Ministry of the Interior - Department of Public Security (Italy)


Ministry of the Interior - Department of Public Security (Italy)

A new openMAINT project started in the last few weeks, following a tender on the MEPA (Electronic Market of Public Administration) from the Central Department of Technical Logistic and Asset Management Services of the Ministry of the Interior - Department of Public Security.

The aim of the project is to adopt the openMAINT open source software for the management of State Police real estate assets.

For this purpose, having been awarded the tender, Tecnoteca was requested to support the IT staff of the Ministry in the initial phase of the project, the activation the system and the transfer of the know-how required to be able to operate autonomously.

At the moment we are working at the requirements analysis and data model implementation, as well as at the customization of application support modules, to adapt the software to the required needs.

The tender also includes the provision of the corrective maintenance service of the openMAINT application, according to some SLAs specified in the technical specification.

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