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CMDBuild newsletter n. 47

January 2015

CMDBuild is a configurable web application to model and manage a database containing assets (CMDB stands for "Configuration and Management Data Base") and handle related workflow operations.

CMDBuild is promoted by the Municipality of Udine and developed by Tecnoteca srl.

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New version of CMDBuild 2.3

We are going to release the new version of CMDBuild 2.3 next week.

It's been enriched with many new features, following the path we started one year ago and that ends in combining three main activities:

  • a new REST webservice
  • a new “mobile” interface for smartphones and tablets (see the next news and the news issued in the newsletter nr. 45)
  • a new external GUI Framework, in order to interact with CMDBuild through custom interfaces that have been issued on web portals (see the news issued in the newsletter nr. 44)

The 2.3 version includes also certain improvements:

  • the HTML editor has been replaced with the open source TinyMCE editor, that includes more features and is able to manage better any redundant HTML code imported from external applications
  • new features in the “manageEmail” widget in order to reply on sent or received emails
  • performance improvements
  • bug fixing

Like every CMDBuild release you will be able to update to the new version following the instructions written in the Technical Manual.

After the release of the 2.3 version, developments and maintenance of previous versions are going to be suspended.


Start up of the "mobile" interface

CMDBuild mobile is an "app" for smartphones and tablets that implements the main features of the desktop interface: navigation menu, data card management with relations and attachments, researches and filters, workflow management with the main widgets, print of reports, utility functions with configurations parameters and log consultation.

CMDBuild mobile includes further features that are not available in the desktop interface:

  • possibility to take pictures and store them in the CMDB as attachments
  • possibility to read a QR code and move to the related data card

The new mobile interface will be provided to the subscribers of the maintenance service with an additional 10% charge.

In order to use this app is required an activation procedure: every device – at the first connection – will automatically contact a web support application on the public network, which will recognize the code assigned to every Customer and will enable that device until the largest number of users, allowed by the subscribed service, will be reached.

At the beginning, you can use CMDBuild mobile through Android mobile devices (version 4.0.3 or later) and iOS ones (version 6 or later). Later it will be made available also for Windows Phone devices.


CMDBuild in the field: University of Trento

A new CMDbuild installation is being carried out at the University of Trento.

The Direction of Information Services has decided to start a project for the technological asset management (PC, personal devices, etc.) and chose CMDBuild as one of the possible solutions.

Then they evaluated the tool through a discussion with the colleagues of the University of Bologna, where CMDBuild has been used for a long time.

The discussion with the University of Bologna has shown the possibility of a collaboration between the two IT departments, also for re-using already implemented configurations.

The CMDBuild configuration activities continued last autumn in close collaboration between Tecnoteca and technicians of the University of Trento, carrying on – as Training on the job – the following steps:

  • analysis and configuration of a custom data model
  • analysis and implementation of a workflow for the guided management of the movement of IT asset, starting from the order registered in the ERP SAP system

The following step is the realization of a bidirectional connectors for the data sync between CMDBuild and SAP, based on SOAP webservices.

Realizing these connectors, thanks to the University's important SAP skills, the complete data flow automation will be available, it will be started by the order and will proceed with the goods entry and the following movements of each asset life cycle.


News form the openMAINT project

At the end of February openMAINT 1.0 is going to be released

The new version will offer the following features:

  • it will be based on the new CMDBuild 2.3 version
  • it will include an extension of the warehouse workflow movement (spare parts and consumer products) in order to manage the movement of technical assets (installations and devices) during their life cycle
  • it will include new reports and new dashboards
  • it will include a maintenance workflow extension, in which an optimized subflow will be inserted to facilitate the work of the technicians who will use mobile devices

openMAINT 1.0 is going to use the new mobile interface of CMDBuild 2.3 in order to manage the activities carried “in the field” in an optimized way.

A typical example: an operator uses a tablet to carry on a maintenance intervention, he reads the QR code on the plant, accesses automatically to the related data card, receives a video that shows the corrected intervention instructions, takes a picture to the defected element and attaches the picture to the process, repairs it and closes down the intervention by recording timing and method.



Next 17th February an international webinar is going to be held. The main new features of CMDBuild 2.3 are going to be introduced.

This webinar will be an occasion to know directly the new released features: in particular the "mobile" interface and the GUI Framework, useful for developing interfaces that interact with CMDBuild from external portals.

At the end of the presentation, you will have the possibility to ask questions through a chat and to be answered by the staff of Tecnoteca.

The webinar will be delivered in English.

Attendance is free, but please register on this form.