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Application already configured for the IT Governance management, ITIL compliant

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Application already configured for the Property and Facility Management and Maintenance Processes

SOA Architecture

All applications have to cooperate to implement services and realize applications interoperability.
In addition, it is fundamental that services are available through high-level interfaces defined using standard protocols.

Using SOAP webservices, and according to security policies, CMDBuild grants access to data stored in CDMB and to management methods.
This allows interaction with external applications, whether they're technical or administrative applications.

soaWebservice is also useful to access these components in CMDBuild:

  • Enhydra Shark (Workflow engine)
  • Alfresco (Document Management)
  • Open Layers (GIS)

Last but no least, a portlet module has been created to achieve integration with "Portal" applications such as Liferay.
The standard used for portlet development is the JRS 168/268; the communication with CMDBuild again takes place through webservice.

An architecture made of components and services is the best solution to create scalable and maintainable applications.