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Information Technology Infrastructure Libraryitil

Information Systems are often asked to improve their performance reducing, at the same time, their costs.

Therefore, the most reasonable solution offered to IT managers to preserve required service levels is to assume an IT Governance system, reorganizing management processes, roles and responsibilities.

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) model is composed of guidelines and "best practice" to handle informatics services; this model is widely and successfully used and it's described in several publications.

Developed for English Government ICT during the '80, the ITIL model is nowadays diffused and assumed as a public "standard de facto".

This model has helped writing recent ISO / IEC 20000 norms (once BS 15000).

ITIL sections (core books) of the new version V3 include:

  • Service Strategy: business and IT services uniform
  • Service Design: Service Management services planning
  • Service Transition: transition handling and production start
  • Service Operations: operational processes management
  • Continual Service Improvement: constant service enhancement
Main benefits:
  • easy adoption thanks to "adopt and adapt" philosophy
  • process-based approach
  • high specialization and computer science orientation
  • structured and integrated view of IT environment
  • proactive approach to services management
  • summarizing, higher quality and lower costs

Focusing on planning and operational processes, among most popular ITIL covered processes, we have:

  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Catalog Management

Processi ITIL

For every process, ITIL considers description, base components, principles and tools to measure service quality, roles and responsibility of involved resources, integrations points with other processes (to avoid duplications and low efficiency).

CMDBuild is completely ITIL compliant, from CMDB implementation and organization to the configuration and administration tools available for IT process management.