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A mature project

Fifteen man-years of "core" development.
More than 2.400 downloads per month.
Trusted by hundreds of companies in Italy and abroad.

ITIL compliant

CMDBuild follows ITIL “best practice” to manage the CMDB and related IT processes.

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February / March 2014 - Version 2.2

We are working on version 2.2 of CMDBuild and it will be released in the first quarter of 2014.

The main aim of the new version is to simplify the configuration of some automatic activities of the system.

We will integrate in the Administration Module some new features that will define these configurations by using the standard user interface of CMDBuild.

The cases that we plan to manage are:

  • Perform automatic operations upon receiving an email, such as:
    • store in Alfresco email attachments
    • notify users involved
    • start a workflow
  • upon certain conditions on CMDB data (a specific date on a card or process, overcoming of a SLA in a process, etc.), perform automatic operations such as:
    • notify users involved
    • start a workflow
  • configure a new type of connector for data synchronization with external sources, called "Wizard Connector ", that can be used when the mapping criteria has a simple logic
  • schedule connectors based on external applications, such as Basic Connector and Advanced Connector, to manage more complex synchronization tasks

The activities described above will be managed within a Task Manager that will create new "jobs", suspend and restart "jobs" already created, delete "jobs" no longer needed.

Also, version 2.2 will include the first release of new features to support BIM methodologies, that will allow you to:

  • interoperate with other BIM-compliant applications specialized in the management, at different stages, of the life cycle of a building (lifecycle management)
  • synchronize the standard exchange formats (IFC) with information and correlations handled in the CMDB
  • display 3D BIM models in the same web interface used for the base application


February / March 2014  - openMAINT

In conjunction with CMDBuild 2.2 it will be released openMAINT, a new open source product dedicated to Facility Management & Maintenance.

openMAINT will be based on CMDBuild and will incorporate the BIM extensions that have already been announced in recent months; it will also be released under the AGPL license and it will be made available through a new web site.

openMAINT will be made "ready for use" thanks to a standard packaging - made from the data model and some workflows, reports and dashboards - which will be prepared by our experienced programmers and which we believe will be sufficient to cover the main needs of Facility Management.

Available features will include:

  • space management and plants / furniture management
  • the management of suppliers and contracts
  • planned and on-failure maintenance with automatic notifications
  • optimized moving of assets / people
  • the management of data related to energy and the environment
  • displaying 2D floor plans and 3D models of buildings imported from BIM tools according to the IFC standard

All the standard configuration mechanisms present in CMDBuild will remain active and it will be possible to get variations and custom configurations in the case of non-standard requirements.

openMAINT is designed for the management and maintenance of real estate, industrial structures and equipments, schools and hospitals


December 2014 - Versione 2.3

The next 2.3 release will include new features for and in-depth management of the card update form:

  • customization of the form layout
    • attributes grouping
    • multiple column layout
    • text and background colors
    • patterns to display data
  • dynamic valorisation of attributes by using concatenation of other attributes (including those belonging to other classes) and steady strings (avoiding the current need to create triggers in the database)
  • definition of default values and data validation in the editing stage of a card/board:
    • default values through fixed criteria (the same date as today's date, boolean attribute equal to true, etc.) or related to other attributes
    • validation through fixed criteria (date: not before "01/01/2010, not above 100, etc.), or related to other attributes (end date: not before start date, assignee asset not possible for scrapped assets, etc.)
  • extensions of widgets usage

We will also rewrite the Relations Graph with latest technologies and solutions, with additional features that will allow you to:

  • select the "domains" to display
  • highlight dependencies between elements of the graph
  • explore cluster of elements normally not diplayed because of their quantity
The roadmap is purely indicative, and may change depending on managers decisions and customer requests.
CMDBuild DAY 2014

The third edition of the CMDBuild DAY was held in Roma on 15 MAY 2014