CMDBuild project has been promoted by the Municipality of Udine (Informative System Section) that in 2005 started a revision and optimization activity of some internal processes, according to the ITIL "best practice" standards.

At that time the planning and project development was assigned to Tecnoteca srl, a computer science company specialized in open source web applications, that started coding the core of this new application.

At the same time the Municipality of Udine contacted Cogitek srl, a consulting agency expert in ICT process revision, and committed some training activities and process revision assistance.

Tecnoteca Comune Udine

The Municipality of Udine and Tecnoteca, according to the software reuse policy and to the development model chosen, decide to publish the application's source code with the GPL license.

In the meanwhile application is named CMDBuild because of the auto-configure feature (every user can "build" a personal CMDBuild) and a dedicated website is created.

The first version of the application is released on April 2006 by Tecnoteca srl that soon becomes the maintainer of the project.

In the next three years (2006-2008) Tecnoteca improves the features of CMDBuild extending some existing functions and adding new ones.

This is also possible thanks to many requests coming from public administrations and private companies that are using the application.

The good market response leads Tecnoteca, in autumn 2008, to a new important leverage: redefine the whole application with SOA architecture and improve user interface with Ajax technology.

In April 2009 a 1.0 beta version of this new application is released and, at the same time, a new website with updated contents and graphics is published.

Contacts: If you'd like to know more about CMDBuild please contact us.

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