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CMDBuild Day

We are organizing the third edition of the event which will be held in the spring 2014. In the meantime take a look at the edition of 2012
CMDBuild Day

The second edition of the CMDBuild DAY was held on 10 May 2012 in Bologna (Italy) at the headquarters of the Emilia Romagna region, in the Conference Room "A" Third Tower, Viale della Fiera 8.

The program of the day includes:

  • updates on project status
  • presentation of some case studies with organizations and companies that are using CMDBuild®
  • presentation of the updated roadmap for future developments
  • a session of questions and answers, to provide useful informations on the CMDBuild usages


Slides and video now available on (in Italian)


A G E N D A -  The speeches are in Italian:

  • 9.30: Welcome and Opening Remarks – Grazia Cesari, Head of Information Systems - Regione Emilia Romagnaco-organizer of the event
  • 9.40: Welcome and Opening Remarks - Laura Badini,  Information Systems – Comune di Bologna
  • 9.50: Welcome and Opening Remarks – Gian Franco Poggioli, responsible for innovation, research and studies - Unindustria Bologna
  • 10.00: Speech: Fabio Bottega – Tecnoteca srl, CMDBuild maintainer e and co-organizer of the event
  • 10.30: Speech: Antonio Scaramuzzi – Comune di Udine, first CMDBuild user
  • 10.50: Speech: Davide Dozza – Yacme srl, local partner and co-organizer of the event
  • 11.10: Coffee break


  • 11.30: Luca CattiGiovanni Grazia Regione Emilia Romagna – An integrated and "open" approach to theService Managementthe Emilia-Romagna experience
  • 11.50: Antonia ConsiglioEmiliano PieroniAvvocatura Generale dello Stato – CMDBuild as a tool for IT processes control and budget management
  • 12.10: Roberto Bico, Paolo SustricoCSI Piemonte – CMDBuildnot only assetsbut also workflow
  • 12:30: Graziano Fastelli, Piaggio & C. Spa Management of resources and IT services using CMDBuildChange Management and interoperability with external systems
  • 12.50: Carlo SimonelliCamera dei Deputati – CMDBuild as Service Catalog for the Chamber of Deputies
  • 13.15: Lunch (buffet)
  • 14.30: Carlo CammelliConsiglio Regionale della Toscana – IT service managementintegrated access toservice catalog, news and ticketing
  • 14.50: Gabriele ColomboAGSM Verona – Service monitoring and alarm management with CMDBuild
  • 15.10: Matteo GamberiniAlberto BiniAeroporto di Bologna – The management of the interventions ofexternal suppliers with CMDBuildunscheduled and scheduled maintenance
  • 15.30: Gian Luca SanzaniProvincia di Bologna – the Province of Bologna experience
  • 15.50: Coffee break
  • 16.00: Cristian ManfrediniProvincia di Reggio Emilia – Asset managementa participatory approach
  • 16.20: Paolo AgatiComune di Udine – CMDBuild: 1 system, 100 answers
  • 16.40: Gerardo SanseverinoEuroGroupGianfranco RuffiniCogitek – ITIL® and CMDBuild in EuroGroup to manage IT services
  • 17.00: Luca BompaniUniversità di Bologna – A prototype integration between CMDBuild and NetEye / Nagios
  • 17.20: Lucio CaporaliInteraction Group srl – CMDBuild on the cloud
  • 17.30: Paolo AmbrosioTecnoteca srl - Updates on project status and roadmap
  • 17.45: Final discussion

The conference is organized by:

and with the participation of :

We are organizing the third edition of the event which will be held in the spring 2014. In the meantime take a look at the edition of 2012

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