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A mature project

Fifteen man-years of "core" development.
More than 2.400 downloads per month.
Trusted by hundreds of companies in Italy and abroad.

ITIL compliant

CMDBuild follows ITIL “best practice” to manage the CMDB and related IT processes.

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CMDBuild is a configurable web application to model and manage a database containing assets (CMDB stands for "Configuration and Management Data Base") and handle related workflow operations.

The aim is to let the operators have full control of the assets used, knowing exactly composition, position, functional relations and history.

CMDBuild is a centralized management module working with databases and external applications: automatic inventory, documents management, text processing, directory services, e-mail, monitoring systems, intranet portals and other information systems.

CMDBuild is a flexible and user-upgradeable system and uses the best practices defined by ITIL (IT Information Library).
CMDBuild is released with AGPL license.

The maintainer of CMDBuild is the italian company Tecnoteca.



CMDBuild application, if correctly configured and managed, offers to managers and IT operators answers to these common questions:
  • how many resources do I have
  • where is located a specific asset and who and how is using it
  • is it (the asset) part of something and what's his composition
  • which are the warranties or licenses expiring
  • do I have all the required software licenses
  • what's the asset life cycle
  • which are the connections between asset and network devices
  • changes to this asset implies changes to other assets
  • which are the jobs waiting for my action
  • who worked on an asset and when, with which authorization, what's the final result
CMDBuild DAY 2014

The third edition of the CMDBuild DAY was held in Roma on 15 MAY 2014