CMDBuild 3.1

10th July 2019 - Released version CMDBuild 3.1

The new version CMDBuild 3.1 has been released.

It includes the following main new features:

  • Import / Export of CSV and Excel files
    • Import in "merge" mode (automatic synchronization of current data with the data of the imported file), applicable to both classes and domains;
    • Import / Export guided by templates configured in the Administration Module (attribute mapping, unique key for import, export filter, etc.);
    • Execution both in interactive and batch mode.
  • New GUI configuration possibilities
    • Configuration and display of GIS thematisms;
    • Possibility of displaying the relationships of a domain as an additional fielset of the data card (new “inline” metadata for the Domains in the Administration Module);
    • Possibility of displaying the attached files as an additional fieldset of the data card (new “inline” metadata for the Classes in the Administration Module);
    • Extension of the “Show if” function (possibility of dynamically hiding / displaying an attribute in the editing of a data card) as “View rules”: it is now also possible to make an attribute editable or not;
    • New function to configure via JavaScript the automatic filling in of an attribute based on the value of other attributes during card editing;
    • Synchronization between the filter applied to the list of data cards of a class and the corresponding elements displayed on the map (GIS).
  • Administration Module
    • New menu item "Custom components" in the Administration Module, for managing custom components that can be used in context menus, widgets, etc.;
    • Recovery of the process startup task in the Task Manager of the Administration Module;
    • Possibility of uploading the customer's logo which is placed alongside the CMDBuild one.
  • New localizations
  • Bugfix


Watch the webinar video recordig to discover the new features in detail.

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