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CMDBuild newsletter n. 46

November 2014

CMDBuild is a configurable web application to model and manage a database containing assets (CMDB stands for "Configuration and Management Data Base") and handle related workflow operations.

CMDBuild is promoted by the Municipality of Udine and developed by Tecnoteca srl.

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Work in progress

The new version CMDBuild 2.2.2 was released last week, including the following main improvements:

  • CMDBuild content addressing per URL (see the next news)
  • Task Manager extension with the possibility of setting parameters in every field of a mail template through the CQL language
  • Possibility of loading a CSV file into the “Grid” widget
  • Extension of the GetRelationList method in the SOAP webservice
  • Selection of polygonal entities (roads, etc.) in the map extension of the LinkCard widget
  • Bug fixing

In order to know the following project development plans you can consult the Roadmap page on the CMDBuild website, that we have recently updated.

Among the most important activities planned for 2015, worthy of mention are the new Relation Graph (first semester) and new possibilities of configuring layout, default values and validation criteria in the data management forms (second semester).


Access to the CMDBuild resources per URL

This is an extension that several users were requiring, as they are interested in addressing a CMDBuild content according to an external event.

It can be useful if you want to insert into the CMDBuild notification mail the link to the ticket page, to allow the management software of a telephone exchange to open the customer card, to view the asset card by reading a QR code, etc.

CMDBuild 2.2.2 has taken a first step in this direction.

A sample of URL you can already use is as follows:


It is able to open the employee's card number “05”, in case you have a “cmdbuild” instance with an “Employee” class defining an unambiguous “Code”attribute on the local server.

This mechanism will be extended in several ways, specifying for example:

  • A card of a class and the “edit” method to edit it
  • A class and a filter to view a reduced card list
  • A filter configured in CMDBuild getting an equal result
  • A report and the “print” method to print it

The above-mentioned extensions will be gradually activated with the forthcoming releases.


CMDBuild in the Field: Banca Sella Group

In order to make IT processes efficient and align them to the international best practice and to the law in force, the IT Area of Banca Sella Group has recently decided to get a CMDB system.

After a brief market survey, the CMDBuild application has been singled out and the available functions and the requirements coverage have been checked.

Having verified the level of flexibility of CMDBuild and the possibility to extend gradually its use to the various interest areas, last spring they decided to acquire this tool.

In the following months the data model was configured (in particular server and application area), some preexisting data files were uploaded in the CMDB and some connectors for the automatic import / export of data from / into other applications were implemented.

To complete this first phase an analysis of other areas is being carried on with an extension of the data model and the import of other data files.


News from the OpenMAINT Project

In parallel with the release of CMDBuild 2.2.2 openMAINT 0.9 has been released.

The new version, based on the last CMDBuild release, includes an additional path to manage in a simplified way some maintenance workflows, new entities to manage the payments associated to a contract and the maintenance costs per housing unit, new reports and new dashboards.

openMAINT has been recently presented at the “BIM Day”, organized in Udine on the 31st October by the Education Institute IAL in cooperation with Fermat Design.

During the seminar developments and aims of BIM methodologies were analyzed from their origins to the more recent implementations, presenting the new features of Archicad 18.

Then they focused their attention on the advantages granted by the real interoperability among the BIM modeling tools and other software solutions, in particular tools like openMAINT which add new aspects (economic, maintenance, energy sustainability) to the traditional space and temporal information.


New Tools to Support our Customers

Tecnoteca takes the opportunity to use CMDBuild in order to organize its IT processes.

Projects in progress have been managed in the internal CMDBuild instance (customers, orders, activities) also with check reports that summarize the amount of hours for each order / activity in spite of the hours initially planned.

New features and new processes have been activated in the CRM area (prospect, contact requests, developed activities).

At the moment a new incident Management / Request Fulfillment process is being tested with a limited number of Customers. This process allows the recording, management and control of support requests that our Helpdesk staff receives.

Starting from January the system is going to be available to every Customer having an operative CMDBuild or openMAINT maintenance service.