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Application already configured for the Property and Facility Management and Maintenance Processes

CMDBuild newsletter n. 38

July 2013

CMDBuild is a configurable web application to model and manage a database containing assets (CMDB stands for "Configuration and Management Data Base") and handle related workflow operations.

CMDBuild is promoted by the Municipality of Udine and developed by Tecnoteca srl.

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Work in progress

After the release of version 2.1, in the past few weeks we have been working on activities of consolidation, bug fixing, implementing minor extensions (new widget, new webservice method, upgrade to JasperReports 5.1.2), integrating some external contributions (webservice CMDBf compliant, Vietnamese localization).

The new intermediate version 2.1.4, which concludes this stage of development, will be released early next week.

We will proceed immediately after with the definition of the implementations to be included in the next version 2.2, and planning the activities to be carried out.

These will include the development of an advanced scheduler, which will be part of the Administration Module, and will allow to manage ( starting, pausing, stopping) from user interface both system jobs (workflow to run at fixed intervals, receiving email on IMAP mailbox, etc.) and user jobs, designed to notify events of interest (deadlines, exceeded SLA, other custom activities).

Further implementations provided in version 2.2 will cover extensions and improvements to the user interface.

Some of the results of the project CMDBuild4BIM will then be integrated into the system.


CMDBuild in action

A new installation of CMDBuild  has recently been launched in Rome, at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The contract was managed by Prime Value, which has been concerned with aspects of analysis with the customer and project management, and Tecnoteca, which followed the aspects of modeling and technical configuration.

The aim of the project was the introduction of a flexible and scalable Service Desk system, through which it was made possible to improve the quality of the service, to integrate the different user requests channels and to provide comprehensive reporting for the activities control.

The solution implemented by the CMDBuild system has automated the area of the Service Desk as a SPOC (Single Point of Contact), capable to guide each user in the reporting of anomalies and then to support the Office in the efficient delivery of its services.

From the technical point of view, the CMDB has been modeled and populated, the Service Catalogue has been defined and an "ITIL compliant" Incident Management workflow has been configured, thus ensuring the effective implementation of the business procedures and documenting the management process.

During  the implementation special attention was paid in order to ensure the full integration of the new system into the SOA architecture of the Department.


The Facility Management & Maintenance open source "powered by" CMDBuild

Tecnoteca, the maintainer of CMDBuild, will release in the next few weeks a new open source product dedicated to Facility Management & Maintenance.

It will be based on CMDBuild and will incorporate the BIM extensions that have already been announced in recent months; it will also be released under the AGPL license and it will be made available through a new web site.

The new software application will be made "ready for use" thanks to a standard packaging - made from the data model and some workflows, reports and dashboards - which will be prepared by our experienced programmers and which we believe will be sufficient to cover the main needs of Facility Management.

Available features will include:
  • space management and plants / furniture management
  • the management of suppliers and contracts
  • planned and on-failure maintenance with automatic notifications
  • optimized moving of assets / people
  • the management of data related to energy and the environment
  • displaying 2D floor plans and 3D models of buildings imported from BIM tools according to the IFC standard

All the standard configuration mechanisms present in CMDBuild will remain active and it will be possible to get variations and custom configurations in the case of non-standard requirements.

The new software is designed for the management and maintenance of real estate, industrial structures and equipments, schools and hospitals.

Since for this area are not yet available complete open-source solutions, we believe we can answer to a real need of the marketplace and we do hope that this new product will soon reach the widespread diffusion of CMDBuild.


Event TOGAF, Archi, CMDBuild

The meeting for presenting tools and  open methods for IT Governance, including, in particular, TOGAF, Archi and CMDBuild, was held on May 28th, in Florence.

In the first speeches it has been presented how best practices and the community can help PAs to change and an in-depth analysis of the Enterprise Architecture and of the representation methods by means of TOGAF and Archimate has been proposed.

A presentation of CMDBuild and of its latest developments followed.

In the most eagerly awaited speech of the day, the plugin developed by technicians of the University of Bologna and of SIAE Rome was presented illustrating its use upon a real CMDBuild request. The plugin was realized to make the open source ARCHI and CMDBuild interoperable.

The slides and videos of all the intervention are available on CMDBuild website.

We would like to thank the Regional Council of Tuscany for having made the hall available for the workshop and for having edited the video recordings.


Support Services

We are often asked how to benefit from the CMDBuild support from our qualified technicians.

In order to answer this question, we have posted on our company website some pages with detailed descriptions and costs of our standard services.

These include in particular:

  • the Pay-Per-Use service, with which it is possible to pre-purchase a package of support hours (20/40/80 hours) and then use it according to one's personal needs
  • the service training, based on standard or personalized programs
  • the annual maintenance service, which ensures complete support to CMDBuild instances that are ready to go in production, at a fixed cost and clearly expressed SLA

We suggest that anyone who is interested in our standard support services consults the above-mentioned webpages.

In case of any further or special need you can always use the contact form to let us know your specific requests and receive an e-mail with a personal answer.