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Application already configured for the IT Governance management, ITIL compliant

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Application already configured for the Property and Facility Management and Maintenance Processes

About CMDBuild

The various features and flexibility of CMDBuild provided a foundation for implementing specific requirements in a short period of time. It was very impressive and we would like to thank Tecnoteca for their excellent products and support.

Anders A., Business Development Director, Korea

Years ago we started using Excel, but then this wasn’t usable anymore, so we searched for an alternative and came to CMDBuild. What we liked the most was its flexibility, you can create your own classes, relations between them, etc. It is so flexible that you can use it for much more than a CMDB. CMDBuild is a very good product, keep up the good work!

Mark C., System Administrator, Canada

openMAINT is a flexible and interoperable application, able to be customized for the unique needs of our Organization.

Dimitris M., Technical Manager, Greece

The adoption of CMDBuild READY2USE allowed in a particularly simple way to make all the import, personalization and configuration activities requested by our project.

Martin M., IT Manager, Germany

openMAINT is a sophisticated and complete tool, that perfectly fits our needs also thanks to its customizability.

Juan R., Head of Technology & Maintenance, Mexico

CMDBuild responded to all our requests and more! This thanks to its flexible and customizable structure based on objects and relations, workflow engine, open and manageable database, API integration, etc.

Gianluca P., Technical Manager, Italy

CMDBuild READY2USE allowed us to save time and money, we started from its standard and solid configuration and we made only some necessary modifications to address our specific needs.

John P., Technical Manager, UK

CMDBuild has been chosen because we believed it was (and still is) the best open source CMDB solution. Thanks to its data integration and reporting capability, we have now a clear view of all our assets and we are able to really manage our services and costs. The possibilities offered by this tool are really endless, our teams use it every day for a lot of purposes (updates, impact analysis, reports, etc.) and without it we would not be as efficient as we are. We highly recommend it.

Jean-Baptiste S., IT Architect, France

CMDBuild is meant to be tailor fit to your business model. It starts off as a blank slate and you (possibly with some help from Tecnoteca) define the classes, properties and workflows that match your business needs. You can define almost all of its functions through a web based administrative interface. I would recommend CMDBuild and Tecnoteca for any company exploring asset management systems.

Michael C., ICT Consultant, USA

The software has responded very well to our requests and expectations, enabling us to perform sophisticated analysis. It served us beautifully for the model of classes and their relationships, and to load and display data. Our experience has been very positive and we are fully using CMDBuild into production.

Edmundo M., ICT Manager, Uruguay

With CMDBuild we could organize organically, within a single repository, the massive amount of information daily managed from internal and external staff of the Organization.

Antonio S., ICT Manager, Italy

The possibilities and flexibility of the CMDBuild application is amazing. The usability is very good and the complete administration of the structure over the graphical interface is very well implemented.

Mirko K., IT Manager, Germany