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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 52


November 2015


Work in progress for version 2.4

New Relation Graph

openMAINT on the field: eReach (Taiwan)




Work in progress for version of CMDBuild 2.4


After releasing version 2.3.4 during last month, we are now working on the new features we are planning to implement in CMDBuild 2.4, which will be released in February 2016.

CMDBuild 2.4 will feature the followings:

  • Basic functionalities of the new relation graph (see below),
  • Additional interface for a centralized management in the second level localization,
  • Viewing the history of navigation carried out in the current session, with the possibility of quick return to one of the visited entities,
  • Extension of the Task Manager with systems parameters (current user, current date, etc.) in synchronous and asynchronous task configuration,
  • Extension of the Task Manager with the possibility to send scheduled reports,
  • CMIS protocol support for the interface with the documental management system (thanks to the contribution of the University of Bologna),
  • Update to Java 7 or Java 8.
With the new major version 2.4, all the manuals of CMDBuild will also be updated.


New Relation Graph


A new prototype of the Relation Graph has been completed during last week and it will allow us to do some testing on it.

As for the technical side, we didn’t change anything than what presented in the Newsletter 50 of July 2015.

Concerning the user interface, the actual version includes a main area where you can view and interact with the graph, and a control panel containing the main commands applicable to the graph.

On the new graph you will be able to:

  • “Explode” one node and see the connected nodes,
  • Rotate in 3D the whole graph,
  • Select a subset of nodes,
  • Drag a whole part of the graph or a subset of nodes.
The commands on the control panel include:
  • On the upper side a list of icons which allow to refresh the graph, center the graph in the page, delete selected nodes, choose the number of relations to be shown in the graphic, execute the “undo” command,
  • Four tabs containing the list of classes in the graph (it’s possible to deselect them), the list of the nodes shown and selected (it’s possible to zoom-in), the complete card data of the selected node.

Furthermore you will be able to see some summarizing data on the number of nodes and relations shown, and they are available some first applicable functions on the graph (for example for the calculation of the shortest path between two nodes).



During the last months we focused more on our social network, in particular on Twitter e Linkedin, frequently sharing news about the CMDBuild project.

We invite you to join our Linkedin conversation, since your opinions and experiences help us to better plan the future activities on our project.

With the new CMDBuild website we also created a new section called “Friends”, grouping all CMDBuild supporters that helped us with their passion to make our project grow.

These are the translators that made a worldwide diffusion possible, but also testimonials, evangelists which talk about CMDBuild on forums, blogs, social media…

If you feel like you belong to this group, please let us know and we will be happy to put you among the “Friends of CMDBuild”.

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CMDBuild and openMAINT are open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.

openMAINT on the field: eReach Information Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)


In this newsletter we host a testimonial of Richard Huang - eReach Information Co. Ltd. - Taiwan.

My name is Richard Huang and I used openMAINT for the past one year.

My company, eReach Information Co. Ltd. is implementing an IT project in one of the top 3 communication company in Taiwan and they need a highly customized Property and Facility Management system.

Because openMaint is a service oriented system and it provides RESTful APIs, we can use AngularJS to build an easy version of GUI on top of the openMAINT.

Nowadays customers always demand a customized GUI and in this project, maintenance workers will use this system to do some scheduled task. The original GUI is too difficult for them to understand and thanks to openMAINT and its RESTful APIs so we can build the new and easy GUI and leave the complicated and detailed GUI for some advanced administrators only.

We also hope openMAINT can provide more and more APIs in the future and we believe easy integration and customization are very important features for good open source solutions.

According to my developing experience, I highly recommend openMAINT.


After the release of CMDBuild 2.4, we are planning to update our preconfigured versions of openMAINT and CMDBuild READY2USE.

The upgrade will also include the switch to CMDBuild 2.4 and some additional functions.

In openMAINT we plan to:

  • Introduce the self-service portal through which external users will be able to open a new failure and follow its resolution path (only available with subscription),
  • Review the warehouse management process, using a new grid-type widget (“customForm”) and other improvements.
In CMDBuild READY2USE we plan to:
  • Introduce new dynamic work orders, where it is possible to define specific attributes and manage specific scripts for each work orders (preconfigured templates),
  • Review the warehouse management process, using a new grid-type widget (“customForm”) and other improvements,
  • Create an automatic report with the list of the expiring  warranties.