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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 66



March  2018


New version CMDBuild 2.5.1

Progress of the new CMDBuild 3.0 version

Workflow management in CMDBuild 3.0

openMAINT Reference: Port of Ravenna

CMDBuild source code repository




New CMDBuild 2.5.1 version and roadmap for next months

CMDBuild 2.5.1

We will release the CMDBuild 2.5.1 version in the next few weeks, by the end of April.

This new version will include the following improvements:

  • control of HTML text that can be inserted in the "string" and "text" attributes of a form, to prevent XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) vulnerabilities;
  • possibility, through a specific parameter, to request encryption with AES 128 keys of the passwords present in the application configuration files on the server file system (this activity has been commissioned by TIM S.p.A.);
  • possibility, using a specific parameter, to specify whether by setting a filter on a class and modifying a data card so that it no longer respects the current filter, the system should remove the filter (current behaviour) or keep the filter by hiding the modified card (this activity has been commissioned by Trentino Network S.r.l.);
  • extension of the Mobile APP to manage "Position" attributes that read the information of the current position of the device from the onboard GPS and record it in the database;
  • integration of the latest language translations: Korean, Slovenian and Turkish;
  • bug fix.

The road map of the upcoming releases of CMDBuild foresees a last 2.5.2 version after the summer, which will include:

  • the possibility to open the IFC viewer (3D BIM models) directly from the territorial map;
  • any other minor implementations;
  • bug fix.

At about the end of the year the new CMDBuild 3.0 version is expected to arrive, more and more awaited by CMDBuild users.


Progress of the new CMDBuild 3.0 version


Together with the release of this newsletter, we have updated the public demo of the new 3.0 version currently under development.

It is possible to check the updated 3.0 demo through this link and authenticate with user "demo" and password "demo".

Compared to the state of progress at the end of January, the following innovations are now available on the GUI:

  • introduction of some modifications in the graphic layout;
  • introduction of a button bar in the page header, with a user preferences menu;
  • completion of the implementation in the data cards of the relations tab;
  • implementation in the data cards of the history tab;
  • implementation in the data cards of the attachment tab.

On the other hand, server-side developments regarded:

  • refactoring of the workflow start and progress functions;
  • availability of REST methods required by the new client functionalities.

We have received some appreciated feedback on the implementations made so far, and we look forward to receiving your further suggestions.

For the next stage (end of May) we plan to develop the basic functionalities of the workflow management system, which will then be completed in the following two months (end of July), implementing the numerous widgets used by the workflows.

CMDBuild source code repository

When we began working on CMDBuild 3.0, we started a process of review and upgrade of all the development tools used internally in Tecnoteca; such tools includes the source code repository, the continuous integration service, the issue tracker and many others.

As a step in this process we decided (an proceeded) to move all our source code from an old Mercurial repository to a new GIT repository.

The migration has been completed taking care not to lose any of our commit history and maintenance branches, so everything has been migrated to our new GIT repository. The public mirrors on Bitbucket and SourceForge have also been migrated to GIT, and are already online and up-to-date.

A snapshot of the old hg repository is still available on bitbucket . This repository will not be updated any more, and has to be considered as a last static snapshot of the legacy hg repository.

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CMDBuild and openMAINTare open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.















New workflow management mechanisms in CMDBuild 3.0


One of the most important mechanisms of CMDBuild is the workflow management, which allows to implement ITIL processes in CMDBuild READY2USE or maintenance processes in openMAINT or warehouse movements or other types of processes.

The mechanism currently present in CMDBuild, consisting of the descriptor in the standard XPDL language produced by the visual editor and executed by the engine integrated in the "core" code, guarantees maximum flexibility and applicability.

CMDBuild 3.0 will maintain the current mechanism, and will also make available new tools.

A first tool will allow developers to associate to a process state some customizable functions, written in scripting language and executable directly through a specific context menu; for example, to open a Problem from an Incident, to re-assign or approve a Change, to print the complete card, etc.

A second tool will allow to associate to the process a list of states (Lookup) and to visualize their progress also in graphical way.

A third tool will allow to associate to the process / state a list of actions (Lookup) that will appear as the first selection field (possibly with a single mandatory action "Proceed", in the case of a single output arc) at the beginning of each form of progress. Each choice can also activate some attributes and hide others, to produce a more effective interaction.

CMDBuild 3.0 will still use Enhydra Shark as the primary workflow engine, migrating it to version 6.0, if the analysis currently in progress will confirm its backward compatibility.

We will also proceed to generalize the mechanisms of interaction between CMDBuild and Shark, planning the subsequent flanking of a new workflow engine that will be identified among the most popular open source ones.


openMAINT Reference & Case Study: Port of Ravenna


DZ Engineering Srl and VEM Sistemi SpA are two companies located in Italy, in Emilia Romagna region, that have been awarded a tender, issued by Port Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea, for a Framework Agreement for the management and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of lighting, electrical, electronic equipment and data transmission systems of Port of Ravenna.

The two companies had identified openMAINT as the right software tool for the management of preventive maintenance of electrical and security assets in the port area of ​​Ravenna, and therefore requested to Tecnoteca the specialized support for the configuration of the application.

As first phase of the project, the complete registry of assets was imported into openMAINT, paying particular attention to the quality of the data entered in the system. Are now in progress the activities of geo-localization of each asset with a new feature of the Mobile APP developed for this purpose, and of generation of special plates having a QR code.

The area corresponding to the Maintenance Manual was then configured in openMAINT, defining the periodic verification activities (scheduled maintenance) on every type of object, each with its own periodicity and a list of checks and measurements to be carried out and registered in the system.

The work teams and their managers were recorded in the system and it has been generated the calendar of all the activities planned for the next three years, with the issuing of Work Orders that will then be performed using mobile devices (tablets).