IT Governance Management in a medium-sized company is a serious issue.

Each company has its own organization and its specificity, which must be handled by the management software of the IT Department.

CMDBuild allows you to adapt the software to the way you work, instead of the other way around.

And you can do this by not the source code, which saves you from any possible error and to losing the possibility if upgrading to later versions.

How can all this happen?

Splitting the “engine” from the "business logic", collecting the specificities of your entities and processes within a configurable data model and user interface XML descriptors corresponding to your processes and your reports.

CMDBuild’s flexibility has always been the main design criteria, allowing the system administrator to find the optimal application for his operational needs.


A system based on configurability has several benefits:

  • it’s possible to adapt it to your organization and to your work standards (as the ITIL motto says: “Adopt and adapt”)
  • it’s possible to adapt the system step by step, with a low impact on organization
  • it’s easy to adapt to new organizational or technological activities
  • a great independence of the user
  • same core code but every instance is customized

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