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CMDBuild version (released 2011/03/16)




  • Default selection for LinkCards widget - As a workflow designer I want to define a default selection for a LinkCards widget, so that the users won't have to go through it unless needed. The selection will be defined by the usual template like in manageMail.
  • Map view for LinkCards widget - As a workflow designer I want the possibility to enable a map view for a LinkCards widget, so that the users can link the cards using a map instead of the standard grid.
  • Huge lookup fields speedup - As a user with lookup items in the number of thousands I want browsers with slow JS engines not to freeze, so that I can complete those fields without slowing down.
  • Email authentication for Liferay - As the Liferay system administrator I want to authenticate the CMDBuild users with their email, so that it matches the portal credentials.
  • Email authentication - As a system administrator I want the users to be able to login with their email, so that the company policies are enforced.
  • CAS Authentication - As a system administrator I want to define a CAS server as an authentication agent, so that my users will be able to sign-on once in the network.
  • Bulk update to all the cards in the current filter - As a user of the bulk update utility I want to check a box in the header of cards grid, so that the update considers all the cards in the current filter. Currently the selection is applied to the display page only.
  • Group attributes in filter menu - As a generic user I want the attributes in the filter menu grouped, so that they reflect the tabbed division of the form.
  • Show info about a card in the map view - As a user in the map view I want to show the base info about a card standing over it, so that I can choose the right one with less clicks on the map.
  • Customization of start/end connector log message - As a system administrator I want to be able to customize the start and end message of the connector, so that I can use the same old grep line for diagnostics.
  • Update a report without uploading file - As an administrator I want to update a report without uploading the jrxml file, so that it can be faster.
  • Change log levels without restarting the application - As someone needing to debug a production instance of CMDBuild I want to change the log levels without restarting the applications, so that I can see what is happening without hassles for the connected users.
  • Support of new mime-types - As a CMDBuild user I want to be able to configure the mime-types of the attachments, so all the browsers I'm using can correctly identify them when downloading.
  • Display installation identifier - As a user of multiple instances of CMDBuild I want to identify the instance I am currently using, so that I don't make mistakes.
  • Report locale should be the webapp default, not the system default - As a user printing a report with dates I want to see them formatted for my locale, so that I can print it without modifications. Now the system prints reports using the operating system default locale.
  • [Web Service] ActivityDescription filled in getCardList - As a developer of an external service I want the activity list to be filled with ActivityDescription, so that the data are the same as in the main interface.
  • [Web Service] ActivityDescription filled in getCard - As a developer of an external service I want the activity details in getCard to include the activity description, so that I don't have to call getProcessHelp to get it.
  • Create a new card from the create relation dialog window - As a CMDBuild user I want to be able to create a card while I am creating a relation, so that the editing can be faster.
  • Tab view for details - As a CMDBuild user I want to see the details list as tabs, so that the interface is coherent with the card presentation.
  • [Web Service] Resume process - As a developer of an external service I want the possibility to resume a process, so that my application can do this task.




  • Attachments requested for new cards
  • The PDF reports do not display Unicode characters
  • It is not possible to upload icons with IE
  • The LDAP authentication breaks the authentication chain
  • [Web Service] getRelationList not working on superclasses
  • Reports disappear from the navigation menu with the migration to 1.3
  • The connector creates relations with invalid ids
  • Reference to a deleted file
  • Privilege loss at re-login if the default group is set
  • String values exceding 255 characters are not read
  • LookupAttribute throws a NullPointerException for invalid lookup id
  • Multiple relations between the same cards on new N:N domains
  • SQL error removing subclass with inherited reference
  • Map layers are visible only with administrator privileges
  • Print Schema not working
  • Layout problems in import/export csv
  • Invalid data conversion from Shark types
  • Reports with an empty query crash the system
  • Custom SQL exceptions are not translated anymore
  • Small UI issues
  • Unique constraint violation error is a generic SQL error
  • Cannot change the default group
  • Error exporting process with Time or Inet attributes
  • Rendering issues in Activity tabs
  • The notes tab of the workflow must be displayed like the notes tab in the cards
  • UI crash changing attributes order
  • Wrong order in the combo-fields of classes after a insert
  • Cannot have more than one CreateReport workflow widget in one step
  • The map crashes if there aren't base layers configured
  • The current username is not set when deleting a relation
  • Workflow Tool Agent CreateCardRef uses the system user
  • Start an activity with the empty grid does not work
  • New lookup values not inserted by connector's update
  • Domains keep with dangling pointers to modified classes
  • ManageMail widget crashes if read only
  • Add Relation not working in ManageRelation widget
  • Card info in Map view works only for cards of the current class
  • Reference with invalid IDs should be considered null
  • Wrong name for authentication property