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Application already configured for the IT Governance management, ITIL compliant

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Application already configured for the Property and Facility Management and Maintenance Processes

Changelog old

CMDBuild 2.5.1 (released 2018-05-18)


* Configurable behavior for filter on updated card
* Add clone with relations backend support
* Added Korean translation
* Added Slovenian translation
* Added Turkish translation


* Workflow always editable on for guest user
* Decimal precision allows always 2 digits
* The "read all text" icon in card view is shown also when text field is empty
* Page not loaded if url contains hash shortcut
* Required in linkCards not working
* In some cases the CustomForm widget blocks the browser when you open it
* Disabled domain is displayed on master/detail view
* Delete and clone buttons enabled on read-only classes
* Asset Management process don't work on Firefox 58.0.2
* Reference fields which depends from other fields doesn't empty when filter get not results
* Sometimes reference fields lost value when the card is in edit mode
* Read-only and mandatory fields show error while saving the card
* Missing mask on card save
* Temporary search filters cannot be edited
* Link on card from relation's tag of workflow doesn't work
* JS error opening details tab
* Missing detail button on Text fields
* String field with high maxlength value displayed as input text

CMDBuild 2.5.0 (released 2017/11/27)


* Increase Width on Advanced Filter's Description
* GuiFramework Update at 1.2
* Error handling when importing a CSV file
* Error raised when trying to create or update a card on a superclass
* Optimizations for Workflow APIs
* Import mapping of BIM projects can be loaded from the administration module
* Privilege of a card in the case of a default group
* Error handling when importing a CSV file
* Expressions within filters
* Report as an attachment of email notification within asynchronous tasks
* Compress javascripts to speed up application loading
* Displayable attributes in list for DataView
* Add password expiration policy
* Added Ukrainian translation


* Linkcard's bug on save data
* When a process is completed no row is selected in grid
* Double click on process instances rows doesn't works
* Process is not unlocked when user clicks on navigation item
* Full screen processes don't work properly
* Double click on attachments rows in processes does not works
* Error on menu in Explorer 8
* Interface loop while using key navigation on classes
* Range thematism fails on DOUBLE type
* Error on save an activity after a concurrent saving
* Mismatch between id and description on lookup
* Errors not segnaled on CSV import
* Task Manager Mail does not save parameters type
* Cookies Cache Conflict
* GIS: Error on Geo Attribute description
* Relations Graph: Error on domains when classes are the same
* Change password group UI configuration not managed on management side
* CustomForm grid editors wider than column on first edit action
* Error following relation to Process
* SQL transactions not handled correctly on card management
* Duplicated rows within process grid
* Reference not correctly filled on process instance advance
* Error switching from process and classes history tabs
* Processes note tab doesn't display full text data
* Better performance on card/activity forms
* Required fields marked with asterisk also in display mode
* Wrong translations rendering on boolean attributes displayed activity/card sub-tab
* Process abort button enabled also if use hasn't write privileges on it
* Form not loaded for aborted processes
* Edit note button not enabled if tab email disabled from group Ui administration setup
* Target class combo not sorted
* Add button click doesn't expand form while on full screen visualization mode
* Multiple save button click creates same number of cards
* User and group permissions not updated after save
* Dashboard not correctly update data after save
* Activity process present inside DataView from filter source class combobox
* Error while opening Attachments tab when Processes root is selected
* Wrong filtered (with templates) reference attribute manage
* Author not displayed in attachment version popup
* CustomForm widget loading frame freezed after import CSV
* HTML editor greek translations error
* Empty process drop-down while adding start workflow widget to classes
* Console errors while start/stop task
* Client libraries update
* Resizable Textarea fields have some problems when inside wrappers
* Optimized endpoint implementation
* DataView interface code implementation
* Navigation chronology doesn't works on processes
* DataView on processes allow to edit process as card
* Root of all classes visible in NavigationTree origin combobox
* A View with a filter on a Process is treated as a Class
* Pre-valorization not working on createModifyCard widget
* History records displayed with wrong order
* SelectedAttributesGroup workflow metadata shows empty form
* Fields of Add attachments form are to tight
* Widget createModifyCard doesn't working on card
* Mask on toolbar during grid data loading
* Adding openReport widget, the dropdown show only 25 items
* Missing icon on administration module

CMDBuild 2.4.3 (released 2017/2/23)


* Relation Graph: Filter on attributes
* Searching on Gis: Dialog for search on map by description
* Printing on Gis: Geo server service for printing the map and the thematic legend
* Controls on Gis map: zoom, position, scale line
* Graduate thematic layer on quantity values
* Menu on thematism for control the layers layout
* Gis: remove feature in editing
* Print dialog on Relations Graph: current card and relations report
* "Class" and "Activity" must not be visible within translations table and CSV export
* NextActivitySubsetId workflow metadata implementation
* Widget NavigationTree: destination class description added to tree nodes
* Better performances when importing CSV data
* Case sensitivity for authentication
* Model selection for CreateModifyCard widget
* Pagination for users list
* Redirect to custom page or URL on logout
* Versioning of attachments


* Map cards list does not select the current element
* Navigation tree error on layers selection
* Error on map zoom when the user changes class
* Error on save Postgis features with more then one Gis layer active
* Gis: Fault on Geo Server Layers
* AdditionalActivityLabel metadata not correctly managed if relative attribute is not displayed in grid
* Origin and destination comboboxes no more searchable in domains UI
* OpenReport widget error on RTF or ODT format print
* DataView SQL grid print button doesn't print report
* ReferenceFields store load errors while sending not resolved CQL strings
* ActivitySubsetId workflow metadata typo
* Classes UI history tab error
* Wrong activity selection after going on completed state
* Workflow attachment tab translation variable error
* Activities not sorted
* GIS configurations problems while using comma as decimal separator
* Enabled classes errors while creating relations on super-classes recursive domain
* Classes tab notes doesn't display data
* Error on runtime filter apply on a process
* Relation filter configuration not displayed on class and process grid's advanced filter
* ReferenceFields not corretly managed inside widget workflow window
* Advanced filter runtime with parameter not correctly managed
* GIS navigation add button not sorted
* Workflow grid print button doesn't create a report of full workflow instances
* Synchronous events implemented also for processes
* Active task can be removed
* Fullscreen mode doesn't work in processes's UI
* Dashboards cannot be seen using "SuperUser" role when no permissions has been set
* Attachments within emails sent from Apple Mail are not stored
* Card not found error on abort button click before add
* GIS navigation tree is not showing all elements
* Wrong reference id on tab email create/update actions on classes
* Process instance stuck on advancement doing a lot of SOAP requests
* ForeignKey report's attribute shows card's id in place of description
* GetCard endpoint invoked with empty className parameter
* Cannot download design of demo report
* Dashboards uses class id
* Empty login panel while login with user that haven't associated groups
* CustomForm widget form/grid modes returns data with incongruent format
* Shared already related cards on N:N domains
* Group multiselect returns array with invalid values
* Navigation chronology errors
* The total count of lookup values ignores filter
* Sub-processes doesn't appear in start workflow button
* Reselect accordion item by clicking on selected item
* Error while retrieving foreignKey class attributes
* Reference grid editors wider than column on first edit action
* Error creating attributes after class or workflow creation
* Multilevel lookups validation errors
* ReadOnly reference attribute not displayed in openReport widget's parameters window
* Configuration email notification display errors
* Class privileges are ignored on bulk update
* Print card errors
* Workflow with no start permission can be started from super activity button
* "User stoppable" for processes is wrongly serialized within administration module
* Class privileges are ignored on CSV import
* Utility bulk update bypass classes permissions
* Relation advanced filter not correctly managed if no selection action on domain grid
* Previous selected card not correctly managed after abort
* System classes not displayed in domain comboboxes
* System classes not displayed in permissions tab
* System classes not displayed in classes administration accordion
* IE8 freezed on startup
* NavigationTree: not managed active state on administration
* Class with no write permissions selectable in import CSV
* System classes not displayed in administration
* Class print routing error
* GIS navigation tree doesn't correctly select nodes on subsequent read action
* Stack on empty grid after removing last page report while on page next to the first

CMDBuild 2.4.2 (released 2016/10/18)


* "Show language choice" configuration not readed at login page
* Advanced filters management from REST web services
* Notification of errors by email
* Performance improvements to queries
* Preselection of workflow activities
* Simple filter support for processes routes
* Client performance improvements
* Metadata for functions through REST interface
* Added Greek translation
* Management of geometric attributes through REST API
* Management of relation attributes through SOAP API
* Information about the filter of the nodes of domain trees through REST API
* To field no more required in create/edit email tab window
* GIS thematisms: puntual and range thematic analysis
* GIS performance's improvements
* Printing of relation graph


* Software version string visually displayed in half on login panel
* Selected tab reset on class change in administration Classes module
* Classes geographical attributes tab no zoom levels validation
* Selected tab reset on accordion selection change in administration modules
* UI not loading on Tomcat 8.0.36 (latest)
* Double email delete server call on create/edit window close
* CreateModifyCard widget with null Reference cannot be configured
* History tab rows doesn't display relation attributes
* Error when trying to get cards from a superclass when there are row privileges defined on a subclass
* Wrong selection when accessing closed processes from URL
* Task manager UI behavior errors
* "Privileged" status for user invalidates "impersonate" operation of WorkflowAPI
* Tab details errors with simple class ForeignKey as source
* ForeignKey fields store URL errors
* Widget buttons duplication while using direct routes on process instance with Firefox
* Error while saving a search filter without selecting a default group
* Wrong privileges management for reports from REST web services
* When invoking a function and the function is not found, the call returns an empty result and no error
* Detail tab ForeignKeys presentation problems
* Authorization header key not refreshed on subsequent calls
* Import CSV should not fail if some non-existing attributes are specified
* When deleting a class/process through JSON-RPC interface the response is always a success even if the class/process is not found
* Empty reference columns in widget CustomForm grid
* When editing the definition of a group, the type shows "group" wrongly
* Missing relations when some domains are disabled on a hierarchy of classes
* Default group not correctly selected in administration interface combobox field
* Widget calendar widget style problems
* E-mails with a delay of one month are sent immediatly
* Process class treated as standard class if superclass has no privileges
* Default filter for class/process cannot be removed
* Lookup field too narrow in report attribute window
* CustomForm widget minor fixes
* Domains not correctly displayed on advanced filter relation tab grid
* When the password for accessing the database is not specified because it's not required, CMDBuild cannot be accessed
* NavigationTree widget behaviour errors
* When updating an activity of a process instance and the activity is not found an unclear error is returned
* DataViews from filter clear filter fixes
* Tab Note: differences in behavior than other tab
* View note details tab grid button doesn't show card notes
* Switching from tab to tab in advanced filter builder window content is erased
* Change password button still enabled after the further action to cancel an add
* Modify and Change password buttons are not exclusive in enable fieldset functionalities
* Modify task button not disabled if task is running
* Grid or card print button click error
* Error of email account not specified when emails are sent using tasks

CMDBuild 2.4.1 (released 2016/06/16)


* Single authentication system used by all web service
* Added Czech translation
* Keep sync checkbox checked by default on administration email template form
* Locks related to a user session must be removed when the session is closed or expired
* Single execution of a task without scheduling
* Impersonate another user and/or group using workflow API
* User and current group ids available within functions used for dashboards
* Workflow metadata implementation
* Row and column privileges save policies review
* Generic task for sending reports throught e-mail


* Tab Email: widget configuration's presence also if widget doens't exists
* REST logout error with header autenticator
* Menu available items wrong italian translations
* PreselectIfUnique metadata sent on attribute save action
* Management report pagination errors
* Widget Grid: missing configuration model name error
* Error while editing icon from administration class edit form
* Login page errors
* LDAP connection timeout freezes UI for long time
* Widget CustomForm: reset to default behaviour error with functions
* Reference fields errors with domain's attributes
* Lookup fields no mandatory label flag in display panels
* Widget CustomForm: server persistence manage errors
* HTML editor rendering problems while used as cell editor
* The print of built-in reports generates an error
* The "between" operator of the advanced filter does not includes ends
* Lookup fields marked as invalid first displaied time in edit mode
* SQL data views sort order problems
* The row privileges are ignored when selecting a superclass and there are some row privileges set in a subclass
* "None" grant on classes causes exposure of merged permissions
* Dashboard permissions not working
* Error when trying to get cards sorted for an hidden attribute
* SQL error when filtering cards using a filter based on relations and no count is required
* Enable modify relations in manageRelation
* Selecting starting class errors when Navigation accordion is hidden
* Wrong panel background colors
* DefaultGroup comboBox empty on user manage form
* User's e-mail cannot be deleted
* No navigation accordion synchronization with Class an Workflow selections
* Relations tab displayed in row group's privileges window
* DataViews from Filter with runtime parameters show error
* Default filters with runtime parameters doesn't properly work in management side
* Internet Explorer code cleaning
* Widget CustomForm: Unsupported from SQL date format
* Reference field store URL too long because of filter wrong parameter
* Widget ManageEmail: error on workflow advance
* Widget CreateReport: error on widget display with row permissions
* Widget createModifyCard: getCard empty parameter error
* Widget CustomForm: empty output with readOnly configuration
* Widget LinkCard: filter button doesn't enable filter
* Widget OpenReport: doen't submits readOnly parameters
* Error editing relation on relation tab in 1:N domain on side 1
* Error on showing son of hidden class
* Description not required in email template creation
* Widget's controllers reference lose
* Flag image not displayed after selecting default language in administration localization configuration
* Include inherited checkbox reverse operation
* No regeneration alert popup display on related attribute change
* Suspended process instances displays all attributes like closed ones
* Start activities are never writable when read from REST web services
* No default language selection on login page
* Reference attributes of domains with attributes doesn't display required label
* Username field enabled on user modify
* Cannot download report using REST web service when passing a date parameter
* Widget OpenReport: ForeignKey attributes not filled
* Widget LinkCard: on deselect all selections on next widget window open last selected row still checked
* Domain attribute update fails on recursive domains
* GIS configuration - GeoServer layers - Cards Binding empty combo
* GIS map errors
* GIS map card selection error
* Cannot load interface when "translations" directory contains unexpected files
* Search filter popup dialog visible also if grid is no more displayed
* Unlock cards or processes on accordion change
* Wrong sort attribute in getcardlist server call with starting class
* A user logged in as a limited administrator can change the passwords of other users
* "TranslationUUID" for "LookUp" table always valid
* The wizard connector synchronizes entries even if no values has been changed when a timestamp column is included within mapping
* The Data Definition Log reports a wrong statement when creating a class with no parent
* Error while selecting node with no children

CMDBuild 2.4.0 (released 2016/03/31)


* Localization table
* Set service user from administration interface
* CMIS support for accessing DMS
* Custom Form widget
* Relations graph
* Navigation history
* Filters for report and dashboard parameters
* Adoption of Java 8
* REST - "user stoppable" information for processes
* REST - Target type for reference and foreign key attributes
* REST - Default order for classes and processes
* Lock management disabled by default
* Add a checkbox to user's administration for show all or only active ones
* REST - Functions management
* Remove e-mail from queue when it has no reference
* Workflow API within legacy Groovy toolagent
* REST - writable status also for process instance activitiy details
* Extension to the visibility of process instances
* Add attachments on closed activities
* STARTTLS support for e-mail management
* Filters based on functions within e-mail tasks
* Metadata for process instance activities
* Feedback on follow relation action
* Added Arabic translation
* Added Chinese translation
* Added European Portuguesse translation
* New query parameter for multiple response to determine what kind of relations' info we need - with attributes or without.
* Updated French translations
* Updated Dutch translations


* Add card button enabled also on empty superclasses
* Missing lookup values are wrongly serialized when translations are enabled
* Add group filter checkbox wrong translation
* Add index field for ordering card widgets
* Administration: error not shown on add report action
* Administration error on print button click selecting ODT format
* Administration GIS icons interface errors
* Administration menu: wrong available elements menu node's names
* Administration search filter: grid doesn't reload after filter save
* Attribute comments corrupted after their modification
* Bulk update does not update card's last user
* Cannot disable Lookups
* Cannot download reports with no parameters using FluentAPI
* Card not in filter message on process complete
* Cards lock expiration error wrong translation
* Classes add detail action null error
* Class Relations tab: error on edit class-to-process domain relation
* CMDBf issues
* "cm_modify_attribute" cannot filter subclasses
* Dashboards with attributes with store dowsn't load correctly
* DataView SQL: grid pagination problems
* Decimal attributes definition validation errors in FieldManager
* Default filter don't correctly manage runtime values
* Default filter not managed on processes
* Default for group multiselect not sorted in Search filters administration form
* Destination card's notes not displayed following card relation from relation tab
* Empty ReferenceField values on modify card
* Error on collapseAll on localization trees with huge number of nodes
* Error on process instance advancement when initializing missing XPDL variables
* Errors not managed on grid store load
* Error when creating card from relations tab
* Error when filling reference comboboxes that have a CQL filter
* Error while starting a process with disabled email tab
* Field Reference to process add button enabled
* Group's default filter cannot be deleted from User & Groups interface
* Hide "Custom pages" management accordion if empty
* HTML editor: is possible to open field links also if editor is disabled
* Interface translations errors if default language is not checked as enabled language
* Ipv6 field don't validate CIDR IP formats
* Login form not showed at first try
* Lookup fields returns wrong string values
* Menu administration: removing a node from custom menu tree don't adds node to available menu tree
* Missing of mandatory flag on field label in classes add attachment window
* Missing reports within management module when user logs in with multi-group
* Navigation chronology: errors while navigate to class tabs
* No error display on administration report interface submission
* No error display on card grid load
* No error/warning manage on form submit responses
* No login popup displayed on user not logged error
* No warning when modified card isn't included in grid filtered cards
* NullPointer errors on Dashboard viasualization
* NullPointer exceptions displayed on edit relation window show
* On card grid filter buttons are disabled appears a grey background behind them
* OpenReport widget issues
* Processes not shown in EnabledClasses window
* Reference fields issues
* Reports issues
* REST web service issues
* Search filters: starting class combo store problems
* Secondary patch manager not working correctly when patches of a non-default category has never been added
* SMTP and IMAP ports are mandatory in administration email account configuration
* Sometimes form in empty while switching from class to view in Navigation accordion
* SQL view displays HTML inside grid
* Starting error with GIS enabled
* Card tabs issues
* The upload of subreports does not handle part names corectly
* Administration module for user and groups issues
* User not set when processes aborted
* CustomForm widget issues
* Grid widget issues
* LinkCard widget issues
* ManageEmail widget issues
* Ping widget issues
* Widget's button doesn't work after switching classes processes from accordion
* StartWorkflow widget issues
* Workflow administration: wrong translations on Properties tab buttons
* Wrong default filter selection on processes
* Wrong directory used for storing attachments uploaded from FluentApi
* Wrong informations on main configuration footer bar
* Wrong lookup store order

CMDBuild 2.3.4 (released 2015/10/21)


* Custom Pages * LDAP authentication for REST web services
* Custom SQL exception messages showed in UI
* Default filter for a given group
* Additional patches management
* Filters for report and dashboard parameters
* User and group ids within functions used for SQL views
* Checkbox to include system filters in advanced filter window grid


* Wrong filenames with encoding
* Modal windows width problems
* Sorting superclass attributes loses some subclasses metadata
* UI configuration for enabling/disabling e-mail tab
* WidgetGrid - readOnly boolean field could be edited from grid
* WidgetGrid - HTML field shows space on top paragraph border in grid
* Wizard connector does not send email error notifications
* User not updated when deleting card
* Unrelated error when creating a card with an non-existing reference value
* Cannot update a process instance from Fluent API when locking is active
* If an error prevents to delete a card, the error is not propagate to caller
* "Is not null" operator for advanced filters
* Reports timeout
* Slow grid rendering when localization is enabled
* Login with multigroup user without selecting a group don't display error popup
* Relations tab enabled on simple classes
* Map mini card grid search not working
* Dashboards - preview error on template resolver class
* Permission's columns of group privileges are no more sortable
* Report's grid don't respect rowLimit
* Boolean parameters not submitted in parameters report window
* Task Manager - Connector updates blank (text) fields
* REST - Session timeout not working
* IE8 freezed on spalsh screen
* Task Manager - Cannot delete tasks when they sent e-mails
* Widget CustomForm - mandatory flag not displayed in reference fields
* Widget CustomForm - widget advance action is permitted also if mandatory fields are not filled
* Administration group filters functions combobox store not ordered

CMDBuild 2.3.3 (released 2015/08/06)


* Added Hungarian translation
* API for aborting a process
* Lock for process instance's activities
* Optimization for queries whose expected results are one single record
* Optimization to cards' history performances
* Pre-selection of a reference value when there is only one value available
* Updated Dutch translations


* Cannot advance a process instance after a database has been restored
* Characters filtering for JSON management
* Classes routes: using simple filter (Attribute~value) returns indexOf null javascript error
* E-mail queue stops sending all messages when there is a connection error to a single SMTP server
* Email Task folder not marked as required
* Error from workflow engine when there are missing variables
* Error getting relations when row privileges are applied using a function
* Error (on logs only) when updating a reference attribute that have its own attributes
* Errors not managed on grid store load
* ForeignKey fieds doesn't manage correctly reference combo store limits
* History attributes sort order
* Logged user and Logged group items not visible in filter reference fields
* ManageRelations widget add relation button disabled
* Modal windows width problems
* Multiple attribute request for reports
* Navigation is impossible within grid visualization when all elements are removed from a page after the first
* No SQL errors display on create/update card
* OpenReport widget has problems with attributes
* Report's parameter popup visualization problems with IE11
* REST API - Missing hidden/writable statuses for class attributes
* Some field displays HTML tags on cell edit mode with firefox
* Usernames too restricted allowed characters
* Warning modal windows steals focus from underlying form
* WidgetGrid: HTML field chages value with "Invalid date" after editing by pencil icon
* WidgetGrid: numeric fields show "undefined" when adding new row
* Widget LinkCard default selection not correctly managed
* Wizard connector execution fails for null lookup-attribute values

CMDBuild 2.3.2 (released 2015/06/05)


* Localization table - Managment server calls with localized parameter
* Data model localization review
* E-mail management review (delay, tab, widget, task, template)
* Incoming, processed and rejected folders moved from account to E-mail task definition§
* Set service user from administration interface
* Task manager's notifications sent using e-mail queue
* Pre-selection of a reference value when there is only one value available
* Move "LastExecution" attribute from "_Task" class to some other simple class
* Implementation in Processes grid of ordering by code of multiple activities
* Optimization to cards' history performances
* SOAP proxy from workflow API
* REST - Getting the position of cards or process's instances
* Email attachments download button implementation
* Optimizations to the performances of the processes management
* Process/Instances routes implementation
* Database-rows reading improvement
* Grid print button modal window implementation - Common
* Improvements to the parsing of incoming e-mails
* No startup error when the runtime information of tasks are missing


* CQL filters do not work on reference fields in the grid widget
* Report with reference on class with more than maximum items specified in the configuration
* Report visualizations problems with IE8
* Error when sending notification e-mail from tasks
* Completed processes grid loading slower than usual
* ManageEmail serialization has unexpected "NotifyWith" variable
* Too strict checks on active references when disabling domains
* Processes not shown in EnabledClasses window
* Task Manager - The relation between received e-mail and the process instance is not created
* Dashboards are missing within default menu
* Problems with multiple instances of widget grid on same activity
* Cannot convert reference values sent as strings from Shark
* Wiget LinkCard: AllowCardEditing and ReadOnly functionalities problems
* REST - Wrong value for "required" attribute for Widgets
* Random order of lookup and reference comboboxes store
* Widget Grid date format conversion error
* Cannot reset lookup attributes from soap
* No SQL errors display on create/update card
* E-mail queue doesn't send messages when attachments cannot be loaded due to an error
* Wrong lookup store order
* No row expand on process instance advance
* Possible concurrency errors between ManageEmail widget and e-mail queue
* Error on process advance with email regeneration
* HTML editor URL conversion problems
* Wrong classes tabs enable on follow relation click
* HTML field width/height problems
* Form fields too wide
* Description non filled in administration views/filters froms

CMDBuild 2.3.1 (released 2015/04/30)


* Better visualization of process status within process instance's history
* New Html Editor implementation
* Smart e-mail regeneration for widget ManageEmail
* Extended API (Fluent API) for DMS management
* REST web service - Version 2
* Data model localization review
* Force download header on report requests
* Administration grid default order
* Disabled domains for source/destination classes hierarchy
* More explicatory variable name for the performer of the process
* E-mail management review (delay, tab, widget, task, template)
* HTML editor field color setup optimization
* CMDBuild localization config model optimizations
* Starting class combo store order
* Data source combobox store alphabetical order in from sql view
* Disabled Notes attribute visualization in widget grid
* Set service user from administration interface


* CQL filters do not work on reference fields in the grid widget
* Hidden attributes are visible on history tab
* Report with reference on class with more than maximum items specified in the configuration
* Task Manager - Created process has no user within history
* Task Manager - Error when decoding mappings where values uses '=' character
* Wrong user in history when inserting new relations
* Cannot create relations on recursive domains
* No get card query on subclasses selection
* HTMLEditor submit value problems
* HTML tags not stripped in class card grids
* Ifc connector does not check the class of reference attributes
* Empty combobox for references in grid widget
* Error getting relations when row provileges are setted
* Report visualizations problems with IE8
* Widget grid: date fields blanked when modified
* Multiple blank rows added on HTML editor fields
* Suspend/resume process using CMDBuild API not working
* REST v1 - Relations are returned doubled: the second has source and destination inverted
* Default group is lost when password is modified
* History without user when multiple update is performed
* User not setted when performing operations from REST web services
* CQL filters in linkCards widget do not support parameters
* Firefox errors on UI loading
* Widget grid: blank Code and Description field
* Error updating relation attribute for reference during card creation
* WidgetGrid: no data loading data from string presets
* No content scrollbars on add attachment popup window
* Search filter target class combobox store is empty
* With limited administrator user task and email panel's doesn't work
* REST v1 - Missing widgets when getting activity details
* Wrong endpoint for CMDBf web services
* Losing selection while creating link in HTML field

CMDBuild 2.3.0 (released 2015/02/03)


*  RESTful API implementation
*  Removed unused table "_MdrScopedId"
*  Better visualization of process status within process instance's history
*  Enable/Disable toggleGridFilter button from widget configuration
*  Button to answer to received emails
*  New HtmlEditor implementation
*  In widget configuration the Description should be mandatory
*  WidgetGrid configuration improvements
*  Improvements to logging for lookup operations
*  Add Processes in TaskManager Event class ComboBox store
*  Email template UI implementation
*  Implementation of Alphabetical order in ComboBoxes
*  PostgreSQL 8.4 no more supported


* Demomode doesn't work anymore
* Filtered Reference Attribute Lost Data on Edit/Clone
* View create/modify problems
* Domains attributes form clear problem
* Tab "details" is always disabled using IE8
* Widget createModifyCard on classes
* Errors on LinkCards selections
* Task manager - Connector does a wrong quote for table's schema
* ManageEmail widget regenerates all emails on card field edit
* Grid widget is unable to load a large number of rows
* Wrong submit format of date readOnly report parameters
* Wrong values displayed in widgets windows in ComboBox fields and grid editor fields
* Not logged routes requests are not managed by CMDBuild
* _TaskParameter, _EmailAccount, _EmailTemplate are classes with no superclass
* Process not found when a super-process has no privileges
* ManageEmail undefined is not a function error
* No Processes accordion update on create/delete/modify actions
* In widget configuration the Description should be mandatory
* Duplicates values in ReferenceFields stores
* No get card query on subclasses selection
* WidgeLinkCard card selection problems on window open
* Session expired before expected
* On CMDBuild card form initialization all precompiled fields are marked as dirty
* Starting class combo displays class id
* Javascript problems on usernames/group descriptions/group name with quotes and double quotes
* Modal windows could go outside browser viewport
* Processes properties form has white background
* No LoadingMask visualization on card grid selection
* Widget LinkCards hasn't card edit column and card show column

CMDBuild  2.2.2 (released 2014/11/17)


* Read-only attributes in report widget
* Variables support in email templates
* Default account for e-mail templates
* Fill widget grid from CSV file
* Extended relations information from SOAP web service
* Grid widget presets from parameter
* Task Manager - Identifying attribute for references within Wizard Connector
* Update distribution informations
* Whole delimiters specifications for e-mail task
* JavaMail debug information
* Low visibility of selected features
* Add splitter bar in Email account and Email template forms
* Upgrade log4javascript module
* Task Manager - Logging added for Wizard Connector
* DB Template prefix in widget filter
* Task Manager's Synchronous Events - CQL templates
* Improved performances for card/process history
* Reach internal resources with URLs
* Start a process as a result of receiving an e-mail - Resolve referenced card attributes within template

* Error on fast activity selection from management grid
* Google maps does not work
* Cannot attach files on ManageEmail widget
* Outgoing and sent e-mails have wrong subject
* Multilevel lookup no field filter when changing focus
* Cannot fill parameters when defining a createReport widget on a class
* Read-only report parameters are not serialized
* No filter from lookup value on reference field in create card sub windows
* Cannot reopen CMDBuild's menu
* Problems using commas to separate instrunctions
* linkCards doesn't work with maps
* Search filters with SQL function do not work
* Classes relation UI fix
* Cannot upload Geotiff files on Geoserver
* linkCards doesn't work with maps
* Attributes metadata are not loaded
* Filtered references takes far too long to render
* No filter from lookup value on reference field in create card sub windows
* Dashboard chart's description empty
* Print popup spam on empty class open in IE9
* Interface blocked when selecting item from widget LinkCard
* Default Selection in linkCards widget gives wrong output and does not show the preselection
* Wrong values in the list of the XPDL versions
* Cannot edit a card from Details and Relations tab
* Default menu privileges doesn't work correctly when logging with the default group
* Grid search filters send wrong values of filter configuration to server
* Create report widget force format with wrong values
* HTML editors have no link and source edit buttons
* WidgetEmail: wrong email form fill on compose from template button selection
* TaskManager, task email - body parsing key/value init/end are switched on task edit
* LinkCards widget throws error if no className is configured
* Wrong format for file-not-found dms error
* Error on fast activity selection from management grid
* Cannot attach files on ManageEmail widget
* Email accounts require credentials
* Task Manager's Connector - Connection to Oracle database fails because no username is sent even if it's correctly set within task pararameters
* Task Manager's Synchronous Events - Missing card's template resolver within notification e-mails
* Task Manager's Synchronous Events - Template resolver cannot find card's attributes not sent by client
* Task Manager's Synchronous Events - Not working when filter is specified on superclass
* Reference values depending on "Reference combo box limit"
* Error starting connector tasks without notification email
* Slow card update from fluent API
* Popup open and stuck in loading screen on widget button click (widget Workflow)
* Errors on LinkCards selections
* Wrong timeout setup in CMDBuild proxy calls
* Better template resolver errors
* Email and Task manager bug that leaves enabled modify/delete buttons before deletion of all grid's items
* Ext.loader improvement for controllers

CMDBuild 2.2.1 (released 2014/08/06)


* Task Manager - Template engine for notifications sent from asynchronous events
* Improved support for hosts and networks type 
* Prevent domain-cardinality violation while editing relations 
* Variables support in email templates
* Added Persian (Farsi) translation

* After aborting new card creation click for selection of first grid's row don't takes effect 
* Editing card in relations tab, won't put form fields in editing mode 
* Widget "Create or modify card" no displays data in popup window 
* Search filters with SQL function do not work 
* Update workflow does not work 
* Classes relation UI fix 
* IE8 problems 
* Combo Box init with 0 
* Error applying patches using a non administrator postgres user 
* LookupType add problem on Description 
* Read only multilevel lookup 
* Update workflow does not work 
* Service users should not be able to login using GUI

CMDBuild 2.2.0 (released 2014/06/13)


* Starting a selection of workflows from a workflow or a card
* Enable or disable the modify, add, clone, remove buttons  
* CMDBf relation's history management  
* CMDBf lookups can be setted using description as a value  
* CMDBf optimizations for create, update and delete operations  
* Task Manager  
* Translation of the attributes of the entities defined in administration  
* Definition of navigation trees on domain relations  
* Widget for the selection of cards thorough a navigation tree 
* BIM feature


* Cannot advance processes from an external service when, within CMDBuild, the operation is allowed
* Newly created received e-mails have wrong status
* Cannot start workflow from SOAP web service specifying lookup's description as argument
* Card's details report shows relations with disabled classes
* SQL error when printing card's detail
* When using a Role with row's privileges, opening a related card leads to an empty page
* CMDBf initialization throws an Exception at startup when loading lookups
* Problems handling empty or blank values
* manageEmail DMS attchment label
* Visibility of Email class and ActivityEmail domain
* Bug with date 22/05/1966
* In the widget ManageMail CC and To can be no correct
* Errors occurred when sending e-mails using widget are not notified  * Minor fixes

CMDBuild 2.1.8 (released 2014/03/17)


* Dynamic row filtering using functions
* Email templates in ManageEmail widget


* Card's details report shows all relations regardless of privileges
* The details table do not show all elements
* Cmdbf registration web service updates cards and relationships when nothing has changed
* SOAP method "getCardHistory" returns no more values when all elements are requested
* Error when apply 2.1.7-* patches due to some backup schemas
* Modify create card Widget does not save correctly the value of the target class
* The width of a cql filtered reference increase at every change of conditions
* Slow showing of buildings in GIS module
* Errors on save menu in administration when Shark is disabled
* Slow loading in Administration Layers Tab
* Missing scrollbars in SQL views
* No scrollbar in the filter popup
* Black border on report page

CMDBuild 2.1.7 (released 2014/02/14)


* Views accordion can be disabled
* Start a workflow using card's widget
* Optimizations for queries - Patch for create indexes for default ordering conditions 
* CMDBf improvements (XSD fix, gis attributes, better support for Reference and Lookup attributes) 
* Updated Russian translations


* CQL ignore date attributes 
* Refresh of the entire privileges page in administration when you check a privilege 
* Relations on superclasses contain wrong IdClass 
* Error on the layers view in GIS module 
* Error showing SQL view 
* Wrong user within scripts when starting a process from an external service 
* UI freezes when selecting Alfresco setup within administration module 
* Card details showed in a wrong order 
* Corrupted columns after navigating between card'details 
* Missing username when logged-in as admin and English translation 
* Relation attributes not showed when relations starts collapsed 
* When printing cards within grid, specific user-filters are not applied 
* Slow GIS navigation tree 
* Cannot disable reports accordion from Administration 
* No geometric attributes defined after migration 
* Wrong privileges/group using web services and impersonating another user

CMDBuild 2.1.6 (released 2013/12/23)


* Query optimisation for row filters
* Optimizations for e-mails base access when advancing activity
* Attachments support in ManageEmail widget
* SOAP web service widget returning values in a single string
* Optimizations for queries
* New report management from navigation menu
* Activity performers defined externally from XPDL
* Updated Russian translations
* Specify from address in widget ManageEmail


* Applying a custom filter with "or" statement to processes, it doesn't work as expected
* Cannot change the timeout for the grid store
* Scheduled processes will not be started
* Error for workflow classes when workflow service is not enabled
* System in endless waiting when uploading a GIS layer
* Empty process list from an external service and with builtin filtering active
* Calendar widget does not work
* Error getting report parameters from an external service
* Failures when sending emails should not block activity advancements
* Filter behaviour when a card doesn't match anymore the filter
* Inverted cardinality for basic connector's relations
* Error getting card's history when target's class has no domains
* Error getting relations from CMDBf interface
* All attribute's metadata are completely missing from SOAP
* Error when saving lookup attributes on a domain
* Stored procedures returning timestamps do not work when called from workflow
* Text fields setted to undefined once saved
* Error when reordering attributes on a domain
* Fixed English translations.

CMDBuild 2.1.5 (released 2013/10/31)


* Added Croatian translation
* Clean-up temporary files
* Clean-up text within HTML text areas
* Move Save Buttons in Procesess form
* Override attribute privileges
* Upload attachments from workflow API
* Workflow execution without specific privileges


* Activity class does not show subprocess attributes
* ActivityName shows the name of the previous activity
* Bad SQL grammar error using filters on subclasses
* Basic connector can't create new cards
* Cannot create new card when one of its domains has attributes
* CAS athentication doesn't work with Multiple group
* CMDBuild does not work if IE is in compatibility mode
* CMDBuild doesn't work after generating some reports
* CMDBuild's Portlet doesn't shows menu
* Dashbord descriptions couldn't be empty
* Domain "UserRole" must be visible in the Administration module in the demo database
* Empty form after realation navigation
* Error adding a report as attachment to an Email with Workflow API
* Error downloading reports within workflow scripts
* Error on CQL filter with metadata
* Error on dashboard with parameters that are references
* Error on SOAP authentication with a domain user
* Error renaming multi-level lookups
* Error when deleting all class privileges once
* Error when printing card's grid report when class have references or lookups
* Error while reading views based on SQL functions
* Extremely slow queries when class has a large number of nested sub-classes
* Fail sorting super class by subclass column
* Fail when start new process from history or note or relations tab
* Filtered reference will not be emptied
* First active row is selected when a process is just closed
* Fitered reference field were emptied when editing a process card
* Following relations on process doesn't work as expected
* Follow relation sometimes fails card position
* getClassName() method of the workflow API does not work correctly when fetching relations
* History tab shows modified entries for references even if they have not been modified
* HTML text fields are emptied advancing the process if in editing mode
* HTML text fields ignore mandatory when advancing processes
* IE freezes working with processes
* If nested SQL query return an empty recordset, the CQL returns all rows
* Import CSV does not show hidden attributes
* Import CSV slow down
* In simple classes the begin date attribute has no label
* Lookup and reference description not diplayed
* Manage relation load all the first time
* Multilevel LookUp visualization on grid
* No column description in "Print current view" report
* No domain on class B if disable it's super class A
* NullPointerException in workflow API using user with several groups
* Null pointer listing groups
* Object created by workflow must be created by the real user
* Pagination in the lookup list panel (administration) doesn't work
* Print card does not print references for subclasses for domains N:1
* Print card does not work on simple classes
* Relations of non-active domains should not be returned to the client
* Row filtering works only on subclasses
* Separate form configuration from attributes privileges
* SOAP authentication works even if the user has multiple groups (none default)
* SOAP - getCardList cannot filter on Id attribute
* SQL error while executing a query on a superclass when logged with a non-administrator role
* SQL queries fails because aliases' length is greater than PostgreSQL default
* SQL view does not display date attributes
* Stored procedures executes twice when calling web service method "callFunction"
* String attributes setted to null instead of empty or blank string
* TemplateResolver doesn't work evaluating complex text fields
* Too much entries for SELECT
* UnsopportedOperationException printing a report having parameters
* User truncated in card's history
* When applying a filter with an input parameter, if the parameter's attribute is read-only, the form is missing the input box
* When deleting a card that has active relations, no error/warning is showed
* widget manageEmail show the same date for all sent email
* Workflow API queryClass does not return filtered cards filtering on empty attributes
* Workflow cannot create a new empty card
* Wrong column order in Export CSV
* ws sync method doesn't valorize reference on details card

CMDBuild 2.1.4 (released 2013/08/02)


* Email management with scheduled job
* Logging support for data definition: create/update/delete of classes, domains, attributes and lookup

* Reference attribute value is lost after a process has been advanced
* FullTextQuery does not work in popup when creating/updating reference attributethat contains a cql filter
* Cannot query cards from SOAP interface specifying a parameter that is a LookUp's description
* Crash history panel after notes update
* Error updating card when a trigger changes a reference
* SOAP method getCardList does not work when a filter is applied
* Card does not display relation attributes for reference fields
* Does not open reference search window at second time
* Crash expanding a domain in tab relation for processes
* Error creating DB Demo with postgres 8.4
* CSV import not working when importing records containing references/lookups
* User is not set in relation when a relation is created/updated from Relations tab
* Error updating relation attributes on card creation
* Error applying custom filters with more than one attribute
* User is not set in Menu table - demo database modified with admin User
* Cannot create report with Workflow API
* Users should not be able to use e-mail for login
* Sort cards clicking to the header of a reference attribute
* Print grid render the Id of Lookup and Reference attributes instead of Descriptions
* Serialize only Id and description for references
* Create modify card widget crash if no presets are defined
* Calendar widget throws exception calling cards
* BulkUpdate does loose selection changing page
* Processes mantains all the IDs after a DB restore
* Time not set clicking Today in Date picker
* Create a Table with an existing name works as update
* Visualisation of boolean attributes
* Filter reference typing on it does now work
* Wrong Lock card alert
* Filter reference typing on it does now work
* Card navigation open wrong accordion
* Import CSV cell render the HTML source code
* CQL compilation error if a lookup attribute was not found
* CQL filters and attribute groups are set to null (on comments) after reordering attributes from administration
* Null pointer exception when printing a report
* Import CSV not working when importing records containing references/lookups
* Does not check email if IMAP does not configured
* User not set by soap create/update operations
* Notes erased when advance process 2.1
* Users can view all processes
* Class list is not fetched in administration module if workflow module is disabled
* Users can view processes even if the process is not assigned (or assigned in the past) to the current user group
* Login - Press enter on Group combo refresh the page
* Creation of card with a lookup attribute via SOAP does not work if the value is an empty string

MDBuild 2.1.3 (released 2013/06/21)


* New Widget to fill the fields of a process with the values of a selected card
* Updated the Widget Create/Modify Card to define some preset for the new cards
* Manage relations attributes via SOAP
* Compatibility with iReport 5.1.2


* Print grid ignores sorting and flow status
* Filters drop down menu will not shown when full screen
* Filter on "Current Group" does not work
* Portlet Start and advance forms not properly enabled/disabled when process is advanceable
* Details tab does not work for Foreign Key on super-classes
* Report permissions will not be fetched 
* User stoppable flag in processes are not fetched correctly
* Error saving Notes with openNote widget
* Can not use attribute id as field for WebService widget
* Wrong serialization of Time attribute in relation tab, if the value is set to null
* CAS authentication does not work
* Widget manageEmail will not show some attributes
* Wrong serialization for Date/Time/Timestamp attributes in SOAP cards
* The Processes without XPDL are displayed in the classes tree
* More useful error message when deleting attribute that contains data
* Wrong serialization for Date/Time/Timestamp attributes in SOAP cards
* Manage relation - edit referenced card function does not work
* SOAP getRelationList does not return correct result if the domain is defined on a superclass
* Error calling getCardList when performing a query for getting card(s) with a specific Id
* Cards query fails when specifying both class name and CQL query
* Delete domain over superclass with reference in a subclass is now
* SOAP getRelationList does not return correct result if the domain
* Disabled modules are not fetched correctly after migration from 2.0.x
* Boolean attribute not correctly displayed in history tab
* Privileges for process classes are ignored. All processes are displayed in the process tab
* Menu crash if delete a View o a Report
* Error serializing foreign keys from SOAP web services
* Demo database - User, Role and Email tables comments to sysread
* Administration UI shows reserved domains when is requested the list
* Cannot set lookup field from SOAP specifying lookup description
* OpenAttachment does not retrieve the attachments
* Conversion error when using a CreateModifyCard widget to populate a reference
* Enabling GIS navigation, no features are displayed
* Regular user does not see icon in the GIS map
* The GeoAttributes appear as simple table in classes tree
* After migration from 2.0.x, some fields are no more mandatory
* Auto completion not working for reference attributes
* Relation graph is empty when domain is defined on a superclass
* Cannot create LookUp from SOAP web services
* Custom sorting is ignored
* Relation graph not correctly displayed
* SOAP's method "getAttributeList" does not returns the lookup type
* Rendering issues switching cards when the activities tab is not active
* Report privileges not displayed
* Processes startup issues
* HTML text fields does not fire the mail template resolver
* Domain attributes values not saved when the card is created
* History tab does not display correct values when a card
* CQL for query domains always returns no results
* Process' activity can be advanced even if the user is logged with another group but without a default group
* HTML text fields are emptied advancing the process if in editing mode
* manageEmail widget does ot send e-mails
* Attribute values not converted to their own type when used within where clauses
* Cannot advance processes when select cards on linkCards widget
* WebService widget not working
* CQL compilation failed when getting cards list from SOAP web services
* Inherit function does not work when adding/removing attributes to superclasses in administration module
* Timestamp attribute not working correctly
* Cannot advance workflow when using an e-mail widget
* Attachments cannot be uploaded using SOAP web services  * Cannot start/advance process when CMDBuild and Shark webapps are installed in the same Tomcat  * Demo mode doesn't work anymore  * Modifying an attribute having a default will reset the default  * Wrong values displayed for reference and lookup in relations graph

CMDBuild 2.1.2 (released 2013/05/27)


* CMDBf web services
* Runtime parameters for search filter


* Attributes grid sorting after new attribute creation
* "Attributes" tab is enabled after "Add Domain"
* Cannot advance a process having references on User or/and Role classes
* Cannot advance demo workflow
* Cannot delete detail from details tab when the domain is reflective
* Client interface error defining search filters with conditions "From selection" on reflexive domains
* Create a domain with the same name of an existing domain
* Date fields not correctly rendered on createReport widget pop-up
* Description attribute size for Widgets' definition is not enough
* Domains over superclasses are not displayed when create a reference
* Each column of the processes' grid shows the same data
* Error applying patches with Postgres 8.4
* Error defining search filters with conditions on reflexive domains
* Error getting cards with an administrator for a superclass
* Error saving user without any change
* Error when domain attributes of type
* Error while getting e-mail list when clicking on widget
* HeaderAuthenticator not working
* Include inherited check in administration's domain grid
* Lost attachments
* PatchManager fails on existing database
* Search filter defined on reflexive domains does not work
* SOAP method "getRelationList" does not return correct Relation objects
* Superclasses with no children cannot be deleted
* Tab relations not working properly in some situations
* Users, Groups a Lookup List classes duplicated when assign permissions
* Various CQL compilation issues
* Wrong label for domain Description
* Wrong reference direction for N:1 Domains

CMDBuild 2.1.1 (released 2013/05/13)


* Lookup form is not disabled after insert
* User not stored during card's creation/modification
* BeginDate attribute label on simple tables is not whown
* Server side check for class names that contain special characters

CMDBuild 2.1.0 (released  2013/05/09)


* New Persistence Layer full integration
* Implemented views based on search filters and SQL functions
* Advanced search filters are now storable and shareable
* Privileges on rows and columns
* Lock card mechanism to manage concurrent editing

CMDBuild 2.0.4  (released  2013/02/07)

* Cloud Administrator
* Group attribute in tab also for Processes
* Web Service Widget

* UI Crash switching closing add detail window
* Reference crash disabling the description attribute of reference class
* It's not possible to print the activities grid
* Upload GeoServer layer crash
* The lited admin is able to change the password of a Full administration
* reference output on createModifyCard
* Accordion random crash
* Card attributes not filled
* Advanced search filter on a CQL filtered Reference attribute does not work

CMDBuild 2.0.3 (released 2012/12/21)

* Define domain tree structure

* Shark could not send mail using SSL
* SelectAttributeToolAgent returns integer values instead of string
* Cannot advance processes using SOAP web services
* Error when passing dates to CMDBuild SQL functions
* Missing datasources for Dashboard's charts
* manageRelation widget not handling object reference parameter
* Filtered reference issues
* IllegalArgumentException while fetching card from FluentApi
* Process variables are not updated when setted within a task script that is the last activity of the process
* manageRelation doesn't handle selected cards
* GIS navigation tree configuration: sort the class menu
* There is impossible to open the reference search window
* Display field ignore the line break characters
* Error saving a card (GEO server not enabled)
* Cannot sort activity attributes
* Alfresco delay parameter has no effect
* Files attached to fluent api emails
* Group email is not visible in administration module
* Illegal expression when the activity has ho assigned participants

CMDBuild 2.0.2 (released 2012/10/08)

* Metadata management for attachments

* No relations showed in ManageRelations widget when specifying a supeclass
* Could not display the management module with IE7 (and newest if in compatibility mode)
* NullPointerException while listing relations (in relative tab) with an unprivileged group
* Report timeout if printed from Widget

CMDBuild 2.0.1 (released 2012/09/17)

* Updated Dutch and Portuguese tranlations

* Is not possible to set more than 2 decimal in map center longitude and latitude
* Map popup does not display lookup and reference attribute values
* Map issues/enhancements
* Lookup does not load more than 25 items

CMDBuild 2.0.0 (released 2012/08/31)

* Rewrite of the workflow module for with support for Shark 4.4
* Dashbard definition with report charts

* Simplified navigation
As a Generic User
I want a full screen visualization
So that I can see the whole grid

* Configure UI by group
As an Administrator
I want to configure some UI behaviours and aspects
So that I can reduce the possibility of a user group

* Simplified History tabAs a Generic User
I want a simple history visualization
So that I can consult it more quickly

* Update Extjs to 4.1

* It is not possible export a csv for reference to a card without description
* PostGis 2.0 does not work
* Open card from ManageRelation Widget not displayed
* Wrong label for foreignkey on master-detail tab
* Ugly scrollbars on browser zoom

CMDBuild 1.5.4 (released 2012/05/11)

* Triggers to ignore inserts
As a SQL Fanatic
I want the system to allow blocked inserts
So that I can stop operations in before triggers

* Two-digit years are mapped to the first century
* Could not select a domain when create a reference attribute
* Widget not loaded

CMDBuild 1.5.3 (released 2012/04/04)

* CreateModifyCard widget also in classes
As a generic user
I want to modify a the card of a reference when I'm editing a card
So that I have not to switch class to do that

* Superclass queries don't remove inactive subclasses
* Very long attribute names cannot be queried
* Slow html field rendering in IE
* Open Report configuration does not show all report attributes
* It is not possible to update the relation attributes on the EditRelationWindow

CMDBuild 1.5.2 (released 2012/03/19)

* Dates with four-digit years
As a user with cross-century tasks
I want to fill dates with four-digit years
So that I know what century they belong to

* The main grid loses the quick filter if an operation on the relation tab was done
* Advanced filter not displaying multilevel lookup
* CreateModifyCard does not the react
* Saving an activity causes the advancement to next step
* Release 1.5.1 breaks Web Service compatibility
* Very long attribute names cannot be queried
* Wrong activity modify privilege when viewing superclasses

CMDBuild 1.5.1 (released 2012/03/01)


* Notes on card grid
As a Generic User
I want the notes to be visible in the grid
So that I can export them in CSV

* Add attachments on closed activities
As a generic user
I want to attach files to closed activity
So that I can still update the attachments

* Subreports not found if in JRGroups
* Management module does not work if use the compressed file
* Calendar wrong request
* Calendar definition: It is not possible set the attribute to use as Event title
* Latest executor wrong if "system / username"
* Old text attributes appear as HTML
* Reference attributes not showed
* AllowCardEditing on linkCards
* Extjs 4.0.7 still has problems with scrollbars
* CSV header repeated printing the card grid
* CreateModifyCard widget does not update the reference on activity form
* IE7 not starting
* IE7 does not display the header and footer of main interface

CMDBuild 1.5.0 (released 2012/01/31)


* Use the paging selection on every grid
As a Generic User
I want to select the grid consistently
So that I don't get confused

* Calendar widget
As a Workflow Designer
I want to use a Calendar widget
So that the users can better understand scheduled activities

* Edit card from LinkCards
As a Workflow User
I want to edit the cards displayed by the LinkCards widget
So that I can alter them more easily

* HTML editor for attributes with type TEXT
As an Administrator
I want to associate an HTML editor to a Text attribute
So that the users could easily edit HTML

* Russian translations
As a Russian user
I want to use CMDBuild in my native language
So that I don't need to learn a foreign language

* Print report when editing a card
As an Generic User
I want the possibility to print a report when I'm editing a card
So that I don't lose the focus on the editing operation

* Brazilian Translations
As a Brazilian user
I want to use CMDBuild in my native language
So that I don't need to learn a foreign language

* Calendar widget on card editing
As a Generic User editing a card
I want a widget that shows a calendar
So that I can see related events

* Ping widget
As a generic user
I want to see the result of a ping on an IP address
So that I know if a host is up

* Attachments on process
As a Generic User
I want the attachments tab always enabled
So I can download attachment also when the activity is closed

* Notes on process
As a Generic User
I want the notes tab always enabled
So I can read the notes also without openNote widget

* Bulk update confirmation after count
As a Generic User using the bulk update utility
I want to know how many cards would be updated
So that I can catch potential mistakes


* Enable advanced filter on LinkCards if no other filter defined
* Lookup attributes are not displayed if set as attribute of a reference
* ReferenceField and server dependancies
* Multilevel lookup never fire blur event (TemplateResolver issues)
* NullPointerException on date/time attributes serialization using the detailed format
* ManageEmail widget looping on no mail
* ManageEmail will not generate emails
* OpenAttachement multiple action
* Disable module does not work
* The option to print the grid in csv format is missing
* Link cards not update CQL for filter
* The grid of report must be paginated
* Performance issues turning SQL logging to debug
* Quick filter not working with non-ASCII characters

CMDBuild 1.4.0 (released 2011/09/19)


* Attributes for domains
As a database designer
I want to define attributes for the domains as I can do for the classes
So that I can better define relations

* Ext 3.3 to 4 migration
As a Generic User
I want to use IE9 and FF4 with CMDBuild
So that I can use the OS default browser

* Alfresco 3 integration
As an System Administrator
I want to upgrade Alfresco to a recent version
So that I can have the community support

* Changed attributes marked in the history
As a Generic User
I want to see what has changed in a history row
So that I don't need to compare the rows

* Not null filters
As someone with several null values on a field
I want to filter the cards that don't have that field set to null
So that I can focus on the meaningful cards

* Master/Detail label
As a Database Designer
I want to specify a label for M/D domains
So that it can be used in the details panel

* Use group name in templates
As a Workflow Designer
I want to use the current default group in templates
So that I can filter resources based on it

* Hide graph option
As a user not speaking Italian at all
I want the graph buttons to be hidden everywhere
So that I don't feel uncomfortable with unintelligible messages

* addDays tool agent
As a workflow designer 
I want to have a default tool agent to add a number of days to a date
So that I don't need to reimplement it

* Don't show the report grid from the navigation tree
As a Generic User with only the navigation tree
I want to execute reports without being shown the report grid
So that I don't see them all and I don't get confused


* Form cleared following relations on the same class
* Fail modify passing empty geoattributes
* Shark stored procedure execution does not consider INOUT parameters

CMDBuild 1.3.1 (released 2011/03/16)


* Default selection for LinkCards widget
As a workflow designer I want to define a default selection for a LinkCards widget, so that the users won't have to go through it unless needed. The selection will be defined by the usual template like in manageMail.

* Map view for LinkCards widget
As a workflow designer I want the possibility to enable a map view for a LinkCards widget, so that the users can link the cards using a map instead of the standard grid.

* Huge lookup fields speedup
As a user with lookup items in the number of thousands I want browsers with slow JS engines not to freeze, so that I can complete those fields without slowing down.

* Email authentication for Liferay
As the Liferay system administrator I want to authenticate the CMDBuild users with their email, so that it matches the portal credentials.

* Email authentication
As a system administrator I want the users to be able to login with their email, so that the company policies are enforced.

* CAS Authentication
As a system administrator I want to define a CAS server as an authentication agent, so that my users will be able to sign-on once in the network.

* Bulk update to all the cards in the current filter
As a user of the bulk update utility I want to check a box in the header of cards grid, so that the update considers all the cards in the current filter.
Currently the selection is applied to the display page only.

* Group attributes in filter menu
As a generic user I want the attributes in the filter menu grouped, so that they reflect the tabbed division of the form.

* Show info about a card in the map view
As a user in the map view I want to show the base info about a card standing over it, so that I can choose the right one with less clicks on the map.

* Customization of start/end connector log message
As a system administrator I want to be able to customize the start and end message of the connector, so that I can use the same old grep line for diagnostics.

* Update a report without uploading file
As an administrator I want to update a report without uploading the jrxml file, so that it can be faster.

* Change log levels without restarting the application
As someone needing to debug a production instance of CMDBuild I want to change the log levels without restarting the applications, so that I can see what is happening without hassles for the connected users.

* Support of new mime-types
As a CMDBuild user I want to be able to configure the mime-types of the attachments, so all the browsers I'm using can correctly identify them when downloading.

* Display installation identifier
As a user of multiple instances of CMDBuild I want to identify the instance I am currently using, so that I don't make mistakes.

* Report locale should be the webapp default, not the system default
As a user printing a report with dates I want to see them formatted for my locale, so that I can print it without modifications. Now the system prints reports using the operating system default locale.

* [Web Service] ActivityDescription filled in getCardList
As a developer of an external service I want the activity list to be filled with ActivityDescription, so that the data are the same as in the main interface.

* [Web Service] ActivityDescription filled in getCard
As a developer of an external service I want the activity details in getCard to include the activity description, so that I don't have to call getProcessHelp to get it.

* Create a new card from the create relation dialog window
As a CMDBuild user I want to be able to create a card while I am creating a relation, so that the editing can be faster.

* Tab view for details
As a CMDBuild user I want to see the details list as tabs, so that the interface is coherent with the card presentation.

* [Web Service] Resume process
As a developer of an external service I want the possibility to resume a process, so that my application can do this task.


* Attachments requested for new cards
* The PDF reports do not display Unicode characters
* It is not possible to upload icons with IE
* The LDAP authentication breaks the authentication chain
* [Web Service] getRelationList not working on superclasses
* Reports disappear from the navigation menu with the migration to 1.3
* The connector creates relations with invalid ids
* Reference to a deleted file
* Privilege loss at re-login if the default group is set
* String values exceding 255 characters are not read
* LookupAttribute throws a NullPointerException for invalid lookup id
* Multiple relations between the same cards on new N:N domains
* SQL error removing subclass with inherited reference
* Map layers are visible only with administrator privileges
* Print Schema not working
* Layout problems in import/export csv
* Invalid data conversion from Shark types
* Reports with an empty query crash the system
* Custom SQL exceptions are not translated anymore
* Small UI issues
* Unique constraint violation error is a generic SQL error
* Cannot change the default group
* Error exporting process with Time or Inet attributes
* Rendering issues in Activity tabs
* The notes tab of the workflow must be displayed like the notes tab in the   cards
* UI crash changing attributes order
* Wrong order in the combo-fields of classes after a insert
* Cannot have more than one CreateReport workflow widget in one step
* The map crashes if there aren't base layers configured
* The current username is not set when deleting a relation
* Workflow Tool Agent CreateCardRef uses the system user
* Start an activity with the empty grid does not work
* New lookup values not inserted by connector's update
* Domains keep with dangling pointers to modified classes
* ManageMail widget crashes if read only
* Add Relation not working in ManageRelation widget
* Card info in Map view works only for cards of the current class
* Reference with invalid IDs should be considered null
* Wrong name for authent