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The meeting dedicated to all CMDBuild users (Read More)

Testimonials and Case Histories

The opinion of some users of CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT. (Read More)

Conferences and webinars

Conferences and webinars that discussed CMDBuild (Read More)


Publication of Community's documentation and software (Read More)


Subscribe to stay updated with the project (Read More)

LinkedIn Group

The group aims to promote collaboration between people, institutions and companies involved in open source project CMDBuild. (Read More)

CMDBuild friends

Translators, evangelists, enthusiasts that help CMDBuild grow. That's what they think of CMDBuild. (Read More)

CMDBuild Wallpaper

Choose the size of CMDBuild wallpaper (Read More)

Press kit

What is CMDBuild CMDBuild is an open source web environment for the configuration of custom applications for the Asset Management. It's a dynamic system that represents the current situation and knowledge of the inventory of ... (Read More)

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