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CMDBuild newsletter n. 42

March 2014

CMDBuild is a configurable web application to model and manage a database containing assets (CMDB stands for "Configuration and Management Data Base") and handle related workflow operations.

CMDBuild is promoted by the Municipality of Udine and developed by Tecnoteca srl.

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CMDBuild DAY 2014

The third edition of CMDBuild Day – the biennial meeting of the CMDBuild users – will be held next 15th May in Rome, in the prestigious Sala delle Colonne of Palazzo Marini, made available by the Camera dei Deputati (Chamber of Deputies).

The event is organized by Tecnoteca, developer and official maintainer of CMDBuild, with the support of the Camera dei Deputati, which adopted CMDBuild a few years ago and promotes the diffusion of open source software.

As in the previous editions, we are letting speak those people who have already adopted CMDBuild and who want to share their experiences with the conference members.

For this purpose, we are presenting several case studies that describe the different ways to use the application, explaining how to configure it, showing the implemented solutions and their impact in the organisation of a company.

The provisional agenda of the meeting is available on this page of the CMDBuild website.

The Chamber of Deputies, Republic Senate, Invitalia – the national Agency for inward investment promotion and enterprise development – University of Bologna, Toscana Regional Council, AGSM Verona (energy company) have already confirmed their presence as speakers.

In the meeting we are also presenting openMAINT, the new open source product realized by Tecnoteca starting from CMDBuild and dedicated to the Property & Facility Management.

On the website of CMDBuild you can find slides and videos of all interventions held during the last two editions: 2012 (Bologna) and 2010 (Udine).


Take part in the CMDBuild DAY

Considering the capacity of the room (not more than 90 people) and the reservations we have already received, we suggest you to register as soon as possible.

We remind you that the participation is free of charge, but you need to complete the online application form. The event will be held in Italian.

The program will be updated in real time as soon as we receive the confirmation of further interventions. You have still the chance to contact the coordinators to present other usages of the system.

The address of Palazzo Marini is “Via Poli 19 – Angolo via Pozzetto – Roma”. On this page of the CMDBuild website, you will find information and maps on how to reach the meeting.

In order to grant a widespread participation, any registration with more than two persons for a single company will be confirmed in the last days in case of available places.

Finally we have to advise some fulfilments required by the peculiar seat of the event. Any participant wishing to take part in the meeting should read the rules set out on registration form (e.g. men must wear a jacket, you are not allowed to take a computer or a camera or a video camera if you have not registered it within ten days in advance, to participate you must register at least four days in advance).


Work in progress

We released CMDBuild 2.1.8, and at the moment we are developing the version 2.2 that is scheduled for the end of May.

The version 2.1.8 was released about ten days ago and includes a new modality – based on SQL functions – that is more flexible in defining permissions on subsets of cards of a class. Furthermore it fixes some bugs reported by users.

As for the development of the 2.2 version, we concluded the base implementation of the new Task Manager, in which we have already integrated the function of workflows scheduling.

At the moment we are integrating the Task Manager with the management of synchronous and asynchronous events (triggers on temporal events and on user activities in order to give notices, run workflows and execute scripts) and with the schedule of the new Wizard Connector.

Finally, in the 2.2 version we have nearly completed the implementation of the new BIM extensions. They are useful to manage and view 3D architectural models. When they will be available, the completion of the openMAINT application will also be possible.


In the field

openMAINT is the new open source product provided by Tecnoteca for the Property & Facility Management.

openMAINT uses in particular the new BIM extensions that are going to be released with the next version CMDBuild 2.2 and that have been realized by Tecnoteca in cooperation with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Udine.

At the conclusion of the project, the Municipality of Tavagnacco (UD) is going to take part in a test phase on one or two buildings selected for this aim.

The test will be convenient for the development of the openMAINT project, by supplying another validation of the work and asking for suggestions and information to operators who are experts in this sectors.

The test will be also useful for the Municipality of Tavagnacco, as it is going to have the openMAINT application at its disposal in order to manage its whole real estate. It has already been configured according to the organization's needs and does not have any licence fee, as it is an open source application.


The popularity of CMDBuild

The spread of CMDBuild keeps increasing.

Each month is visited by 25,000 – 30,000 people.

Since last year it has been possible to download the application only from the SourceForge website. SourceForge certifies about 2,500 downloads every month: 12% in the USA, 9% in India, 8% in Italy.

Each month we receive about 150 requests for accounts to enter the online demo.

Our CMDBuild group on LinkedIn counts almost 300 members (if you are not yet registered, we invite you to join).

The Twitter account counts more than 200 followers.

We can also count lots of visualisations of the CMDBuild slides on Slideshare and of the CMDBuild videos on YouTube.