FIRST  SEMESTER 2016 - Version 2.4

As most important news, 2.4 release is going to include the complete remake of the Relation Graph.


New Relation Graph

This feature will be completely rewritten with more updated technical solutions and additional features.

From a technical point of view, we are analysing the possibility of using WebGL-based libraries, already used for the IFC model viewer (3D georeference) integrated in CMDBuild.

From a functional point of view the possibilities are as follows:

  • to select the “domains” you can view through the configuration of one or more “navigation trees” (this function has been recently introduced into the Administration Module)
  • to set filters
  • to surf among the resultant items
  • to explore cluster of elements not able to be individually viewed because they are too many.

We are planning the implementation of other functions set to highlight the relations among the graph elements, which allow a data “impact analysis”.

Through this extension we want to get the visual validation that, if we switch off a server, the applications turn out non-active, so that certain services are going not to reach certain user groups.

The Relation Graph remake is going to be available to everyone, the advanced analysis impact functions are going to be available to those who subscribe the maintenance service.


SECOND SEMESTER 2016 -  Version 2.5

As most important news, 2.5 release is going to include new mechanisms for a better management of data updating forms.


New controls for the data form management

The following features are going to be implemented:

  • form design customisation:
    • attributes grouping
    • arrangement on several columns
    • text colour and background
    • data view pattern
  • dynamical optimization of attributes through the connection of other attributes (even other classes) and stable strings (avoiding the actual need to create trigger in the database)
  • definition of default values and data validation during the card editing:
    • default values through stable criteria (today's date, same boolean true attribute, etc.) or criteria related to other attributes
    • validation through stable criteria (date after January 1st, 2010, number under 100, etc.) or related to other attributes (end date after the beginning date, asset recipient not possible for scrapped assets, etc.)
  • extension by using widgets


The roadmap is purely indicative, and may change depending on managers decisions and customer requests.

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