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All news about the CMDBuild project

Two years after the first meeting of Udine we are organizing the second edition of CMDBuild Day.

t will be held in Bologna on 10 May 2012 at the headquarters of the Emilia Romagna region, Third Tower - Room A.

CMDBuild Day 2012 is organized by Tecnoteca (project maintainer), in collaboration with the Emilia Romagna region, which is a CMDBuild user and offers logistic support for the meeting.

The meeting objective is to share the experiences with CMDBuild and the evolution of project.

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Version 1.5 includes:

  • ability to define widgets for cards and workflow processes to handle some specific operations
  • refactoring of workflow widgets and release of a new widget for the calendar management
  • interface improvements (including an HTML editor to compile "text" fields)
  • translation of the Technical Manual in English language- new localizations in Russian and Brazilian
  • Portuguese- bug fixing

For the complete list of changes see the changelog.

SourceForge is the most famous source code repository, it's online since 1999 and handles over 300,000 projects (among active and abandoned).

On the project page you'll find info pages, updated source code and official downloads!

This version includes the following new features:

  • attributes on relations, to describe the relations stored in the system (for example: define the port number or the color of the connection cable between a router and a server, define the role of a technician who's responsible for an asset, impact details of two related applications, etc.)
  •  refactoring of relations management, with remarkable performance improvements
  •  migration to Ext JS 4.0 (the Ajax library used in CMDBuild) and thus compatible with Firefox 4 and IE9
  • Alfresco 3.4 compatibility
  • Liferay 6.0 compatibility
  • new Liferay portlet features (authentication modes, CQL filters, etc.)
  •  bug fixes

For the complete list of changes see the changelog.

Objective of the meeting is to provide food for thought on asset management in accordance with the ITIL good practices, taking into account implications of applying the principles of Open Data.

This version includes the following new features:

  • Asset geo-reference (GIS), both on local plans and maps, with the possibility of loading background elements (vector and raster) and editing geometric elements (points, open and closed polygons) associated with each card.
  • Storage (without "superclass", "domains" or "history" informations) of intensive data streams coming from other systems; this new feature is useful, for instance, to record electricity consumption, alert notifications, server access logs, etc. (simulations performed with millions of rows)
  • New workflow "tool", able to query a generic webservice: it's possible to query an external ws from within a cmdbuild process (already tested with SAP workflow)
  • Two new data types: "IP address" and "Time"
  • Tabs layout: it's possible to group card data in tabs to improve readability
  • Extensive refactoring of the PostgreSQL interface layer to simplify triggers

Please note that we're working to update the manuals to version 1.3 and, as soon as possible, we'll publish them online.


The aim is to establish an annual appointment to let people interested in CMDBuild share experiences, knowledge and follow software development.

At the time of writing we're defining all the details of the event; a web page with all the informations is available here.

The agenda foresees some speech about development status and road-map, then some case history and personal experiences will be presented and discussed.

The Municipality of Udine, partner of the CMDBuild project, will make available a conference hall for the meeting.

Courses and CMDBuild training will be held on 14 April to help new users use CMDBuild software and manage data modeling, reports, workflow etc.

Please let us know if you're interested in joining the convention!

This intermediate version, while awaiting the 1.3 version, includes the following changes:

  • Authentication with LDAP server (password check on external server but class permissions still defined in CMDBuild)
  • Refactoring of JSR168 portlets (Liferay): graphics improvement, reports integration and workflow controls extension
  • Ability to configure menu items (left side of CMDBuild GUI) for each user group
  • Easier management of users and groups
  • Ability to upload the sketch of a workflow and then display it in a special TAB during execution
  • French localization
  • Bug fixes