Municipality of Bologna (Italy)

Area of interest: asset management and services


Municipality of Bologna (Italy)

The Information Systems and Telematics Sector of the Municipality of Bologna is responsible for the management and maintenance of hardware and software used in the various offices, consisting of approximately 450 servers (physical / virtual) and 4,000 client computers, in addition to numerous peripherals and network equipment.

This management was performed using multiple separate applications, each one dedicated to one activity (asset management, document management, inventory management, etc.).

There were then systems for managing the main operations and functions.

Being the Municipality strongly oriented towards the use of open source solutions, and having known the projects of the Municipality of Udine, they decided to use the CMDBuild application to manage their informations and schedule future improvements.

The Municipality of Bologna has been one of the first CMDBuild user, whose growth has sponsored functional extensions and promotion activities to other public administrations


We provided the following services:

  • support for CMDBuild installation and configuration, including additional components
  • data model analysis and configuration
  • initial data import (server, client, personnel, locations, suppliers etc)
  • implementation of a workflow for the management of recurring tasks such as a new asset activation, assets disposal, clients exchange or transfer
  • report creation
  • connector configuration to synchronize CMDBuild and OCS Inventory
  • configuration of a connector for automatic synchronization of personnel data from Active Directory
  • training and support activities
  • workflow training for design activities
  • support service


The Municipality of Bologna has decided to update its inventory system, changing the manual update performed on Lotus Domino to a dynamic system based on OCS / CMDBuild.

The project involves the migration of the existing database from Domino to CMDBuild.

Massimo Carnevali

Information Systems


bolognaThe referents (Massimo Carnevali and Laura Badini) took part in CMDBuild Day 2010.


bologna1Comune di Bologna

Piazza Liber Paradisus


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