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CMDBuild newsletter n.29

January 2012

January                 2012

CMDBuild is a configurable web application to model and manage a database containing assets (CMDB stands for "Configuration and Management Data Base") and handle related workflow operations.

CMDBuild is promoted by the Municipality of Udine and developed by Tecnoteca srl.

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New version 1.5 released

We've released today the new 1.5 version, which includes some structural changes needed to prepare the next 2.0 version (in particular for the revision of the workflow system) and other new features.

Some new features are:

  • ability to define widgets for cards and workflow processes to handle some specific operations
  • refactoring of workflow widgets and release of a new widget for the calendar management
  • interface improvements (including an HTML editor to compile "text" fields)
  • bug fixing

Version 1.5 also includes (as further described in the latest news of this newsletter):

  • translation of the Technical Manual in English language
  • new localizations in Russian and Brazilian-Portuguese


The second edition of the CMDBuild DAY will be held on 10 May 2012 in Bologna (Italy)

Two years after the first meeting in Udine we are organizing the second session of this meeting that will be repeated every two years.

The meeting will be held on 10 May 2012 in Bologna (Italy) at the headquarters of the Emilia Romagna region, in the Conference Room "A" Third Tower, Viale della Fiera 8.

The CMDBuild Day is organized by Tecnoteca (project maintainer), in collaboration with the Emilia Romagna region (active CMDBuild user and collaborator for the event) and Yacme (local partner), and with the participation of the Municipality of Udine (initial customer).

Objective of the meeting is to update the community on latest developments and share the experiences of some important companies that have chosen CMDBuild.

The program of the day will include:
  • updates on project status
  • presentation of some "case history" with organizations and companies that are using CMDBuild
  • presentation of the updated roadmap for future developments
  • a session of questions and answers, to provide useful informations on the CMDBuild usages.


Call for papers and other informations

While waiting for the CMDBuildDay we'll write updates on the official website and on Twitter (#CMDBuilday) to inform you about program changes and other news.

Please note that participation is free, but you're required to register online.

To support the event organization we ask all the CMDBuild users interested in sharing their experience to submit their case study.

Regardless of your use of CMDBuild, each speech should present the company profile, the reasons that led to CMDBuild, the activated solutions and, finally, the results.

The presentations should last 15-20 minutes, allowing everyone to describe their experience and keeping alive the interest of the audience, and leaving room for all the contributions available.

We remind you that on the official website you can see the videos of the first CMDBuild Day, held in Udine on 15 April 2012.


CMDBuild case history

CSI-Piemonte is a consortium of public organizations founded in 1977 by the Piemonte Region and Polytechnic University of Turin to create a regional information system and provide innovative IT services.

CSI-Piemonte deals with information systems, web services and network infrastructures in areas like health, business, land, environment and culture.

The CSI has identified CMDBuild as the solution to manage IT assets, it's lighter than other high-end products, but equally effective and more flexible in configuration and usage.

Tecnoteca provides to CSI-Piemonte maintenance services for the production environment and has more recently extended the cooperation supporting the technical team for the management of precesses regarding assets life cycle.


CMDBuild in other languages

The presence of CMDBuild on Source Forge provides useful information on its geographical distribution, showing that files downloaded in Italy cover less than 10% of the total donwloads.

Based on these informations, Tecnoteca is going to support and promote activities to translate the documentation and work on software localizations.

With the newly released version both activities are considered.

Also, the Technical Manual is now available in English language, in addition to the Administrator Manual and User Manual.

In the last release we included also the following localizations:
  • Italian (Tecnoteca)
  • English (Tecnoteca)
  • Spanish (Ines Rubbini, Buenos Aires - Argentina)
  • Serbian - both Latin and Cyrillic (Miroslav Zaric, University of Novi Sad - Serbia)
  • French (Lasson Jean - France)
  • Russian (Andrei Khlebnikov, Irkutsk - Russia)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Jacqueline Simon Pius Lomonaco, IPPLUS, Belo Horizonte - Brazil)