The CMDBuild Project was born in 2005 with the immediate aim of implementing a CMDB system (Configuration Management Database) ITIL compliant, and with the ambition in the longer term to make available a complete and ... (Read More)


CMDBuild project has been promoted by the Municipality of Udine (Informative System Section) that in 2005 started a revision and optimization activity of some internal processes, according to the ITIL "best practice" standards. ... (Read More)


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December 2019 - CMDBuild 3.2 This version will incorporate new features that for reasons of time have not found place in the 3.0 and 3.1 releases, and we will recover some other functionalities present in version 2.5 and ... (Read More)


CMDBuild copyright © 2005-2016 Tecnoteca srl You can use, distribute, edit CMDBuild according to the GNU Affero GPL (AGPL). The interactive user interfaces in modified source and object code versions of this program must ... (Read More)

Logo usage

is a registered trademark, Tecnoteca srl We encourage spreading the word on CMDBuild software with articles, reviews, brochures and other media. When using the CMDBuild logo, it's mandatory to quote Tecnoteca Srl as maintainer, ... (Read More)

The Maintainer

  The maintainer of the open source project CMDBuild is Tecnoteca srl, an IT company, located in Northern Italy, that has been providing IT services to private and public administrations since 2000. In 2006 Tecnoteca ... (Read More)

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