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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 50


July 2015


New version CMDBuild 2.3.3 and roadmap

New Relation Graph

Custom support

CMDBuild on the Field: Lafarge France

The openMAINT and READY2USE products


New version CMDBuild 2.3.3 and roadmap

detail1.pngThe new version of CMDBuild 2.3.3 is being released on the first few days of August.

It includes the following improvements:

  • lock management in the workflows, according to the mode of operation in the data cards
  • new API to force the abort of a workflow instance from a script
  • possibility of reapply the pre-selection criteria within the linkCard widget
  • performance improvements
  • new translation into Hungarian
  • bug fixing

At the beginning of October a new intermediate version 2.3.4 is going to be released. It will include a new simplified feature to manage second-level localisations, the LDAP authentication for the “mobile app”, the possibility of configuring custom pages in CMDBuild using the CMDBuild GUI Framework, the possibility of defining predefined filters for a class / group of users, a better management of SQL exceptions.

By the end of the year we are going to release the new version 2.4: its main feature will be a first set of features of the new Relation Graph (see the following news).


New Relation Graph

GraphWe are working on the implementation of the new “Relation Graph”, which is going to replace and extend the current one. Some parts are taking shape.

From a technical point of view, we decided to choose solutions that can ensure an optimal result by showing graphs including thousands nodes and relations. This required us to choose the 3D option because it offers one more spatial dimension where you can work.

The three-dimensional choice, and the resulting need of particular attention at the performance aspects, are directing us towards Three.js, a standard library that uses the power of OpenGL.

In order to offer to the users all the features they would need during the analysis of the graph, we are working to incorporate the possibilities offered by a library rich of solutions within the Network theory. At the moment we have identified Cytoscape.js as a possible candidate: it is a very powerful library used for many years especially for studying molecular biology, and we are moving in this direction.

The project will be released in two moments:

  • by the end of the year we are going to release a first version of the tool, which will include the basic features for the visualization of the graph, with the possibility of choosing domains, applying filters, exploring clusters including several elements, etc.
  • in the following months, we are going to extend the tool with new visualization features and, especially, we are going to release another set of features, useful to highlight dependencies among the elements of the graph, allowing in this way an “impact analysis” on data
The new Relation Graph will be available for everybody, while the advanced features for the impact analysis will be reserved to those who subscribe the maintenance service.


Customer support

In the past days we activated a new IT procedure to manage the support requests (Incident Management), reserved to the customers who subscribed to the maintenance service for CMDBuild or for openMAINT.

The problem-solving activities carried out at the first and second level by our technical support are obviously controlled through a CMDBuild workflow, while the portal is based on the CMDBuild GUI Framework.

Every customer will receive an account and an URL to access the self-service portal. In this way you can open new requests and check the resolution process of the open ones.

While we are about to activate all customers' accounts (this was delayed due to summer vacations), from now all the requests received in any form (email, phone calls, etc.) from a first half of our customers are inserted manually by our technicians by opening a new workflow, and then are managed in the system through all the automatic mechanisms implemented.

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CMDBuild and openMAINT are open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.

CMDBuild on the field: ILafarge France

In this newsletter we want to describe you how CMDBuild is used by the French company Lafarge, world leader among the producers of building materials.

Here's a short description sent by them.

"Lafarge France has been using CMDBuild for the past 3 years.

It has been chosen because it was (and still is) the best OpenSource CMDB solution and can even easily compare with big vendors solutions (e.g. ServiceNow).

We use a home made model heavily based on TOGAF(r) and ArchiMate(r) (both registered trademarks of The Open Group), promoting CMDBuild to a full feature Enterprise Architecture Repository.

Thanks to CMDBuild and its data integration and reporting capability, we have now a clear view of our assets (even some intagible ones) and are able to really manage our services and costs.

The possibilities offered by such a tool are really endless, our teams use it every day for a lot of purposes (manual updates, impact analysis, report...) and would not be as efficient without it.

I highly recommend it."

The  openMAINT and READY2USE products

The openMAINT and CMDBuild READY2USE products are achieving resounding success.

openMAINT has been downloaded more than 10,000 times on sourceForge, the open source repository hosting our projects.

Regarding CMDBuild READY2USE we have no specific data, since it is an additional element of the CMDBuild project, but since it has been released more than half of the received contacts is oriented towards this version. This is evidence of its functional completeness and of the advantage of starting with an already configured and customizable system.

The extended manual of CMDBuild READY2USE is available for those who signed the maintenance service, some video about using the application will soon be available for everybody.

In the next newsletters we will deal with the development plans we expect to work on in 2016.