June 2019 - Version 3.1

The functionalities foreseen for CMDBuild 3.x will not end with version 3.0, but will continue according to a roadmap that will be developed in the coming months / years.

The first scheduled release will be CMDBuild 3.1, planned for the end of June

CMDBuild 3.1 will include:

  • implementation of a new mechanism for importing / exporting data via CSV files;
  • new automatisms in the modification of the data cards;
  • bug fixes.

The new data import / export mechanism via CSV files will allow to:

  • configure one or more templates (list of columns and mapping on the CMDBuild data model) for the import and export of data related to a given class;
  • carry out the operations in automatic batch mode;
  • import CSV files in “merge” mode, so executing automatically the operations of insertion / modification / deletion (or status change) to synchronize pre-existing data.

The new automatisms in the modification of the data cards will include the possibility to:

  • set the contents of an output field from another field using a javascript code;
  • display as an additional fieldset on the card main page the relations of a predefined "domain";
  • extend the mechanism to hide an output field from another field, with the possibility of keeping it visible but not editable.



The roadmap is purely indicative, and may change depending on managers decisions and customer requests.

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