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openMAINT 2.2 14 October 2021

The new version openMAINT 2.2. has been released.

With this version, the openMAINT application is enriched with important new features and improvements to the user interface.

The most important interventions concern the management of maintenance processes, with the following innovations:

  • page for planning preventive activities with management of scheduled interventions in graphic mode (including drag & drop) and display in the form of a Gantt chart;
  • possibility to activate the rescheduling of preventive interventions in accordance with the delay (or advance) of the previous intervention, and to define an end of validity date for maintenance plans;
  • preventive checklists with improved graphics (layout, highlighting of the activities to be performed), new functions (sorting, exclusion of controls, massive evaluation by type, punctual notes) and better performance;
  • added the possibility of defining an assignee for the management of both corrective and preventive interventions;
  • integrated the automatic notification function in the event of exceeding the SLAs defined for maintenance;
  • integrated cost and consumables management functionality also in preventive maintenance;
  • interventions on the Mobile APP to improve and simplify the operational management of mobile maintenance activities.

Further innovations concern then:

  • revision and extension of the data model proposed in openMAINT, with reference to the hierarchy and to the technical sheets of plants, assets and consumables, extended to the numerous contexts in which openMAINT is used (buildings and civil plants, factories and industrial plants, road works, other infrastructures on the territory, etc.);
  • management of service calendars of locations, assets, teams and personnel, which can then be used with customized logics, for example calculating the end of life of a component/spare part and planning the replacement intervention, assigning a maintenance activity in a compatible shift of the staff, optimize the scheduling of an intervention based on the inactivity of a plant or closure of a building;
  • possibility of importing files relating to digital utility bills (electricity, gas, telephony, etc.) and automatic distribution of costs after configuring the data mapping criteria;
  • global search functionality on all the cards in the database;
  • printing of the QR Code (single or multiple) from any asset card;
  • implementation of functions connected to the map: calculation of the total consistencies of the locations, automatic updating of the position on the map based on the information on the card and vice versa.

The new openMAINT 2.2 version  also benefits from the improvements and new features of the CMDBuild 3.3.2 base platform.