CMDBuild is a web environment in which you can configure custom solutions for IT Governance, or more generally for asset management.

CMDBuild is intended to shape, manage the IT asset database (CMDB stand for Configuration and Management Data Base) and support management workflows according to ITIL Best Practices. CMDBuild’s goal is to facilitate the operators in keeping the situation under complete control of his assets, knowing at all times the composition, dislocation, functional relations and how to constantly upgrade as well as managing the life cycle in a comprehensive manner.

CMDBuild philosophy relies on the separation between the "engine" and the "business logic". A "core" code is kept identical for every user but each user’s peculiarity is contained in the dynamic elements of the system, in a fully configurable data model, workflows and reports that the user can create and import into the system via XML descriptors (see the complete list of features and  details).

A quick example of the power of CMDBuild can be seen in the online demo where the demo database can be downloaded.

With our support, several hundred medium-size organizations worldwide have configured their own customized instance of CMDBuild.

Starting from CMDBuild we created the READY2USE version: a configuration ready to be used in a production environment, born from the experience gained in ten years of working with our clients and always based on ITIL best practices. CMDBuild READY2USE comes with all the features needed to manage the IT Governance in organizations of medium and large size.

Also based on CMDBuild is openMAINT, a Property & Facility Management tool specific for the management of buildings, installations, mobile asset and related logistical, economic and maintenance activities.

During the past 10 years, on CMDBuild we created several asset management solutions for CRM activities, Museum goods, public services, monitoring stations, training projects, farm services, etc.

CMDBuild is a web-based system: Java for the server side, Ajax web GUI, WebServices based SOA architecture. CMDBuild exploits the best open source technologies and industry standards.

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