CMDBuild 3.0

Tecnoteca's analysts and developers are working on the new version 3.0 of CMDBuild, which will bring the project in the next decade.

This is not a simple review of the user interface.

All "client" code is completely rewritten, to ensure a fluid usage by the operators.

Beside this, completely new features will also be available.

Among the structural aspects, we remember:

  • strengthen of automatic tests with Selenium , which supports the Test Driven Development (TDD) methodology and the Domain Driven Design (DDD) methodology;
  • new REST methods that will replace previous JSON-RPC processes;
  • update of the workflow system to Shark 6.x;
  • review of log files and error handling.

Among the application aspects, we can mention:

  • implementation of a native multitenant system (to simplify multi-enterprise use);
  • support for user preference saving (access positioning, sorting and configuration of data grids, date and currency localization, etc.);
  • new types of attributes: multiselect lookup, "formula" attributes (to view data calculated from other archives via extensions to CQL language);
  • implementation of a queue system to handle bidirectional messaging, usable for notifications to users, refresh of displayed data, chat functionality, etc.;
  • navigation support in the CMDB, having set a prior reference date and seeing the information valid at that date;
  • import of data from standard CSV files in MERGE mode beside ADD mode.

The planned implementations, while requiring significant revisions to the architecture of the CMDBuild system, will be implemented in such a way to guarantee the automatic upgrading of the previous versions, in the same simplified ways that have been used unit now.

CMDBuild 3.0 will be available at the end of 2018.



Access the online demo of CMDBuild 3.0 prototype for a first look at the basic features that have been implemented so far:

  • login form;
  • possibility of selecting the tenant;
  • introduction of a button bar in the page header, with a user preferences menu;
  • navigation menu;
  • grid for viewing data cards in the classes, with full text filter and filter on individual columns;
  • possibility of consulting on the grid, in in-line mode, of the detail details of a card;
  • editing a data card;
  • implementation in the data cards of the details management tab;
  • implementation in the data cards of the relationship management tab;
  • implementation in the data cards of the history tab;
  • implementation in the data cards of the attachment tab.

CMDBuild 3.0 online demo

(user "demo", psw "demo"; to access the prototype, we recommend the use of the Chrome browser)

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