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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 64


November 2017


Release of the new version 2.5

Presentation of CMDBuild 3.0

openMAINT Reference & Case Study

CMDBuild and GDPR

Presentation Webinar CMDBuild 2.5

CMDBuild Localizations




Release of the new versione of CMDBuild 2.5

CMDBuild 2.5

The new version of CMDBuild 2.5 has been released.

The release includes the following main new features:

  • possibility to configure CMDBuild in cluster mode, so with multiple independent Tomcat nodes controlled by a Load Balancer Apache, to ensure availability (in case a node stops responding, functionality is provided by active nodes, in a transparent way for the user) and scalability (requests distributed on more nodes, with faster response time, in the case of a large number of competing users) of the application;
  • new password management for users, with the possibility of specifying its expiration date (with notification) and how to set it;
  • GIS refactoring, now able to operate with a quantity of almost unlimited items, thanks to a new memory management mechanism;
  • new task type in the Administration Module Task Manager for an automatic scheduled sending of reports by mail;
  • update of BIM features to IFC4 format and redesign of the 3D viewer now based on the project;
  • optimization of javascript file recovery policies from the browser, in order to reduce login waiting times;
  • other performance improvements.
The CMDBuild Roadmap considers one or two 2.5.x maintenance releases in the next coming months, to focus all possible resources on the new CMDBuild 3.0 project.

First presentation of CMDBuild 3.0 version

CMDBuild 3.0

Since several months we are working on the design and the prototype of the new CMDBuild version 3.0, which we plan to complete by the end of next year.

We have decided to publish bimonthly, on the occasion of sending this and the next newsletters, an online demo of the features already available, which will grow in the coming months until the final release.

From this page you can have access to the online demo (user "demo", psw "demo"; to access the prototype, we recommend the use of the Chrome browser) and take a look at the basic features implemented so far:

  • login form;
  • navigation menu;
  • grid for viewing data cards in the classes, with full text filter and filter on individual columns;
  • possibility of consulting on the grid, in in-line mode, of the detail contents of a card;
  • editing of a data card.

Our goal is not just to share the development of the activities, but also to stimulate feedback from everyone, to get useful suggestions for our designers and developers.

For the release of the next progress, we expect to extend the features already present with:

  • implementation of the advanced filter in the grid;
  • implementation in the data cards of the following management features:
    • details
    • relations
    • history
    • attachments.
We will then proceed with the implementation the CMDBuild standard features (workflow, GIS, Administration Module, etc.) and those new in CMDBuild 3.0 (multitenancy, user preferences, possibility to write custom parts of user interface, etc.).

CMDBuild Localizations

An open source project can spread to the world and be used by a large number of users only if available in the different local languages.

This is why localization is important, and we are lucky because many volunteers, enthusiastically and passionately, help maintaining CMDBuild accessible in 20 different languages: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Croatian, Serbian, Hungarian, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Brazilian Portuguese, Ukrainian.

Also at occasion of the release of CMDBuild version 2.5, there was a great participation in updating localization files.

We would like therefore to thank very much

  • Ali Amiri,
  • Eric van Rheenen,
  • Philippe Poumaroux,
  • Miroslav Zaric,
  • Tomislav Perić,
  • Shoji Seki,
  • Andre Lomonaco,
  • Ruben Silva,
  • Fahad Senan,
  • Dimitris Maniadakis,
  • Jiri Langr,
  • Artem Yanchuk,
  • Pavel Kraynyukhov.
We would like to invite anyone who wants to participate in CMDBuild localization to fill out the dedicated form on the project site.


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CMDBuild and openMAINT are open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.



















openMAINT Reference & Case Study: Ministry of the Interior - Department of Publica Security

Ministero Interno

The interest in the openMAINT solution is constantly growing. openMAINT has been developed several years after CMDBuild, but is nowadays reaching CMDBuild for number of downloads, site visits and business contacts.

A new openMAINT project started in the last few weeks, following a tender on the MEPA (Electronic Market of Public Administration) from the Central Department of Technical Logistic and Asset Management Services of the Ministry of the Interior - Department of Public Security.

The aim of the project is to adopt the openMAINT open source software for the management of State Police real estate assets.

For this purpose, having been awarded the tender, Tecnoteca was requested to support the IT staff of the Ministry in the initial phase of the project, the activation the system and the transfer of the know-how required to be able to operate autonomously.

At the moment we are working at the requirements analysis and data model implementation, as well as at the customization of application support modules, to adapt the software to the required needs.

The tender also includes the provision of the corrective maintenance service of the openMAINT application, according to some SLAs specified in the technical specification.

CMDBuild and the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


There is a lot of talk about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)- EU Regulation 2016/679, with which the European Commission intends to strengthen and make the protection of personal data more homogeneous.

The text, published in the Official Journal of the European Commission on 4 May 2016 and entered into force on 25 May of the same year, will begin to be effective on 25 May 2018.

Since CMDBuild is also a software application that can contain personal data, we have integrated new password management features to meet the requirements of the GDPR regarding data security and confidentiality, with the possibility of:

  • specifying the password expiration date;
  • sending a notification email about the expiration, with configurable advance time;
  • defining composition rules, such as minimum length, presence of numbers, uppercase/lowercase letters;
  • verifying that it is different from the previous password and from the username.

CMDBuild Ready2Use is also a support tool for IT Services Management, and can therefore be extended to cover some of the requirements of the GDPR.

In particular, we have supported a number of clients to manage the new "Treatment" (operations applied to personal data such as collection, organization, storage, modification, consultation, communication / dissemination, deletion), complete with the minimum required information:

  • the description of the treatment;
  • the name and contact details of the treatment owner;
  • the purposes of the treatment;
  • the categories of personal data involved;
  • the categories of recipients to whom personal data have been or will be communicated;
  • the risks of treatment;
a general description of the technical and organizational security measures activated.


Presentation Webinar CMDBuild 2.5


Next December 14th an international webinar will be held, and the main new features of CMDBuild version 2.5 will be presented.

The webinar will be an opportunity to know directly the new functionalities released, and in particular the new system configuration option in "Cluster" mode.

During the webinar will also speak about the connector with Zabbix and the first public demo of CMDBuild version 3.0.

At the end of the presentation, it will be possible to ask questions through the chat tool and to receive answers from Tecnoteca's technicians.

The webinar will be held in English language.

Participation is free, and registration is required through this form.