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CMDBuild 3.3 22 September 2020

The version 3.3 of CMDBuild has been released.

The new version includes:

  • the new features for the Document Managemen;
  • possibility to insert in the menu, hierarchies of data cards with configurable filters;
  • retrieve of the massive modification function of the data cards, and implementation of the new mass cancellation function;
  • improvements in the user interface: page help in data cards and processes, possibility of presenting some groups of attributes closed by default, opening in full screen mode of the HTML editor for text-type attributes, sums in the Master Detail pages;
  • extension of import/export templates and automatic task system to configure and automate the import of DWG floor plans and IFC BIM models;
  • improvements in the CSV/Excel files import/export templates, with import in ADD mode, use of the current filter in the export, formatting of dates and numbers, TAB separator;
  • new dashboard as the initial page of the Administration Module with indicators on the entities configured, the volume of data present, the growth trend, active services, etc.;
  • retrieve of the task for the scheduled sending of emails with reports attached;
  • new permissions on custom pages, custom components and GUI controls;
  • new authentication methods based on the OAuth 2.0 and ADFS4 standards:
  • Indonesian and Polish localization