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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 56


July 2016


CMDBuild DAY 2016

Developing version 2.4.2

CMDBuild on field: SEC Service

Upcoming releases READY2USE and openMAINT

BIM and openMAINT webinar


CMDBuild DAY 2016

logo CMDBuilday 2016

Just over two months left before the CMDBuild Day, which will be held on October 4, 2016.

The fourth edition of the event will be a videconference, spoken in English, in order to involve interested people from all nations.

The draft program of the CMDBuild Day 2016 features (CET):
  • 10.00: a.m.: Opening of the conference and greetings
  • 10:10 a.m.: The CMDBuild project: current status and development plans (Tecnoteca, the maintainer of the project)
  • 10.30 a.m.: Case history, some users present their projects (interventions of about 20 minutes)
  • 1.00 p.m.: Testimonials and experiences from around the world (short presentations of 5-10 minutes)
  • 3.40 p.m.: Discussion, questions and answers between participants
  • 4.00 p.m.: Closure of the conference and good bye

Updates on the conference program will be published on the CMDBuild DAY website.

Don’t hesitate to fill out the form available on the same page in order to propose your speech during the conference. If you are a CMDBuild user, it’s a great way to get in touch with the community of the project and to raise awareness of the solutions that you have deployed.


Developing version 2.4.2


After the CMDBuild 2.4.1 release, which happened on last June, the new CMDBuild 2.4.2 version is almost ready to be released.

The development of the new version will take place during summer and it is expected to continue until the end of next September.

The main new features of the next release will be the following:
  • new system for the "themes" definition and display (graphic representations on the map - with colors and shapes editable by the user - of information such as the status of an item, the classification of item according to its age, the classification by type of buildings or rooms of content or content compared to the size, etc.)
  • new features in the graph of relations: run filters to view or select only the nodes of interest, and print the graph
  • CMDBuild extension webservice to operate on the attributes of the relations and on the geographical attributes, currently unmanaged
  • improvements in the user interface of progress of parallel workflows
  • performance improvements in the management of classes containing high numbers of items
  • bug fixing


BIM and openMAINT webinar

On August 4th we will hold an international webinar during which we’ll go throught the advantages of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and openMAINT, thanks to the automatic synchronization of data and the availability of  a 3D IFC viewer.

The webinar will present:
  • An introduction to BIM and its benefits in real estate management and an overview of using ArchiCAD, one of the most widely used BIM compliant design products, proposed by Federico Lenarduzzi, CEO of Fermat Design
  • A focus on the BIM integration in openMAINT with a practical example of  a BIM model synchronized with openMAINT
  • An overview of the Facility Management BIM oriented with reference to frameworks, standards and future perspectives by Carlo Zanchetta of the University of Padova.
At the end of the presentation it will be possible to ask questions through the chat tool and get live answers from the speakers.
The webinar will be held in English.
Participation is free and registration is required by this form.

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CMDBuild and openMAINT are open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.






CMDBuild on field: SEC Servizi  (Italy)

SEC Servizi

In this newsletter we host the review of SEC Servizi (Italy).

SEC Servizi consortium is a joint stock company, based in Padua, established by banking institutions with the aim of providing banking operations and technology services to their members and customers.

For the provision of IT services SEC Services has an extensive technological infrastructure consisting of computer systems (over 2,000 servers, of which over 75% virtualized), storage systems (700 TB) and data transmission systems, with High mechanisms Availability and Disaster Recovery.

The complexity and heterogeneity of the systems to be managed has suggested to us the adoption of a centralized CMDB in which to gather information from the virtualization infrastructure, from the management applications and from other databases and tools already in use.

A goal of the project was also to extend the compliance with industry regulations, and in particular with Circular 285 of the Bank of Italy which requires the creation and constant update in time of an inventory of ICT (hardware assets, software, data , procedures), ensuring the proper change management and iT risk.

To meet these requirements SEC Servizi has chosen CMDBuild READY2USE.

The system has been activated with the support of Tecnoteca and forming an internal resource within SEC Servizi, which has now became independent in the extension of the data model activities, in the initial import of the information available in other formats and using the native functionalities of the application.

In the near future, SEC Servizi will implement additional system configuration activities including the development of connectors for automatic data synchronization with other available sources.

Upcoming releases READY2USE and openMAINT


By the end of summer we will release the updated versions of CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

openmaint_logo.pngVersion 1.1 of CMDBuild READY2USE, the pre-configured solution for asset management and IT services, will include the following main changes:
  • Access the Service Desk from external customers
  • Configure dynamic work orders (form fields directly configurable from the CMDB) for the resolution of standard "Request" and standard "Change" standards
  • "Incident" triggering by automatic alarms
  • Automatic periodic reports with the list of guarantees expiring
  • Printing labels with QR-code (in addition to the barcode already available)
  • Review of other reports
  • Upgrade to CMDBuild 2.4.1
Version 1.1 of openMAINT, the pre-configured solution for Property & Facility Management, will include the following extensions:
  • Self-service portal for reporting faults by non-technical users
  • Improvements in the management of planned maintenance and Raw maintenance functionality threshold
  • Calculation of costs of maintenance interventions
  • Print labels with QR-Code (in addition to the barcode already available)
  • Review of other reports
  • Upgrade to CMDBuild 2.4.1.