openMAINT is an open source solution for Property & Facility Management.

openMAINT is a useful application for medium and large organizations to manage the mobile assets (machineries, technical elements, furniture, ect.) and real estate (buildings, infrastructures, etc.) and the related maintenance activities (planned and in case of breakdown) and also logistical and economic ones.

openMAINT helps you to find out about your real estate data, to organize and update it, in support of the managing authority decisional and operative activity.

openMAINT is a ready-to-use application, that is to say, it’s configured with all the essential basic storages, processes, reports and dashboards.

openMAINT is a solution implemented in the CMDBuild Asset Management System, of which it inherits the configuration and the enterprise architectural features.

Thanks to this choice, openMAINT is at the same time both a standard product that can be immediately used in a productive environment and a totally customizable solution in each of its elements (data model, workflow, report, dashboard, connectors, etc.)


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