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openMAINT 2.3 28 November 2022

We released the new openMAINT 2.3 version. Here below you can find the main innovations:

Integrations and improvements to Maintenance Processes:

  • introduction of a Knowledge Base to help maintenance technicians in resolving fault reports and planned maintenance activities;
  • possibility of automatic opening of a Corrective Maintenance if a problem is identified during the execution of a Preventive Maintenance;
  • possibility of indicating a specific assignee in addition to supplier and team;
  • new types of checklists, considering the main standard types (date, time, number, value list, flag, etc.);
  • dynamic generation of emails with the possibility of viewing and possibly modifying the notification

Extensions to other modules:

  • new document types “Photo” and “Signature” and management of a preview image for locations and personnel;
  • improvements of the Energy Management module (reference to the asset and improvements of the graphs in the summary dashboard);
  • extension of the class of Consumables with new descriptive fields;
  • new “Attachments list” report with the list of all files uploaded in the system divided by reference class.

Other implementations made possible by the new features made available by the CMDBuild “core” platform:

  • several improvements to visualizations on the map: info window, file fields on the form, navigation tree of the layers, etc.;
  • configuration of context-dependent and localization-dependent dynamic email templates;
  • management of checklists as custom widgets, allowing for dynamic visualization based on the step of the process;
  • activation of consistency validations in the compilation of data cards.

Bug fixes