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CMDBuild DAY - Call for participation

The CMDBuild DAY is a biannual conference promoted by Tecnoteca in order to grow the community of CMDBuild and openMAINT users and to share experiences, best practices, news and suggestions on future developments.

After the first edition in Udine, the second in Bologna and third in Rome we now want to reach everyone in the world bringing the CMDBuild DAY online on October the 4th, 2016.

The event will focus on the everyday users experience which has always been the most important driver in shaping the development roadmap. Therefore we would be pleased to invite CMDBuild, openMAINT and CMDBuild READY2USE users to participate and share their experience with our tools.

Accepted abstracts will be given a time slot for presentation at the conference followed by a brief discussion period for all attendees. Presentations can be done with a live/recorded Powerpoint presentation, live/recorded interview or free speech.

We kindly ask you to share your experience about the tool, the strength and weaknesses, future desired development and how CMDBuild/openMAINT/CMDBuild READY2USE has helped your business.

We will award all the speakers with a gift branded CMDBuild!

Don't miss this opportunity, please let us know your availability to be a key player in the CMDBuild DAY filling out this form and we will shortly get in touch with you for further details.