November 24, 2016 - Released CMDBuild READY2USE version 1.1

CMDBuild READY2USE 1.1 is based on CMDBuild 2.4.2 and includes the following main upgrades:

  • extension of the data model with some new entities ("Customer", "Customer Staff", "Group Companies", "Technological infrastructures", etc.);
  • possibility of access to the Service Desk also by external clients;
  • ability to configure dynamic work orders (form fields and automated tasks can be configured directly in the CMDB in custom mode) for the resolution of standard "Request" and standard "Change";
  • possibility to start "Incidents" by external events (automatic alarms, calls forwarded from the telephone exchange, etc.);
  • new reports and dashboards for the complete control of "Incidents" and "Requests" SLA;
  • print feature of barcodes and QR-codes;
  • automatic and periodic reports with the list of expiring guarantees;
  • LLDP connector (networking discovery);
  • bug fixing.


If you just want to test CMDBuild READY2USE functionalities (without advanced features) you can download the READY2USE ZIP (for test) from CMDBuild download page.

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