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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 67


May  2018


Work in progress

Progress of the new CMDBuild 3.0 version

Custom behaviors in CMDBuild 3.0

CMDBuild reference: OSS Laboratories (Japan)

CMDBuild DAY 2018




Work in progress


As announced in the previous Newsletters, we have released two weeks ago the new CMDBuild 2.5.1 version.

Please refer to the Release News for more details and the list of the new features.

The road map of the upcoming releases of CMDBuild will now proceed in the next autumn with the release of the 2.5.2 version, the last of the 2.x Series, which will include:

  • the possibility to open the IFC viewer (3D BIM models) directly from the territorial map;
  • improvements on the transparency management in the IFC viewer;
  • any other minor implementations that will be planned in the meantime;
  • bug fix.

All our efforts have been devoted since months to the design and development of the new version 3.0, scheduled for the beginning of next year 2019.

In the next article you will find an update on the work in progress and the link to the online demo updated with the latest implementations.

Having received several questions about this aspect, we confirm that CMDBuild 3.0 will also have the automatic update mechanism from previous versions (except the support for the old version of the Shark 2.5 workflow engine, already replaced by Shark 4.0 with the CMDBuild 2.0 version, and that will not be supported anymore).

Progress of the new CMDBuild 3.0 version


In the last two months we have worked hard on the implementation of the workflow management functionalities, first on the server side and then a first part on the user interface.

Compared to the evolution of the workflow system described in the previous newsletter, we have introduced an important new feature, consisting in the use together with Enhydra Shark of an additional “engine” “made in Tecnoteca” for the workflow execution (with the possibility to indicate for each process which engine to use).

It is always an interpreter of “XPDL” files, limited to the functions of interest for CMDBuild, but more agile and better controllable in terms of optimizations and performances. This is also the first step towards the integration of workflow engines alternative to Shark (Activiti, Camunda, etc.).

In the 3.0 demo, just updated and accessible from this link (demo/demo), you will find the following innovations:

  • new graphic and chromatic improvements;
  • further fine-tuning in the data cards of the relations, history and attachments functions;
  • implementation of the basic functions of the workflow management system, which can now be used both with Enhydra Shark and with the engine developed internally in Tecnoteca.

The server-side developments have also concerned the writing of a first part of the REST methods necessary for the Administration Module, missing in CMDBuild 2.5 since the REST webservice has been dedicated only to data management functions.

In the next demo update (end of July) you will find:

  • implementation of additional workflow management features (including some widgets);
  • implementation of the first functionalities of the Administration Module.
The development team of the new CMDBuild 3.0 version will be enhanced in the next coming weeks with new resources dedicated to design and development of GIS / BIM and automatic server-side tests, while since already some time a person has been dedicated to automatic user-interface tests.

CMDBuild DAY 2018

The CMDBuild Day 2018, the biennial event became “standard” for several CMDBuild users, will be held in November.

Considering the current international dimension of the Project and being complex gathering people from very far geographic areas in a single location, it will be confirmed the mode of meeting in videoconference, as already experienced two years ago.

As always, the main objective of the day is to give the floor to those who have already adopted CMDBuild and want to share their experience with the participants of the meeting.

In the next Newsletter we will communicate the precise date of the event and publish a “call for papers”, to collect the proposals of those who want to describe their experience of using the application.

The formula will be as in the previous editions, with the addition of space for use cases of openMAINT, being now numerous the installations of also this solution.

The slides and videos of all the interventions held during the four previous editions are available on the CMDBuild project website:

Due to different time zone or to authors availability, some contributions may be recorded.

The CMDBuild Day 2018 will be held in English language.

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    CMDBuild and openMAINTare open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.







    Configuration of custom behaviors in CMDBuild 3.0


    The CMDBuild 2.x versions already allow the use of some predefined widgets, and already allow the implementation of pages with custom layouts (custom pages), using javascript code, JQuery libraries and REST or SOAP webservices to interact with the “core” functions of the server.

    CMDBuild 3.0 will improve these functionalities and extend them with two further mechanisms to configure "contextual menus" and to activate "triggers" on data card management forms.

    The new custom pages will be configurable in javascipt language within the ExtJs mechanisms, instead of using the current CMDBuild GUI Framework based on JQuery, to be able to reuse CMDBuild components already available and achieve greater overall integration.

    The new widgets will be made with the same mechanisms as the custom pages and will be available as pop-up windows while editing the forms. How-To will also be set up with the aim of facilitating its implementation and sharing by other developers and contributors.

    The contextual menus will allow the execution of commands useful in the current context, will be available during the visualization and the navigation between the data, will have their own user interface done with the same modalities of the custom pages and will be implemented through javascript code.

    Triggers will allow to include in CMDBuild the additional business logic, will be performed at the occurrence of the different events associated with the data management forms (visualization, pre-upload, post-confirmation, etc.) and will also be written via javascript code.

    We will come back to these topics in the next Newsletters.

    CMDBuild Reference & Case Study: OSS Laboratories (Japan)


    OSS Laboratories Inc. is a Japanese Consulting Company, specialized in developing Enterprise Infrastructures with Open Source Software; is working with CMDBuild and collaborating with Tecnoteca since several years, and nowadays is an Official Partner of Tecnoteca for the Japanese market.

    OSS Laboratories’ business is focused in data centre, carrier and service providers where operate from 1.000 to more than 100.000 servers. Main strengths are a deep experience and knowledge about large scale infrastructure management and about cutting-edge technologies in large scale system management, SRE (System Reliability Engineering) and ITIL knowledge and support.

    OSS Laboratories has developed an open system management and operation automation framework called “Open PIE” (Open Programmable Infrastructure Environment), where all the components are communicating via API, are “loose coupling” (independent and able to scale out) and pluggable. CMDBuild is the “core” of the solution, since all these components need a single repository of configuration items. CMDBuild has been chosen as core repository for several reasons, and the main are: it’s Open Source, it’s multi lingual, it is pre-configured with workflows, document repository, etc., its functions can be “programmable”.

    OSS Laboratories has implemented several projects in Japan using CMDBuild and receiving direct support from Tecnoteca for specific configuration and customization activities.

    Just to mention two recent projects, the first one had as final customer an important Japanese Data Centre, which provides private hosting with about 10.000 configuration items; project’s goal was to automate inventory and configuration management and there was also the need to integrate the solution with a monitoring system.

    The second project had as final customer a main Japanese Telecommunication Company; the need was to manage their internal infrastructure for their services (about 10.000 configuration items), to consolidate their fragmented information about their assets and to keep always up-to-date the information about the asset status, related contracts, licences, needed maintenance activities, etc.

    For both these projects the CMDBuild READY2USE solution has been chosen, since the pre-configured version of CMDBuild for the IT Governance Management has been identified as the ideal tool for responding to the projects’ needs, having already a data model with entities and correlations, already implemented reports and dashboards, already configured workflows that follows ITIL best practices, and being able at the same time to provide a maximum level of flexibility and configurability accordingly to each customer’s requirements.

    Satoru Funai, Representative Director.