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Application already configured for the IT Governance management, ITIL compliant

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Application already configured for the Property and Facility Management and Maintenance Processes


All news about the CMDBuild project

July Newsletter available with latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild

The 2.3.2 version includes:

  • performance improvements (visualization refactoring in the “History” TAB)
  • minor implementations (possibility of addressing a workflow instance from outside via direct URL, improvements in the mail attachments management, pre-selection of reference values – where expected, use of the outgoing emails queue also in the Task Manager, additional configurations in sending email from the Task Manager)
  • bug fixing

For the complete list of changes please refer to the changelog.

May Newsletter available with latest news and roadmap on the project CMDBuild.

CMDBuild READY2USE international Webinar presentation

It's an opportunity to discover the features of CMDBuild READY2USE, the new version, ready for use, of CMDBuild, pre-configured for the management of IT assets according to ITIL best practices.

Participation is free, but registration is required.

The webinar will be in English

The 2.3.1 version includes:

  • complete revision of the mail management system:
  1. activation in data cards and workflow cards of a new “Email” TAB, which now groups all the mail management features
  2. option to send emails – with or without template – not only during the workflow, but also from a data card
  3. option to send emails immediately or with a desired delay
  4. automatic regeneration of emails based on a template
  5. introduction of a new component queuing the outgoing emails, with more control of errors in sending the emails
  6. option to save in a specific folders the sent emails
  • option to select the subclasses where you want to deactivate a domain defined on a superclass
  • refactoring of the second-level localization system (names of classes, attributes, etc), now also available in the SOAP and REST web service methods
  • improvement of  the workflow API's in order to allow the suspension and the restart of a process
  • option to save directly a CSV report as text file
  • new APIs to manage in the workflow the attachments stored in the DMS (creating, displaying, updating, deleting, moving, copying)
  • new version of the REST webservice with new features that manage reports, workflow widgets, second-level localization
  • bug fixing
  • For the complete list of changes please refer to the changelog

    March Newsletter available with latest news and roadmap on project CMDBuild

    CMDBuild Mobile now available for download !

    In order to use the app is required an activation procedure: every device – at the first connection – will automatically contact a web support application on the public network, which will recognize the code assigned to every Customer and will enable that device until the largest number of users, allowed by the subscribed service, will be reached.

    The new mobile interface will be provided to the subscribers of the maintenance service with an additional 10% charge.

    The 2.3 version includes:

    • a new REST webservice
    • a new “mobile” interface for smartphones and tablets
    • a new external GUI Framework, in order to interact with CMDBuild through custom interfaces that have been issued on web portals
    • the HTML editor has been replaced with the open source TinyMCE editor, that includes more features and is able to manage better any redundant HTML code imported from external applications
    • new features in the “manageEmail” widget in order to reply on sent or received emails
    • performance improvements
    • bug fixing

    For the complete list of changes please refer to changelog.

    January Newsletter available with latest news and roadmap on project CMDBuild

    November Newsletter available with latest news amd roadmap on project CMDBuild

    The 2.2.2 version includes:
    • Addressing CMDBuild content by URL: You can now access a CMDBuild resource (now class / process + card, then other types of resources) by specifying its URL path. This feature can be used to insert into notification emails the link to the ticket page in CMDBuild, to enable the PABX management software to open the customer card, to show an asset card reading a QR code, etc.
    • Task Manager extension: you can now make parametric with the CQL language all the fields of an e-mail template (recipient, sender, subject, body)
    • Other improvements:
      • ability to upload a CSV file in the "Grid" widget
      • extension of the GetRelationList method in the SOAP webservice
      • selection of polygons (roads, etc.) in the map extension of the linkCard widget
    • Localization in the French language - contributed by Philippe Poumaroux
    • Bug fixing

    For the complete list of changes please refer to changelog.

    September Newsletter available with latest news on project CMDBuild

    SourceForge is the most popular platform among the open source software repositories, with more than 400,000 projects hosted and more than 4,000,000 downloads every day.

    SourceForge choose every month two projects, a Project of the Month Staff Pick and a Project of the Month Community Pick.

    CMDBuild has been chosen as Project of the Month Staff Pick for August 2014.

    The news is published in the home page of the SourceForge website.

    In the SourceForge blog is also published an interview on the origins, the current situation and on the lines of development of the project.

    The 2.2.1 version includes:
    • management of the mask and of the IPV6 format in the "IP Address" attributes
    • extension of the templates used for sending mails (workflows widgets, Task Manager notifications, etc.) with the possibility of using variable fields
    • localization in the Persian (Farsi) language - contributed by Ali Amiri
    • bug fixing

    For the complete list of changes please refer to changelog.

    July newsletter available with latest news on project CMDBuild

    The 2.2 version includes the following major improvements:

    • implementation of a Task Manager integrated in CMDBuild, that will allow to manage different operations (scheduling of workflows and of the new wizard connector) and data checks (upon receiving mails, synchronous events, asynchronous events) against which to send notifications, start workflows and execute scripts
    • implementation of the new BIM extensions, useful to synchronize and display 3D architectural models using the standard exchange format IFC
    • implementation of a new mechanism to obtain a full CMDBuild localization into several languages (in addition to the translation of the basic elements of the user interface you will now be able to localize also all your custom entities: classes, attributes, domains, lookups, menus, etc.)
    • implementation of two new widgets to select an element in a collection of cards represented in graph form (in the format that can be defined with the new function of "navigation trees configuration") and to edit a data grid in a workflow step
    • bug fixing

    For the complete list of changes please refer to changelog.

    May newsletter available with latest news on project CMDBuild

    The meeting was organised in the prestigious Sala delle Colonne of Palazzo Marini, kindly granted by the Camera dei Deputati (Chamber of Deputies).

    About 80 people attended the meeting and another 95 followed the meeting by streaming.

    CMDBuild Day 2014 was introduced by Paolo Coppola, Member of Parliament, who also participated in the first CMDBuild Day as council member for Innovation in the Municipality of Udine.

    Tecnoteca, maintainer of CMDBuild, presented the trends in diffusion of the project, the new functions that are going to be released with the upcoming version 2.2 and the developments that are forecast in the months following.

    The interventions of Chamber of Deputies and Senate of the Republic described how CMDBuild is used in both branches of the Italian Parliament.

    After that it was illustrated how CMDBuild is used by other institutions, among them Italian Ministry of Interior, Invitalia – the National Agency for Inward Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development – University of Bologna, Tuscany Regional Council, AGSM Verona, Serco Ltd, Emilia Romagna Region, CSI Piemonte, Piaggio SpA.

    A common topic discussed by these organisations was the implementation of  Service Desk solutions based on the workflow system of CMDBuild.

    A new open source product, openMAINT, was also presented during the meeting. Realized by Tecnoteca and based on CMDBuild, openMAINT is an open source solution for the Property & Facility Management.

    All slides and videos of CMDBuild Day are available on the event's page.

    They include important case histories about the use of CMDBuild. We suggest you to consult the ones closer to your needs, in order to learn how to use the system.

    We are thankful to the technical operators and to the staff granted by the Chamber of Deputies. They supported us in order to reach a great success; after that, they provided the videos recorded during the meeting.

    The event was also streamed live online and shared via twitter  #cmdbuildday2014

    CMDBuild Day will meet you again in the spring 2016.

    March newsletter available with latest news on project CMDBuild

    The 2.1.8 version includes the following major improvements:

    • new mode, based on SQL functions, to define in a more flexible way the permissions on subsets of cards of a class
    • bug fixing

    For the complete list of changes please refer to changelog.