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January Newsletter available with the latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

Next December 14th an international webinar will be held, and the main new features of CMDBuild version 2.5 will be presented.

The webinar will be an opportunity to know directly the new functionalities released, and in particular the new system configuration option in "Cluster" mode.

During the webinar will also speak about the connector with Zabbix and the first public demo of CMDBuild version 3.0.

At the end of the presentation, it will be possible to ask questions through the chat tool and to receive answers from Tecnoteca's technicians.

The webinar will be held in English language.

Participation is free, and registration is required through this form.

November Newsletter available with the latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT

The new version of CMDBuild 2.5 has been released. It includes the following main new features:

1) possibility to configure CMDBuild in “cluster” mode

It is possible to enable multiple independent Tomcat (application server) nodes, controlled by an Apache Load Balancer, in order to ensure:

  • the availability of the system (in case a node stops responding, functionality is provided by active nodes, in a transparent way for the user)
  • the scalability of the system (requests are distributed on multiple nodes, with faster response times, in the case of a large number of competing users)

Here below there is a schema of the resulting architecture:


2) New user password management, with the possibility to specify the expiration date (with notification) and the formatting rules

Legislations on the security of data processing and the confidentiality of personal data (including the new GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation - Regulation UE 2016/679) require greater attention to the issue of unauthorized access.

In this perspective, we have integrated new password management features, with the possibility of:

  • specifying the password expiration date;
  • sending a notification email about the expiration, with configurable advance time;
  • defining composition rules, such as minimum length, presence of numbers, uppercase/lowercase letters;
  • verifying that it is different from the previous password and from the username.

When the password expires, the user sees a customizable message, which redirects him to a page where the new password should be entered:


3) GIS Refactoring

The management of geophysical objects has been improved, loading them progressively as they are displayed on the map and then deleting the memory if necessary.

This has reduced the execution times, and the system is now about to operate with an almost unlimited number of objects.

Other improvements have also been implemented, including easier data navigation (automatic shift on selected object level, automatic shutdown of a floor if another one is selected in the same building), and the ability for the administrator to configure CQL filters to control navigation in the GIS tree.

4) Extension of the Task Manager with a new task type for an automatic scheduled sending of reports by mail

The CMDBuild Task Manager, configurable in the Administration Module, now includes a new type of task that can be used to schedule automatic sending of emails with a report attached.

Using the Configuration Wizard, it is possible to specify the mail recipient, the template to use, the scheduling criteria, to define context variables for the calculation of the report parameters, to value these parameters statically or with the help of defined context variables.

For example, it is therefore possible to send a report with content dependent from the time the task was executed, calculated automatically by the Task Manager.


5) Upgrading of BIM capabilities to support IFC4 format and redoing of the 3D visualization

CMDBuild now supports the latest versions of BIMserver (1.5.x), integrating support to the standard IFC4.

In the new version, the 3D viewer has been completely rewritten and is now based on the project.

A more realistic rendering of the displayed buildings is thus available.



6) Optimization of javascript file recovery policies from the browser, in order to reduce login waiting times

As the number (several hundreds) of javascript files that composed the CMDBuild user interface increased, the initial time of first access to the application progressively increased (then the cache improved the performance for later uploads).

The sources have now been reorganized into a much smaller number of files, with a great optimization of loading times.

Moreover, using Apache as a front-end allows to further optimize the transfer via additional modules (mod_gzip, mod_deflate) that compress javascript files to load.


For the complete list of changes, please check changelog.

September Newsletter available with the latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

July Newsletter available with latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

May Newsletter available with latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

In this webinar we will speak about how CMDBuild can natively be interfaced to any external data source through its SOAP and REST web services, and how this is simplified with the implementation of connectors based on the CMDBuild Advanced Connector.

We will describe the standard connectors that are available in the complete CMDBuild READY2USE version, and we will present some case histories about custom connectors developed ad hoc for some customers, for inter-connecting CMDBuild with other software tools

The participation is free, the registration is required.

March Newsletter available with latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

CMDBuild will be present at CeBIT one of the world's largest tech events, in Germany, Hannover, from 20th to 24th of March 2017.

Find our team at Hall 3, Stand D36inside the Open source Park.

In our stand you'll be able to enjoy the new features of CMDBuild and openMAINT and to watch a custom demo along with an expert of our team.

Should you wish to book a time slot for a meeting with us, please fill out the form below. We will be happy to answer all your questions and to show you all our projects.

Get in touch with us to get a free complimentary entrance eTicket!

CeBIT logo

The new 2.4.3 release includes the following new features:

Introduction of versioning mechanism for the document content, (activity commissioned by the Staffordshire & Shropshire Health Informatics Service of the British Health Service)

The new feature provides the possibility of document versioning, through the CMIS interface already supported by CMDBuild, when it is uploaded or updated an attachment to a data card or to a process.

It is then possible to::

  • Update a document already uploaded;
  • Specify whether the new version of the uploading document should be numbered as "minor version" (1.1, 1.2, etc.) or as a "major version" (1.0, 2.0, etc.);
  • Display in the Attachment TAB of CMDBuild a new icon which will open a pop-up window, where it will appear the list of the already uploaded versions of that document;
  • Check in the pop-up window, for each version of the document, the creation, last modification and end of dates, the author, the version, the name and the file description.


Print GIS map

The CMDBuild GIS capabilities have been improved with the possibility to print the map currently displayed, with all available controls (polygonal, symbols, scale, thematism legend, etc.).

The print sizes can be customized by the user by changing a special configuration file.

The map printing is performed by using a special GeoServer plugin, tool already integrated in CMDBuild.



Possibility to search an address on the map with OpenStreetMap

Also as part of CMDBuild GIS features, it has been implemented the possibility to research addresses on the OpenStreetMap.

The functionality uses the online tool Nomitatim, available as on-line service.

ima23rd February 2017 - Released CMDBuild Version 2.4.3


Integration of new filter possibilities in the Relation Graph

The Relation Graph gives now the possibility to select the visible elements defining a filter on the attributes.

The attributes can be filtered through the native CMDBuild functionalities.

The filter grid shows the status of the filter on each class.


Improvements in the User Interface

  1. Possibility to specify the attributes to display in the createModifyCard widget
    The createModifyCard widget (CMDBuild Workflow Manual 2.4 ENG, page 36) allows in the workflow step to view or edit a data card specified in the flow design
    The new feature allows to configure in the flow design also the list of the attributes of the card to manage the widget located in a given step of the workflow
  2. Paging the user list in the Administration Module
    The user list in the Administration Module is now paged, with search possibilities.
    This new is particularly useful when the technical users authorized to access the standard CMDBuild interface are particularly numerous.
23rd February 2017 - Released CMDBuild Version 2.4.3 paginaz


Improvements in system authentication and logout

  1. A configuration parameter has been introduced to specify whether the CMDBuild access account should be considered "case sensitive" (differentiated according to the upper / lower case) or not.
    This is particularly useful when the authentication is delegated to external tools (such as Microsoft Active Directory) and CMDBuild should adapt to their operation mode.
  2. Possibility to specify a redirect URL at the logout.
    A configuration parameter has been introduced to specify an URL to "redirect" the browser at the logout.
    This is especially useful if the authentication is delegated to external instruments based on the Header Authentication and you want to avoid an immediate automatic re-login.


Bug fix


For the complete list of changes you may see the  changelog.

In this webinar we will analyze the main differences between CMDBuild and CMDBuild READY2USE.

In particular, we will explain the main features of the two solutions, with case histories, and we will explain in which contexts it is preferable to use CMDBuild or CMDBuild READY2USE.

The participation is free, the registration is required.

January Newsletter available with latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

November Newsletter available with latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

CMDBuild READY2USE 1.1 is based on CMDBuild 2.4.2 and includes the following main upgrades:

  • extension of the data model with some new entities ("Customer", "Customer Staff", "Group Companies", "Technological infrastructures", etc.);
  • possibility of access to the Service Desk also by external clients;
  • ability to configure dynamic work orders (form fields and automated tasks can be configured directly in the CMDB in custom mode) for the resolution of standard "Request" and standard "Change";
  • possibility to start "Incidents" by external events (automatic alarms, calls forwarded from the telephone exchange, etc.);
  • new reports and dashboards for the complete control of "Incidents" and "Requests" SLA;
  • print feature of barcodes and QR-codes;
  • automatic and periodic reports with the list of expiring guarantees;
  • LLDP connector (networking discovery);
  • bug fixing.

If you just want to test CMDBuild READY2USE functionalities (without advanced features) you can download the READY2USE ZIP (for test) from CMDBuild download page.

In this webinar we will walk you through the main new features of CMDBuild 2.4.2 version, in particular the thematic maps.

At the end of the presentation, there will be an ask&answer chat sessions where the staff of Tecnoteca will solve all the doubts or curiosities you might have.

The webinar will be held in English.


The video recording of the webinar:

The 2.4.2 version includes:

  • new functions for the definition and the visualization of “thematic maps” (graphic representations on maps and planimetries of informations on georeferenced objects; e.g. the assets classified according to their status or age, buildings and rooms classified according to the number of assets present in them, and so on);
  • performances’ improvements in different parts of the code (client side, server side and database side);
  • improvements in the user interface related to the advancing of parallel processes;
  • CMDBuild webservices extensions in order to work on relation attributes and on geographical attributes;
  • new features in the Relation Graph: it is possible now to use filters to view and select the nodes of interest and to print the graph;
  • Greek language localization;
  • bug fixing

For the complete list of changes please refer to the changelog.

The booklet, in PDF format, is an important contribution that the IT Service of Italian Republic Senato wished to provide the CMDBuild Community.

It describes the approach and methodology adopted in the Senate for the design and implementation of an ICT SKMS system (Service Knowledge Management System) based on CMDBuild.

The document is intended to provide practical information which might be useful to other organizations that want to take the same path (the author rightly speaks of a "journey"), or more generally to those interested in the theme of ITIL.

Thanks to Ing. Vincenzo Curci for this precious document that he wanted to share on the occasion of the CMDBuild DAY 2016.

September Newsletter available with latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

We are now very close to the 4th edition of the CMDBuild DAY, which will take place on October 4th 2016 through a video-conference.

The schedule of the CMDBuild DAY 2016 is the following:

  • 10:00 a.m. CEST: Start of the conference and initial greetings
  • 10:10 a.m. CEST: The CMDBuild project:  State of the art and development plans (speech from the Maintainer Tecnoteca)
  • 10:30 a.m. CEST: Case histories described by the users, who will then be ready to answer the questions of the attendants
  • 4:00 p.m. CEST: Final ask&answers questions from the users and the participants to the conference
  • 4:10 p.m. CEST: Wrap up of the conference and goodbye to the next CMDBuild DAY.

The case histories of this year will be:

The language of the event will be English. The participation is free but registration is required.
You are free to attend and leave the event at any time you prefer.

Hashtag  #cmdbuilday2016