The CMDBuild 3 Project

  • Project launched at the beginning of 2017
  • Version 3.0 released on April 12th, 2019
  • 12 man-years of development
  • Actually a new product: 100% rewritten user interface, 90% rewritten server code

User interface

  • Complete rewriting of the user interface, both for the Data Management and the Administration Module
  • Minimal, clean and light graphics, in line with web design trends
  • Smooth navigation, with very fast response times
  • Always available the information and the useful functions for the specific context

New layout

  • List of data cards at full-page, with in-line tab preview
  • Complete management of data cards in the popup window
  • Card tabs converted into field-sets
  • Attributes on multiple columns
  • Possibility to have in-line in the data cards other elements: notes, relations, lists
  • Homogeneous interfaces in the Relation Graph, GIS, BIM

Data cards editing

  • Possibility to define validation criteria on each attribute, also in relation to other attributes, with control during the editing
  • Possibility to indicate different display patterns by type of attribute (dates or times in multiple formats, numbers with alignments and units of measurement, etc.)
  • Possibility to hide or make an attribute non-editable, dynamically accordingly to the data entered
  • Help string on each attribute

Configuration of custom logics

  • Contextual menus to start useful functions at specific moments, even with a user interface
  • Widgets (data cards and processes) configurable in the Ext JS language and therefore extensible and contributable by third parties
  • Trigger forms to pre-populate a data card at the opening and to perform custom functionality at the confirmation
  • Script for the overall validation of the page
  • Custom pages
    • Allow the creation of completely customized user interfaces that operate with complex logics
    • Can implement any operation on the CMDB
    • Can include all types of controls: data tables, forms, buttons, graphics, etc.
    • Can reuse components of the standard GUI
    • Are programmed in javascript language, with the same Sencha Ext JS framework used by CMDBuild

User preferences

  • New page for user preferences settings
  • Possibility to choose the default language
  • Possibility to choose other options: date format, time format, decimal separator, thousands separator
  • Other preferences planned for next 3.x versions: positioning at the application access, sorting and configuration of data grids

New workflow engine

  • New "Tecnoteca River" workflow engine, more agile and better controllable, which joins Enhydra Shark
  • Much better performances
  • Graphic highlighting of the "status" of the process
  • Graphic highlighting of the choice of the "action" with which advancing the process
  • Possibility to have different engines for different processes
  • Possibility to migrate process instances from Shark to River


  • Allows to manage, in the same CMDBuild instance, different entities that are part of the same organization
  • Partitioning both complete and partial
  • Possibility of access by adding the permits of several tenants
  • Partitioning both based on an application class (company, location, customer, etc.) and on more complex logics implemented in a database function
  • Control based on the native RLS (Row Level Security) mechanism of PostgreSQL

REST and SOAP webservices

  • New V3 version of the REST webservice to access the contents and functions of the Data Management Module
  • Extension of the REST V3 webservice to access the contents and functions of the Administration Module
  • Guaranteed compatibility with the previous REST V2 and SOAP webservices

Software Quality

  • Complete refactoring of the server code with new internal development standards
  • Complete rewriting of client code with new internal development standards (starting from a complete prototype of the user interface)
  • Automatic server-side tests (integration tests, over 300 tests on webservices repeated at each commit)
  • Automatic client-side tests (over 100 complex tests on the user interface repeated at each commit)

Service Monitoring (available soon)

  • Control panel of hardware resources and services

Other functionalities (available soon)

  • Import / export of CSV files with new functionalities
  • General search in the database and in the emails
  • Push messaging
  • Views built with visual JOIN between tables
  • Time slider
  • Dashboards (temporarily unavailable)
  • GIS thematic mapping (temporarily unavailable)
  • Connector “orchestration” system with external systems

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