SEC Servizi (Italy)

SEC Servizi consortium is a joint stock company, based in Padua, established by banking institutions with the aim of providing banking operations and technology services to their members and customers.

For the provision of IT services SEC Services has an extensive technological infrastructure consisting of computer systems (over 2,000 servers, of which over 75% virtualized), storage systems (700 TB) and data transmission systems, with High mechanisms Availability and Disaster Recovery.

The complexity and heterogeneity of the systems to be managed has suggested to us the adoption of a centralized CMDB in which to gather information from the virtualization infrastructure, from the management applications and from other databases and tools already in use.

A goal of the project was also to extend the compliance with industry regulations, and in particular with Circular 285 of the Bank of Italy which requires the creation and constant update in time of an inventory of ICT (hardware assets, software, data , procedures), ensuring the proper change management and iT risk.

To meet these requirements SEC Servizi has chosen CMDBuild READY2USE.>

The system has been activated with the support of Tecnoteca and forming an internal resource within SEC Servizi, which has now became independent in the extension of the data model activities, in the initial import of the information available in other formats and using the native functionalities of the application.

In the near future, SEC Servizi will implement additional system configuration activities including the development of connectors for automatic data synchronization with other available sources.

Posted on: 29th July 2016

Posted by: SEC Servizi

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