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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 55


May 2016


CMDBuild DAY 2016 - Call for papers

Developing version 2.4.1

CMDBuild on field: Trentino Network

Work in progress on CMDBuild READY2USE

CMDBuild READY2USE webinar


CMDBuild DAY 2016 - Call for papers

logo CMDBuilday 2016

As already announced the CMDBuild DAY, a biennial meeting of CMDBuild users, will be held this year on October 4th, 2016.

Given the growing international community, and the difficulty of bringing together users from very different geographical areas, this time we will meet by videoconference instead of in a physical location as in previous years.

The main goal of the CMDBuild DAY is to give a voice to those who have already adopted CMDBuild and want to share their experiences with the other participants of the meeting.

It will be a great opportunity for the presentation and discussion of case studies representative of the different scenarios of application usage.

Longer speech time (15/20 minutes) will be given for the most interesting projects and 5 minutes for other projects.

All news and updates will be posted on this page of CMDBuild DAY 2016.

Anyone who wants to actively participate in the event can use the proper form in the page and send us a proposal, with a short company description, the reasons of the choice of CMDBuild, the implemented features, critical issues encountered, the benefits achieved and future planned developments.

We invite you to do so in order to have a day schedule as busy as rich as possible, and to register in the next few weeks to enable us to prepare by the end of June a provisional timetable of the day with the description of the chosen interventions.

CMDBuild DAY 2016 will be held in english.


Developing version 2.4.1


We are currently developing the new version 2.4.1 of CMDBuild

The new features that are included in the next release, scheduled for the end of next June, are the following :

  • new features in the relation graph: it’ll be possible to run filters to view or select only the nodes of interest and to print the graph
  • automatic scheduled reports to be sent by mail (new type of task in the Task Manager of the Administration Module)
  • single execution of a task (new button in the Task Manager)
  • unification of the authentication system for all web services
  • improvements in the lock management (unlock log out and in some other situations that are currently unmanaged)
  • performance improvements
  • new location in the Czechoslovak language
  • bug fixing


CMDBuild READY2USE presentation webinar

On June 1st we will hold an international webinar during which we’ll present CMDBuild READY2USE , the preconfigured solution for the management of Asset and IT services according to ITIL methodologies in a medium large company .

The webinar will be an opportunity to walk you through application functionalities, including :

  • the types of assets and the administration of their life cycles
  • geo-referencing of the assets based on vector plans
  • Impact analysis using the new graph of relations
  • management of a breakdown  through the self-service portal , helpdesk escalation to technical specialists , monitoring of real-time SLA
  • additional control of assets through connectors with discovery systems
  • control of deadlines (licenses, maintenance,…)
  • how CMDBuild Ready2Use solved real issues

At the end of the webinar it will be possible to ask questions through the chat tool and have answers from Tecnoteca technicians .
The webinar will be held in English. Participation is free and registration is required on this form.

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CMDBuild and openMAINT are open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.


CMDBuild on field: Trentino Network (Italy)


In this newsletter we host the review of Trentino Network (Italy).

Trentino Network is a public corporation that manages telecommunications networks on the territory of the Autonomous Province of Trento, providing services to the local public administrations and the TLC operators.

The main requirements of Trentino Network was to manage, through customized workflows, breakdown messages and requests for services performed by customers (over 30,000 users).

For this purpose they chose to adopt CMDBuild READY2USE and acquired Tecnoteca support.

From an operational point of view the Incident Managent workflow was immediately activated and configured, extended with an additional connector that retrieves requests from provincial registration system and locally manages CMDBuild  synchronizing the progress until the closure of the workflow.

CMDBuild also manages the second level support activities  to third parties.

Trentino Network also contributed to the project by commissioning Tecnoteca the development of new "core" features, including an extension of the rights in the management worklfow, which are now included in the code and available to those who download the application.

CMDBuild READY2USE - work in progress


The progress of new extensions in the pre-configured version CMDBuild READY2YSE goes on.

Since last year’s first release, CMDBuild READY2USE immediately became the most used CMDBuild version by our customers, thanks to the completeness of its functions for the Asset Management (management of the life cycle, automatic control with automatic discovery systems, etc.) and the Service Desk staff (ITIL compliant processes, calculation of SLA, self-service portal, etc.).

In the next version 1.1 the following new features will be available:

  • access the Service Desk from external customers
  • dynamic work orders configuration (form fields and automated CMDB) for the resolution of standard "Request"  and standards "Change"
  • trigger of "Incident" from automatic alarms
  • management of scheduled maintenance
  • automatic periodic reports with the list of licenses/warranties expiring
  • barcode and QR-Code labels printing
  • support procedure for the physical asset inventory
  • upgrade to 2.4.1 CMDBuild
  • other minor improvements
  • bug fix
The release is scheduled for next July.