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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 54


March 2016


New version of CMDBuild (2.4)

10 years after the first release !

CMDBuild on the: UFOT (USA)

Presentation webinar CMDBuild 2.4 

CMDBuild DAY 2016


The new version of CMDBuild has been released


Version 2.4 of CMDBuild has just been released.

As already mentioned in previous newsletters CMDBuild 2.4 will include the following main changes:

  • new relations graph, based on 3D technologies and numerous support features to the display and the graphical analysis of the information submitted (for more details see the newsletter n. 52)
  • support the CMIS protocol, open standard for the exchange of documentary data supported by the major DMS systems market  (contribution of the University of Bologna, for more details see the newsletter n. 53)
  • extension in the workflow permissions management, can be assigned a read-permission to groups of users who do not participate in activities of the process (contribution of Trentino Network)
  • new interface for centralized management of the location of the second level (for details, see the newsletter n. 53)
  • view the history of the current session, and the possibility to quick return to one of the items you visited
  • upgrade to Java 8 and Tomcat 8
  • performance optimizations
  • bug fixing

With the release of the new major version 2.4 the entire set of manuals available has also been updated.


10 years have been passed by after the first release!


Version 2.4 comes ten years after the first public release of CMDBuild.

The "birthday" will be in a few days, since the first public version of CMDBuild was published on the project website exactly on the 28th of Aprile 2006.

During these ten years there have been a total of 44 releases, initially posted on the CMDBuild project site and in the last four years hosted on the SourceForge repository.

It's been ten years of continuous evolution of the project, from 0.x versions based on simple HTML pages, to step to the current AJAX interface with version 1.0, to the progressive implementation of the workflow engine, the DMS (Document Management System) interface (now migrated to CMIS ), GIS, BIM, the Task Manager, the SOAP and REST webservice, connectors with external systems, simplified user interface on external portals, "apps" for smartphones and tablets, etc.

Total number of downloads have been in the past ten years, more than 110,000, including about 20,000 in the first period from the project site, and about 90,000 certificated from SourceForge from October 2011.

Several hundred medium and large organizations around the world are currently using CMDBuild for the management of their assets and the IT services provided to their members, many of them with the support and advice of Tecnoteca.

CMDBuild 2.4 presentation webinar

On April the 6th we will hold an international webinar during which will be presenting the main new features of version 2.4 CMDBuild.

The webinar will be an opportunity to know the new released features, and in particular the new relations graph with its numerous modes of use applied to sample data in real situations.

At the end of the presentation it will be possible to make the questions through the chat tool and receive answers from Tecnoteca technicians.

The webinar will be held in English.

Participation is free and registration is required via this form.

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CMDBuild and openMAINT are open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.












CMDBuild on field: UFOT (USA)


In this newsletter we proudly host the review of openMAINT from UFOT - United Fashions of Texas (USA).

UFOT is a chain of retail stores of clothing brands such as Melrose and Vogue, which employs 600-800 people in different locations in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

We needed a tool that would give more people in the company visibility of the work being done throughout our stores. For this reason we chose openMAINT as a company we have had success with other known open source programs. We chose Tecnoteca so we could have sometype of reliable support with the program.

We currently implemented openMAINT at 105 stores and it is working well. We were able to reduce the amount of time our facilities team was on the phone with Store managers and increase time spent on issues.

CMDBuild DAY 2016


Being a bi-annual event, this year we will be back with the CMDBuild DAY, linking all the users of CMDBuild.

Given the growth of the project worldwide, and the difficulty of bringing together users from various geographical areas, we decided to meet with you virtually using a video conferencing system.

The date is set: it will be the 4th October 2016.

As in the previous editions the main focus of the day will be to give the chance to those who have already adopted CMDBuild to share their experience with everybody.

There will be time for presentation and discussion of case studies that are representative of the different scenarios in which CMDBuild is used.

Due to different time zone and availability of speakers, some speech will be recorded.

To set up the event calendar a "call for papers"  will be pubblished, through which we will collect the contributions of users and selected the most interesting ones.

Enjoy in the CMDBuild website the slides and videos of all the speeches delivered during the three previous editions 2014 (Rome), 2012 (Bologna) and 2010 (Udine).

CMDBuild Day 2016 will be held in English.