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CMDBuild newsletter n. 43

May 2014

CMDBuild is a configurable web application to model and manage a database containing assets (CMDB stands for "Configuration and Management Data Base") and handle related workflow operations.

CMDBuild is promoted by the Municipality of Udine and developed by Tecnoteca srl.

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CMDBuild Day 2014

The third edition of CMDBuild Day was held on 15th May in Rome.

The meeting was organised in the prestigious Sala delle Colonne of Palazzo Marini, kindly granted by the Camera dei Deputati (Chamber of Deputies).

About 80 people attended the meeting and another 95 followed the meeting by streaming.

CMDBuild Day 2014 was introduced by Paolo Coppola, Member of Parliament, who also participated in the first CMDBuild Day as council member for Innovation in the Municipality of Udine.

Tecnoteca, maintainer of CMDBuild, presented the trends in diffusion of the project, the new functions that are going to be released with the upcoming version 2.2 and the developments that are forecast in the months following.

The interventions of Chamber of Deputies and Senate of the Republic described how CMDBuild is used in both branches of the Italian Parliament.

After that it was illustrated how CMDBuild is used by other institutions, among them Italian Ministry of Interior, Invitalia – the National Agency for Inward Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development – University of Bologna, Tuscany Regional Council, AGSM Verona, Serco Ltd, Emilia Romagna Region, CSI Piemonte, Piaggio SpA.

A common topic discussed by these organisations was the implementation of  Service Desk solutions based on the workflow system of CMDBuild.

A new open source product, openMAINT, was also presented during the meeting. Realized by Tecnoteca and based on CMDBuild, openMAINT is an open source solution for the Property & Facility Management.


Videos and slides of CMDBuild Day 2014

All slides and videos of CMDBuild Day are available on the CMDBuild's website.

They include important case histories about the use of CMDBuild. We suggest you to consult the ones closer to your needs, in order to learn how to use the system.

We are thankful to the technical operators and to the staff granted by the Chamber of Deputies. They supported us in order to reach a great success; after that, they provided the videos recorded during the meeting.

The event was also streamed live online and shared via twitter  #cmdbuildday2014

CMDBuild Day will meet you again in the spring 2016.


CMDBuild 2.2 is coming

We are getting closer to the release of the new version 2.2 that, after the last changes to the schedule, is going to be ready around the middle of June.

The version 2.2 includes several important innovations, among them the implementation of a Task Manager integrated in CMDBuild (so, with web user interface). The new Task Manager will allow to manage different operations and data checks against which to send notifications, start workflows and execute scripts.

In particular you will be able to schedule workflows, define triggers about synchronous events (operations carried out by the user on the CMDB) and asynchronous ones (achievement / crossing of some thresholds which are predefined on some data typologies), configure and schedule the new Wizard Connector.

The version 2.2 includes also the new BIM extensions, useful to synchronize and display 3D architectural models.

With a new mechanism of localization you will be able to translate a full CMDBuild instance into several languages. In addition to the translation of the basic elements of the user interface (feature already present in the initial CMDBuild version) you will be able to localize also all your custom entities: classes, attributes, domains, lookups, menus, etc.

Then, two other widgets are going to be released. They will allow you to select an element in a collection of cards represented in graph form (for this has been also developed the new function to define “custom” graphs on the CMDBuild domains) and to edit a data grid  (particularly useful within a workflow, e.g. to edit the bill rows information when you are managing its main card).


CMDBuild in the field: We are waiting for your feedback !

All interventions at the CMDBuild Day 2014 described how CMDBuild has been used in different and custom ways by each company.

But in several cases CMDBuild has been used autonomously and the maintainer can not know how the user employs it and what the outcomes are.

This time we would like to spend this news asking you to share your experience with the Community, whether you use CMDBuild autonomously and whether you think that it is helpful to manage your assets.

Your experiences are very helpful for us to know the peculiar uses of CMDBuild, to give useful directions about CMDBuild activation ways and times, to suggest optimal configurations regarding some organisation problems.

On the CMDBuild website we updated the “Testimonials” page which is now ready to receive your opinion.

Use this form to send it to us.


openMAINT at Go-On Friuli Venezia Giulia

On the 5th May, the DdayFVG took place in Friuli Venezia Giulia with more than 100 events organised all over the region in order to speed up the digital revolution. It was an event related to the GoOnItalia project, joined by the Friuli Venezia Giulia as first Italian region.

One of these events took place in the Municipality of Tavagnacco. Its name was “Tecnologie Smart in Comune” (Smart Technologies within the Municipality).

The event was opened up with the presentation of openMAINT, thanks to the interventions of:

  • Angelo Montanari (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science – University of Udine) - slides
  • Fabio Bottega (Tecnoteca – Tavagnacco), who displayed a video regarding the application
  • Paolo Gallo (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science – University of Udine)
Some BIM functions of openMAINT were realized in cooperation with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science – University of Udine. The Municipality of Tavagnacco (UD) is the pilot institution which is testing openMAINT by managing the Municipality Library.
The topics of the meeting will be taken at the event State Of The Net which will be held in Trieste, June 12 to 14.