workflows (Incident Management, Request Fulfillment, Change Management) and Asset Management(assets life cycle),
  • the connectors with external systems to control and synchronize data of employees, physical computers and virtual servers,
  • the reports and dashboards,
  • the Self-Service portal for interaction with the company staff.


What are CMDBuild top functions

CMDBuild provides functions to:

  • configure data model (classes, attributes, relations)
  • configure custom workflows
  • design custom reports
  • ensure interoperability between applications and external data sources
  • archive documents
  • geo-reference objects
  • use the application in mobility
  • use barcode and QRcode
  • implement customized HTML pages
  • schedule and run automated tasks
  • profile users and manage acess roles
  • view and analize correlation between data cards
  • manage mail for communication and notifications


What are CMDBuild relevant features

  • open source
  • ITIL compliant (set of best practices for IT Service Management)
  • high configurable


Who needs CMDBuild

CMDBuild is an enterprise solution conceived for medium and big companies and in general for those organizations that need to control the status of the IT assets, knowing exactly at any time their structure, distribution and functional relations.


Evolutions of CMDBuild

Thanks to its flexibility and architecture, CMDBuild is a great solution to design a structured environment.
Starting from CMDBuild two vertical solutions have been realized:

  • CMDBuild READY2USE, a configuration of CMDBuild, ready to be used in a production environment,  for the IT asset management. (It’s ITIL compliant)
  • openMAINT, a Property & Facility Management tool specific for the management of buildings, installations, mobile assets and related logistical, economic and maintenance activities.


The maintainer

The Maintainer of CMDBuild open source project is Tecnoteca, an Italian IT Company that has been operating since 2000 in the area of web application development.

Tecnoteca srl

Tavagnacco (UD) - Italy


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