CMDBuild 3

Tecnoteca's analysts and developers are working on the new version 3 of CMDBuild, which will bring the project in the next decade.

This is not a simple review of the user interface.

All "client" code is completely rewritten, to ensure a fluid usage by the operators.

Beside this, completely new features will also be available.


From the “architectural” point of view, we remember:

  • new user interface with minimal, clean, lightweight graphics, in line with web design trends, and with fast response times;
  • client - server dialogue implemented through REST methods, which will replace previous JSON - RPC (for the Data Management Module they were already partially available having been used in the Mobile APP, for the Administration Module they will be written ex-novo);
  • use, together with Enhydra Shark, of "River" an additional enginemade in Tecnoteca” for the workflow execution, limited to the functions of interest of CMDBuild, more agile and better controllable in terms of optimizations and performances;
  • revision of log files and error handling.

From the “user functionality” point of view, we can mention:

  • management of a native multitenant system with complete partitioning (all the database, for multi-Company use) or partial partitioning, and with the possibility of accessing with single tenant or multi tenants simultaneously;
  • support in the data entry with validation criteria, help messages, customizable dynamic behaviors, automatic actions at the entrance and exit of the forms;
  • extension of the widget user interface (configurable in the ExtJs language and therefore extensible and contributable by third parties) and introduction of context menus;
  • generalized research in the database and in e-mails;
  • support for user preference saving (access positioning, sorting and configuration of data grids, data and currency location, etc.);
  • multi-table views with a configurable join in a visual way;
  • new types of attributes: multiselect lookup, "formula" attributes (to view data calculated from other archives via extensions to CQL language);
  • implementation of a queue system to handle bidirectional messaging, usable for notifications to users, refresh of displayed data, chat functionality, etc;
  • support for navigation in the CMDB, having set a previous date of reference and being able to consult the information valid at that date (time slider);
  • import of data from standard CSV files in MERGE mode as well as ADD mode;
  • monitoring services from the Administration Module.

Some of the new features described above will not be available in 3.0.0 version, but in subsequent 3.x versions.

From the point of view of software quality, we are dedicating a lot of resources in writing automatic tests. One person is working on interface tests using Selenium and another person is working on server-side tests using JUnit.

The planned implementations, although requiring significant revisions to the CMDBuild system architecture, will be implemented in such a way as to guarantee the automatic upgradingof previous versions, in the same simplified ways used up to now.

CMDBuild 3.0 will be available at the beginning of 2019.



Access the on-line demo of CMDBuild 3.0 to take a first look at the basic functionalities implemented so far:

CMDBuild 3.0 online demo

(user "demo", psw "demo"; to access the prototype, we recommend the use of the Chrome browser)


Download CMDBuild 3.0.0 Alpha version

Please note that this release is not yet stable enough for production use.

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