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CMDBuild 3.4 28 January 2022

We have released the new CMDBuild 3.4 version.

From the architectural point of view, the most important innovation is the introduction of the CMDBuild Service BUS called waterWAY, a new layer that extends and reorganizes the system interoperability services: data and message flows, batch processing, input/output modules, error handling and notifications, webhooks.

New capabilities were then added in the dynamic configuration of the data model with:

  • availability of new types of attributes of type links, files, formula and multi-value lookup;
  • improvements to some types of pre-existing attributes: 1:1 domain reference, Markdown support, encrypted attributes.

A new IFC viewer has been integrated for the representation of 3D BIM models, based on the open-source project xeokit, which provides additional features, better documentation and a more promising roadmap.

Further minor innovations concern then:

  • possibility to configure "inline" widgets on the main data card of the class;
  • GIS extensions: management of permissions for geographic attributes, loading of DWG files from the map, organization of layers in a menu, information on points in the map;
  • restoring the history of relationships and other minor activities.

With the release of CMDBuild 3.4, are now also available the new versions of CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT updated to the new version of the core platform.