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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 60


March 2017


CeBIT Hannover 

New CMDBuild 2.4.3 version

Starting rewrite works of UI

CMDBuild Reference

Next webinar




CMDBuild and openMAINT at CeBIT in Hannover


Tecnoteca attended the CeBIT Exhibition in Hannover (Germany) last week (March 20th to 24th March), and our team there had five days of very intensive work.

CeBIT is one of the most important fairs in the world for the digital industry, with about 3,000 exhibitors from 70 countries and about 200,000 visitors.

Tecnoteca had its own booth in the Open Source Park, where we presented our Services for CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

Our team met several customers, performed many live demos, answered hundreds of questions and curiosities of the visitors.

We have seen that the interest in open source software is always very high, and that the area of ​​IT Management and Maintenance is in general very receptive.

It has been a very positive experience that allowed us to consolidate our commercial relations and further disseminate our open source projects

New CMDBuild 2.4.3 version


The CMDBuild 2.4.3 version has been released last month and you can find here a detailed description of the new features made available. In particular, we remind:

  • Introduction of versioning mechanism for the document content (activity commissioned by the Staffordshire & Shropshire Health Informatics Service of the British Health Service)
  • Print GIS map
  • Possibility to search an address on the map with OpenStreetMap
  • Integration of new filter possibilities in the Relation Graph
  • Paging the user list in the Administration Module
  • Other improvements in the User Interface and system authentication and logout
The CMDBuild development activities continues now on new version 2.5, expected in early summer, with in particular the important new feature of the "clustering" of the server module of the application, as described in the last November newsletter.

Next Webinar

We would like to invite you to our next webinar, that will take place next 9th May 2017, at 16.00 PM CET, and will have the following title:

CMDBuild connectors for full interoperability

Through its SOAP and REST web services, CMDBuild can natively be interfaced to any external data source.

In the webinar, we will speak about how this possibility is simplified with the implementation of connectors based on the CMDBuild Advanced Connector.

We will describe the standard connectors that are available in the complete CMDBuild READY2USE version, and we will present some case histories about custom connectors developed ad hoc for some customers, for inter-connecting CMDBuild with other software tools.

The participation is free, the registration is required through this form.

The participation is free, the registration is required through this form.

The webinar will be held in English. At the end, there will be a question and answer session.




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CMDBuild and openMAINT are open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.


Starting the rewrite works of UI ...and not just that (CMDBuild 3.0)


Since a few weeks, it has begun the first phase of work that will lead to the release of CMDBuild 3.0, expected by the end of next year.

The Tecnoteca designers are working now to the specific requirements that the new version of CMDBuild will have, and that will bring the project to the next decade.

This is not just a simple user interface revision. All the "client" code will in fact be completely rewritten, with the aim of the re-use of some parts with the "Mobile interface" and the Self-Service portal based on GUI Framework.

The performance aspect will be increasingly important, to ensure the best use for the operators.

The graphical aspect will follow the latest trends of web design, based on a minimalist interface, but at the same time able to have always available all the options and the most useful information for the specific context.

Completely new features will also be made available, features that we are currently considering includes contextual menus, dynamic validations during data entry, a greater integration between textual data and GIS representations and the relation graph, push notifications, a “time slider” to see the CMDB situation at past dates, etc.

Moreover the configuration mechanisms available for expert users will be extended, including the possibility to completely customize forms and widgets, the possibility to define triggers pre-and post-view of the form, the possibility to use Java APIs in the workflows, etc.

CMDBuild Reference


SATAP is the Gavio Group Company which manages the highways Turin-Milan, Turin-Piacenza, Turin-Savona and Asti-Cuneo.

The need to SATAP was to adopt an asset management system that could support the management of movable and fix assets, and in particular IT assets (desktops, notebooks, tablets, monitors, printers, software, etc.), telephony (fixed, mobile, switchboards, fax machines, SIM, etc.), safety items (fire extinguishers, cameras, etc.) and furniture (desks, chairs, wardrobes, etc.).

The adoption of CMDBuild READY2USE allowed in a particularly simple way to personalize the cards of standard assets with the technical information required, to configure the cards of some new type of asset and to load the existing data from Excel files.

Using portable devices like tablets, it has been done in the different SATAP locations a complete labelling activity of the assets, printing Barcodes, with the contemporary initial upload into the CMDBuild system.

The presence of Barcodes allows now the automatic interrogation of the assets information from smartphone devices and will make much easier and faster the year-end inventory operations; this thanks to a new module of the CMDBuild APP Mobile, which will automate the adjustment entries, working if necessary even in off-line mode.

The asset management is also facilitated by the CMDBuild GIS functionality, which makes possible the interrogation and the displacement in graphic mode directly on the SATAP building’s plans, activity in progress during these days.

The management of the assets life cycle is also enriched with special custom control reports.