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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 49


May 2015



The new versione CMDBuild 2.3.2 is on the way

READY2USE webinar

CMDBuild on the Field: INSIEL S.p.A.

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boxP.pngWe have completed the implementation of CMDBuild READY2USE, the preconfigured version of CMDBuild, ready to be used in a production environment, as we explained in the last newsletter.

CMDBuild ready2use originates from the experience of several installations realized internationally, it follows the ITIL best practices and includes all the necessary features for a medium / large sized organization:

  • configuration management of hardware and software items, client and infrastructure area items, physical and virtual ones, services and dependencies, staff and offices, suppliers, locations, etc.
  • Incident Management, Request FulFillment, Change Management, Asset Management workflows
  • self-service portal to access the service catalogue, report malfunctions and send new requests
  • mobile interface for smartphones and tablets
  • connectors with Active Directory (sync of employees list), OCS Inventory (sync of physical host data) and VMware VCenter (sync of virtual host data)

CMDBuild ready2use keeps the possibility of reusing CMDBuild base mechanisms to customize or expand the suggested standard configurations.
CMDBuild ready2use will be available in the second week of June, with features available to everyone and others reserved to the subscribers of the maintenance service.

Some parts of the application, in particular the data model and workflows, will be freely available by downloading from SourceForge the database backup (available in two versions: with and without sample data).
Further information can be found on this paragraph of the CMDBuild website, or by taking part in the webinar mentioned below.


The new version CMDBuild 2.3.2 is on the way

2737080_s.jpgThe new version CMDBuild 2.3.2 will be available on the first week of June.

After the new several features introduced in the previous version 2.3.1, this will be a “stabilization” version including:

  • performance improvements (visualization refactoring in the “History” TAB)
  • minor implementations (possibility of addressing a workflow instance from outside via direct URL, improvements in the mail attachments management, pre-selection of reference values – if required, use of the outgoing emails queue also in the Task Manager)
  • bug fixing

We are working on the new “Relation Graph”, which is going to replace and extend the current one starting from the version CMDBuild 2.4.

The new graph will use more recent technologies, allowing selections and filters on those data you have to view and it will provide new ways to navigate the graph.

We will also work on a new set of features that will allow to highlight dependencies among the graph elements, in order to perform an impact analysis on the data.

This last extension will be reserved to the subscribers of the maintenance service.


READY2USE webinar

CMDBuild READY2USE will be presented next 10th June during a live international webinar.
This webinar will be an occasion to get to know this new solution personally and it will be organized according to the following program:
  • general introduction and commercial offering
  • live navigation in the data model of the application, introducing reports and dashboards
  • live presentation of the Incident Management workflow and of the Request Fulfillment workflow, starting from the self-service portal
  • sample of closure of an Incident through the mobile interface
  • description of connectors available in the application (Active Directory, OCS Inventory, VMware VCenter)
At the end of the presentation you will be able to ask questions through a chat and receive answers from our staff.

The webinar will be held in English.
Attendance is free but please register by filling out this form.

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CMDBuild and openMAINT are open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.

CMDBuild on the field: INSIEL S.p.A.

Insiel Spa, ICT in-house society of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, started last Autumn a public tender through the portal MEPA to acquire a software platform implementing CRM and ITSM features to supply IT services to regional government employees (Regional departments, Hospitals, Municipalities, etc.).
The proposal advanced by Tecnoteca, based on CMDBuild, won the tender with the best score among all participants for every single technical requirement.
The required solution will have to solve all the IT Service Management problems , in compliance with the ITIL best practices version 3.
This project is particularly important because of the numerous and complex features that should be implemented, not to mention its size resulting from the supplied numbers:
  • 30,000 users qualified to make IT requests, situated in the whole regional area
  • 360 technicians who resolve them
  • 150,000 managed assets
  • 80,000 – 90,000 annual support requests
Configuration and installation activities are going to be started soon. Its production will start within the following six months. The maintenance will be granted for the following three years.

News about openMAINT

On the 13th May the openMAINT version 1.0 was released. openMAINT is the Property & Facility Management product coming from CMDBuild.

The new version includes the following main features:
  • it is based on the version CMDBuild 2.3.1
  • it will include an extension of the warehouse workflow movement (spare parts and consumer products) in order to manage the movement of technical assets (installations and devices) during their life cycle
  • it includes new reports (MTBF reports, warehouse movement list, barcode labels)
  • it will include a maintenance workflow extension, with a subflow optimized to record the activities carried out with a mobile device
openMAINT 1.0 uses all features of the new CMDBuild mobile interface, in order to manage the activities carried “on the field” in an optimized way (QR code reading with automatic access to the related data card, real-time registration of the carried out activities, possibility to attach photos depicting defected elements, etc.).

If you did not take part in the presentation webinar, held on the 14th May, you can view the whole event thanks to the video posted on the project website.

You can follow news on openMAINT project on Twitter and LinkedIn