Open Source for Real!

SUSE, one of the most popular Linux distributors, has chosen CMDBuild for the first edition of the event "Open Source for Real !".

At the meeting, that has been held in Rome on February 26, were participating Tecnoteca and two other companies active in the open source market: EnterpriseDB and WSO2.

Tecnoteca presented the case study entitled "CMDBuild, an OS tool for IT management. Data modeling, process management and interoperability solutions. At the same time Tecnoteca will briefly present also openMAINT, the new open source software for Facility Management derived from CMDBuild.

Conference Proceedings

Fabio Bottega

Tecnoteca srl

CMDBuild, Uno strumento OS per l'IT management. Modellazione dei dati, gestione dei processi e soluzioni di interoperabilita'

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