The Maintainer


The maintainer of the open source project CMDBuild is Tecnoteca srl, an IT company, located in Northern Italy, that has been providing IT services to private and public administrations since 2000.

In 2006 Tecnoteca developed the project CMDBuild®, for which provides support services for configuration, maintenance, training and customization.

In 2014 Tecnoteca released openMAINT, an open source software for the Property & Facility Management.

In 2015 Tecnoteca implemented CMDBuild READY2USE, the preconfigured CMDB that follows the ITIL best practice and can be immediately used within the production environment to manage the IT governance of medium and big organizations.

Tecnoteca also deals with web and mobile design and configuration of CMS with Python (especially Zope / Plone) and Java.

Company overview

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