CMDBuild friends

Translators, evangelists, enthusiasts that help CMDBuild grow. That's what they think of CMDBuild.
Ali Amiri

Feel The Dynamics

Ali Amiri: localization in Persian language

Márton Natkó

So many delightfull possibilities

Márton Natkó: localization in Hungarian language

Jean Lasson

Simple, configurable and Open

Jean Lasson: translation, localization, testing

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie

More than CMDB

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie: mainly evangelisation and publishing articles on my blog

Quentin Varquet


Quentin Varquet: writing post and articles and I m talking about this software to everyone (not only in IT)

Eric van Rheenen

An indispensable application

Eric van Rheenen: localizaton in Dutch language

James Xue

latest technology, flexible, extensible

James Xue: localization in Chinese language

Jeroen Baten

Reliable, Extensible, Nice

Jeroen Baten: Developing a Python REST library to interface with CMDBuild, available on GitHub.

Philippe Poumaroux

free, dynamic & interoperable

Philippe Poumaroux: localization and manual translation (wip) in french

Carlo Cammelli

A really must have

Carlo Cammelli: attending and organizing conferences and events about CMDBuild

Jiří Langr

Really mature framework

Jiří Langr: localization in Czech language

Dimitris  Maniadakis

Comprehensive, customizable, practical

Dimitris Maniadakis: localization in Greek language

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