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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 58


November 2016


An autumn with many news

Work in progress

openMAINT on the field: Edisu Piemonte

Next Webinars

CMDBuild e openMAINT at CEBIT in Hannover


An autumn with many news



This has been a very busy autumn for Tecnoteca and the CMDBuild project.

We would like to remind you the main topics and to point out the links where you can find the results of our work.

We started with the CMDBuild Day 2016, which was held this year as a worldwide video conference on October 4th. During the full day's work were presented 16 case studies from speakers of 7 different countries. All videos are available online here and provide an important overview of the possible applications offered by CMDBuild.

On October 18th was released CMDBuild 2.4.2, with the new features for creating “thematic maps”, with performance improvements and other important aspects; you can download the solution here.

On November 14th was released openMAINT 1.1, with the new Self-Service Portal and a full review of scheduled and threshold maintenance; this is the download page.

On November 24th was then released CMDBuild READY2USE 1.1, with new dynamic work orders, new reports for the control of "Incident" and "Request" SLA and print labels with barcodes and QR-code; here you can find the news.

To stay up to date with our work you can follow us on Linkedin and Twitter, and of course on Tecnoteca web pages, CMDBuild and openMAINT.


Work in progress


As announced in the video we presented at the CMDBuild DAY with the update on the status of the project, the most important feature we are now working at is the application "clustering" at server side.

In other words, this new feature will allow you to have more CMDBuild active instances running in parallel on different Tomcat systems and present on different servers.

This will ensure the overall operation of the system even in case of failure of one of the Tomcat instances used, resolving the only effective "single point failure" currently present. Moreover, during the normal use of CMDBuild, will allow to distribute the workload across multiple servers, in case of a high number of concurrent accesses, making the solution "scalable", with no limitations other than the number of available servers. To the server scalability, will be also added a more efficient use of the database.

It is already possible to configure multiple instances of PostgreSQL in master-slave mode, "promoting" manually or automatically one "slave" to "master" in case of failure. A further step included in the ongoing developments, will be the use of the "slave" PostgreSQL instances to perform the read-only operations, thereby distributing the work among all the available databases.

CMDBuild and openMAINT at CEBIT in Hannover

CeBIT is the most important European exhibition dedicated to the professional ICT market.

It is held every spring in Hannover, Germany, and receives an average of about 500,000 visitors.

Tecnoteca will be present at CeBIT 2017, which will be held from March 20th to 24th, with a booth present in Open Source Park in Hall 3.

There will be present three Tecnoteca people, of both commercial and technical area.

We will have the opportunity to present all the CMDBuild and openMAINT news and features, with personalized demo and paperwork.

This will be another important milestone on the road of internationalization of the project, which began successfully some years ago.


Useful links


SourceForge Project

Twitter @cmdbuild

Twitter @openmaint_org

LinkedIn Group





CMDBuild and openMAINT are open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.









openMAINT on the field: Edisu Piemonte

EdisuPiemonteEDISU Piemonte, the Regional Agency for the Right to Education of Piedmont, is focused on the access to University education.

For this purpose, EDISU Piemonte provides to students some services, both open to all and based on rankings. Among the services, there is the provision of accommodation for students who are eligible, catering, access to study rooms and computer rooms, etc.

The need to manage a significant number of real estate assets, distributed throughout the region, requires the use of a dedicated software, and EDISU has chosen a few months ago to take openMAINT.

The initial activities done by Tecnoteca were focused on the migration of both textual and planimetric data from an earlier application CMMS Archibus, and the basic configuration of the new openMAINT system.

Since a couple of months EDISU is using the management functionalities of failure maintenance.

The project will continue with the activation of the new openMAINT Self-Service Portal, to interact with the end user, with the loading of plant assets from existing archives, and with the configuration of scheduled maintenance.

Next Webinars


We have organized two webinars in the next coming days, to investigate the new features of openMAINT and CMDBuild READY2USE.

We will start on December 1st with openMAINT 1.1; we will present in particular:

  • New Self-Service Portal, for the interaction with the Technical Office by non-technical personnel (fault reports, consultation of their solution process, etc.)
  • refactoring of planned maintenance on a time basis, with the introduction of new criteria for calculating it
  • implementation of the new scheduled maintenance and policies "on the threshold", ie based on the number of hours worked, units produced, etc.
  • print labels with barcodes and QR-Code

Participation is free and registration is required through this form.

Then we will continue on December 15th with CMDBuild READY2USE 1.1; we will present in particular:

  • extension of the data model with some new entities
  • possibility to configure dynamic work orders customizable for the resolution of standard "Request" and standard "Change"
  • new reports and dashboards for complete control of "Incident" and "Request" SLA
  • print labels with barcodes and QR-code

Participation is free and registration is required through this form.

Both webinars will be held in English language, and at the end there will be a question and answer session.